Monday, 11/23/09, Public Square

After they get over the thrill of saying “You can’t pahk your cah in Hahvahd Yahd,” about 30 bazillion times, tourists love to walk through the Yahd and have pictures of themselves taken with the statue of John Harvard, whose foot they then rub for good luck.

What most of them don’t know, however, is that it’s really “the statue of three lies.” Despite what the plaque on the statue says, (John Harvard/Founder/1638) Harvard didn’t actually found Harvard (the colonial government started the school, then named it after him when he bequeathed his library to it) and the school was started in 1636, not 1638. Even worse, that’s not actually John Harvard! Harvard died portraitless, so Daniel Chester French (as in the Lincoln Memorial) used a friend as a model in 1884. However, French did give the statue skinny legs – because that was one symptom of tuberculosis, which Harvard had.



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7 responses to “Monday, 11/23/09, Public Square

  1. PrairiePond

    Just another manic Monday…..

    This week we send out triple the number of papers we usually send. It’s sample copy week. Yet another new adventure in journalism and circulation. Thank goodness we only do this “big paper” once a year.

  2. G-stir

    The front page of US Today said that the health care industry had spent 420 billion $ the first 9 months of this year lobbying. If they are such a “low profit” industry ,as one frequently hears, where the hell is the money coming from?
    Each memeber of congress has nearly 3 lobbyists after them,if I recall correctly. When , if ever, is this fiasco gong to end ,or change?? I’ll not live to see it!

  3. Is the big paper week due to the advertising opportunity of the holiday? I think the Eagle, here in ICT, still give away a paper on Thanksgiving day to everybody because of the Black Friday event.

  4. Darn media was even lying back then.

  5. David B

    Holy Cow! Chris Matthews on Hardball is reaming His Excellency Bishop Tobin a new one over his criticizing Kennedy’s stance on abortion laws. Try to find this video.

    Hardball, indeed!

  6. PrairiePond

    “Is the big paper week due to the advertising opportunity of the holiday?”


    Capitalism at its finest. The “big” tree lighting ceremony is Saturday night, and the “merchants” used to be open late, bargains, treats in every store, etc.


    The only stores open downtown are one drugstore, one grocery store and the hardware store.

    And they wont be open late, or have treats.


    But hey, they all still advertise.

    All, um, five or six of them……