Palin and Obama’s Reversal of Fortune?

The ultra-conservative New York Post recently commented on the reversal of fortunes of Palin and Obama.  This time last year Obama was the sensation, this year it is Palin’s turn.

To quote the article:  


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12 responses to “Palin and Obama’s Reversal of Fortune?

  1. “…wrong side of the tracks passion.”

    Give me a break. What nonsense is this?

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Well they can’t have it both ways, how can he be middle of the road and a Socialist/ Commie at the same time.
    They had to choose and to say he is middle would put him closer to them then the left.

  3. lilacluvr

    Palin knows she had to strike while the iron is hot. After all, isn’t that why she quit the Governor’s job She had to have more time to pursue her real passion – which is making as much money as possible.

    If her agenda of pushing the Ultra Conservatives into power fails, then won’t she just go the way of the dinosaurs or shall we say the Whigs?

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Her supporters are the emotional voters, mad as Hell but not sure exactly what they are mad about.
    Its taxes… Yeah its taxes! No wait, its big Government…. Yeah its big Government! Ah its the Constitution… yeah its the Constitution! No wait a minute its the…..

    Palin said what the people want to hear but has no clue what exactly is the problem to be anger about.

  5. Glenn Beck may have some explaining to do after a sexist riff on fellow conservative Sarah Palin. Addressing a comment by Palin that she could see her and Glenn Beck, who she called “a hoot,” possibly running for office together, Beck said on his radio show he wouldn’t play second banana to the former Vice Presidential nominee. “Beck-Palin, I’ll consider,” Beck said. “But Palin-Beck — can you imagine, can you imagine what an administration with the two of us would be like? What? Come on! She’d be yapping or something, and I’d say, ‘I’m sorry, why am I hearing your voice? I’m not in the kitchen.'” Palin has been famously sensitive towards perceived sexism, recently criticizing a Newsweek cover of degrading her by showing her in running clothes. Will Beck be the next to feel her wrath?

  6. I think her true supporters are the loony religious nut jobs who aren’t capable of rational thought and don’t even understand the concept of critical thinking skills. Other Republicans would like evil libaruhls to think her supporters are a huge number of people. They aren’t able to pull it off because few people are stupid enough to support her lack of abilities. They keep saying her executive experience is greater than that of President Obama. Hasn’t he now been POTUS longer than she was able to handle governor of a state without people? Oh, and what did she accomplish as governor? Yeah, concentrate on those things.

    We should keep her narrow political views front and center — not who she is, but what she stands for. She tries hard to keep policy out of the attention she is getting, so we’ll help by diverting the attention from her to her ‘stances’ on issues!

    • lilacluvr

      But, Rush has sanctioned Palin’s book as the most substantive policy book he has read – didn’t he?

      And if that is true, then let’s go through that book and pick out those policies that are so great.

      To win any argument with an irrational person, just use their own words against them. It gets them every time.

      BTW – fnord – welcome back and hope you had a good time.

  7. klaus

    Murdoch can get reality “so wrong” because he makes a lot of money by doing so.

    I bet most of his “reporters” were actually creative writing majors in college.

  8. Zippy

    In truth, I think much of our discourse in American these days has built-in conservative assumptions. Thus, anyone who questions those assumptions–even in the mildest ways–are condemned as heretics by the loony right.

    And Murdoch, of the Sun and of the topless “Page 3 girl” fame has aligned himself with the conservative nutfringe because their worship of business without restraint and acceptance of dogmatic thinking works to his profit. The News Corp ventures aren’t interested in objective truth–they are making their own reality, and distorting what people even think “news” is!

    It’s scary.

    The first part of my rant was inspired by seeing “Lockup” on MSNBC visit foreign prisons. Americans would shocked at how supposedly “soft” the prison were–and that even potentially dangerous inmates were chatting with the guards without shackles or guns ready at the draw.

    Not that I don’t think there are dangerous psychos in prisons everywhere–as Richard Pryor once quipped “Thank Gawwdd we got penetentiaries!” But the underlying assumptions that lead to producing dangerous, grimy gulags-for-profit do not get examined (and you will be given the predictable tough-on-crime bromides if you dare to do so).

    And all the while Wackenhut makes a fortune. Incareration for profit is big business!

    Sorry for the tangent, but I hope y’all can see the relevance.

  9. lilacluvr

    Zippy makes a good point. In our quest to have things cheaper and faster, we have short changed ourselves.

    Our country is not known for our manufacturing skills anymore and we are turning into a service oriented economy.

    The only problem with that is, who are we going to service when we continue to be a debtor nation?

    Those who owe the debt usually do not dictate the rules of the game.

    But, I’m sure Rush and Gang will completely disagree with my viewpoint. After all, these are the same people who have used our country to make their millions but then do not feel the slightest patriotic duty to pay their taxes to help our country solve its problems.

    There are takers and givers in this world. In my opinion, Republicans are takers and the Social Conservative Republicans make it worse by being the phoney Christians trying to look like they are the givers, when in actuality, they are the biggest takers of them all.