Monday, 11/30/09, Public Square

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  1. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh I just love dealing with the mortgage company, their accounting is mindless. Suddenly now I am three months pass due. Three months of last year and rather then saying if it was due in Sept and received in Oct.
    Well that was not paying Sept it is was paying Oct so still owe for Sept!

    Now the money is not in the bank account and it was put there to make the payment. So where did it go if they did not receive it? And if they did receive a payment that why show they have not received a payment since Sept when they have received one every month since?

    I checked my bank account and there is not record of them not taking the payment out. And the money is not there. Oh but they want to work with me on their error, I told them that was good as they would not get their money if they took the house and tried to sell it! I am upside down in this house.