An Orangutan with a Stradivarius?

I recall hearing the expression “An orangutan with a Stradivarius” when I was in college.  It meant that some crude underserving person had possession of some thing of great quality.  Likely, the fathers of girls I aspired to date in college had this thought about me and their daughters.

As it turns out, orangutans actually make crude musical instruments.  These instruments are not made for cultural reasons, but for the practical purpose of scaring predators.  Read more here.

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  1. tosmarttobegop

    It has become a favorite story of mine and those not in the topic.

    We took the kids to the K.C. Zoo at Swope park and they were in the bathrooms.
    My wife and I were setting on a bench waiting when I noticed a group of four teen boys.

    They were surrounding an Ant hill and jabbing sticks in the Ant hole and laughing gleefully.
    I tapped my wife’s shoulder and pointed to the boys.
    She was puzzled at first why I was pointing them out?

    I then said, “It is said that the use of rudimentary tools is a sign of higher intelligence.”.

    She and I broke out laughing ourselves, the boys stopped poking the Ant hole and looked at us.
    Then went back to poking the Ant hill..