Bin Laden in Our Sights, But We Failed to Nab Him?

Do you suppose it is really true that if the first pictured Mullah had been on his toes, the second one might not have escaped from Afghanistan in 2001?  And further, Senator Levin contends, we might not now be fighting the war in Afghanistan if bin Laden had been captured in 2001.

Predicting the future is always a risky business, but will the number of books on the failed presidency of POTUS #43 be more than fifty by the year 2012?  Seems possible to me…  What do your divining rods say out there in the internets (you know, those bunch of tubes)?


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9 responses to “Bin Laden in Our Sights, But We Failed to Nab Him?

  1. “Responding to the proposal for a wartime surtax, Levin said he didn’t think it was viable: “I don’t think middle-income America is in a position where they can pay additional taxes.”

    No, but the folks that are reaping the profits from the war can certainly do so. Perhaps a war profiteers tax on Haliburton, KBR, Blackwater, et al. would help to ease the conservative mind about our mounting debt problem? After all, if they are making money from the war, they will lobby to continue it, but if they have to pay extra taxes, maybe it won’t look like such a great “investment” for them.

  2. lilacluvr

    Don’t you find it more than ironic that Conservative Republicans don’t like federal spending unless it is for a war?

    Let’s face it – war is a moneymaker and when Bush invaded Iraq, those billions were for those select few with those no-bid contracts.

    But I wonder, will some of our federal money being spent for the Afghanistan war go for providing health care for the local Afghans?

    There is another irony – Conservative Republicans don’t mind spending billions we don’t have to give non-Americans health care all the while denying American citizens the chance to even purchase decent, affordable health care insurance.

    Just why do Conservative Republicans hate Americans?

    • tosmarttobegop

      They have only one tool in their tool box. Its a sledge hammer and the only answer to the problem they can see.

      • lilacluvr

        I’ll agree with your assessment as it is clear not one Conservative Republican ranting today has one actively working brain cell to figure out a real solution to the any problem.

        They only know how to hit something with a sledge hammer and then pat themselves on the back and wave that flag for being such a good, patriotic Yankee Doodle Dandy.

        Nevermind the fact that corporatization for profit at all cost has sold our country’s very soul to China.

        Conservative Republicans are so worried about the illegal immigration from Mexico (and we should be) but the real threat is from China.

        We have allowed ourselves to become dependent on everyone else to survive and then we are so arrogant as to think we are the only superpower that has the moral compass to preach to others?

    • The new republican party does not hide the fact that they are all about enriching corporate america. They equate that with patriotism. Ergo, if you are not about enriching the corporate powers, you are a commie, pinko subversive and have no right to live in this country.

      War profiteering used to be looked down on, but now it is considered just another industry. How disgusting the values of this new republican party.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    The last estimate I heard is that there is only about 200 actual Al-Qaeda.
    And that they are in Pakistan, the idea that the terrorist organization is global is liken to if a quick trip is robbed in California and one is robbed in NYC. Calling those robbers a organized criminal organization. Their like minded but that is as close as it comes.

    We had only 100 boots on the ground in Afghanistan when we went after Bin-Laden.
    Once the Northern alliance fighters had ran the Taliban out of Afghanistan they stopped the chase. This left our enemy to flee without the men power to keep up.
    Bush did it on the cheap and it cost us in capturing the real enemy.

    What we are doing now is more motivated by trying to deal with the emotional effect of that.
    Iraq was the greatest National mistake this country made, now the idea is that if we fix Afghanistan some how that will correct that mistake.

    • “Iraq was the greatest National mistake this country made, now the idea is that if we fix Afghanistan some how that will correct that mistake.”

      That is very clear and concise analysis. I wish you were on tv news instead of the boneheads whose gums flap there now.

  4. I think Obama is failing to live up to his implicit promise to make rational foreign policy decisions. Adding troops in Afghanistan is sending more money after bad. He is victim to his campaign rheteric about Afghanistan being the “good war” and Iraq being the “bad war”. They are both mistakes and serious losers IMHO.

    • lilacluvr

      I just heard on Chris Matthews on MSNBC that Obama is being forced to do something he does not really want to do and that he took his time in deciding to go ahead and send more troops because the generals finally came up with an exit strategy.

      WTF??? How can we justify spending more millions (or is that billions) on another war?

      Afghan President Karzi (sp?) has proven himself to be corrupt but yet we are still playing war with this guy in charge of the other half of our ‘team’??

      This is alot of B.S. but I’m sure all Republicans are high-fiving each other.

      I’m so sick of war mongerers getting their way.