Friday, 11/27/09, Public Square

Today is referred to as BLACK FRIDAY and is the day you shop ’til you drop, find bargains galore…  I sit these days out.  Anyone else brave enough to venture out among the masses?  If so, did you find those bargains you hoped for?




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7 responses to “Friday, 11/27/09, Public Square

  1. lilacluvr

    People were actually camped out at Best Buy off Rock Road last night at 7:30pm. When my husband and I passed by and saw this spectacle, we just laughed at how much time do people have with nothing else to do?

    Somehow, to me, camping all night in the cold to save maybe $50 is not that enticing.

    Maybe this Black Friday is more of a culture thing? Maybe it takes a special type of person to actually enjoy this mad shopping?

    Obvioisly, my husband and I are not that special?

  2. Thunderchild

    Well I wasn’t impressed.

    There wasn’t even anything I would park my kid in line all night to wait for. That’s saying something since the threshold for my parking my teenager in line all night is not terribly high.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    I use to dread Black Friday when I worked at Wal-Mart, it tends to bring out the animal in human beings.
    Pushing on the front doors so hard you could not get them unlocked, ramming people with the shopping carts. Stealing from each other’s cart and snarling at anyone that gets too close.

    In the end its what Thunder bird said, there was not a lot worth the animalistic actions.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    I will have to admit to a bit of sexist/ chauvinistic thinking every time I see the couple that bashed the State diner. She is tall, blond and slender with looks, he is an average older man and nothing worth writing mom about.

    My first thought is, he has money in order to be with such a good looking woman!
    Not “Oh it must be love!”, I have know such couples and it took me some time to finally conclude that they truly were in love. One is Jackie and Al, she was about twenty years his junior and nice looking.
    He was an average looking man in his sixties but had money.

    It turned out both were pleasing to be around and she was as nice as she was good looking.
    Why is it that when we see a May/December relationship there is an assumption either its about money or some old fart trying to recapture his youth? That Love is not even a consideration. He is a Beatles fan and she has never heard of them.

  5. Dr. Krugman is of the opinion that financial transactions should be taxed, as a way to curb speculation. I currently agree with his position.

  6. David B

    A recent study found that 90 percent of Canadians support universal, single-payer health care. A poll taken last summer shows 82 percent of Canadians believe their health care system to be better than the US’s, despite constant grumbling about waiting times for treatment of non-life-threatening conditions.

    At a recent stop on her “Going Rogue” book tour, Sarah Palin told Canadian comedian Mary Walsh that Canada should get rid of its public health care system.

    Walsh is the co-creator and star of This Hour Has 22 Minutes — a nightly news parody show in the same vein as The Daily Show — and she arrived in character, as the conservative Marg Delahunty, to the Borders where Palin (the “Alaskan Aphrodite”) was signing books.