Palin-Beck 2012?

The end of the world as we know it? In an interview with Newsmax, Palin says that she’d consider Glenn Beck as a running mate if she ran for president in 2012. “I can envision a couple of different combinations, if ever I were to be in a position to really even seriously consider running for anything in the future, and I’m not there yet,” Palin says. “But Glenn Beck I have great respect for. He’s a hoot. He gets his message across in such a clever way. And he’s so bold—I have to respect that. He calls it like he sees it, and he’s very, very, very effective.”

She has no brains!  She sets back the goal of women being respected as equal.  She embarrasses women with critical thinking skills.



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  1. Is Beck enough of an egomaniac to take the pay cut?

    What a dream ticket for the Democratic Party!

  2. Maybe they can amend the Constitution to eliminate the age requirement so they can run cupcake Carrie Prejean after their terms are complete.


    Sad for America.

    Will the Republican Party find a leader, someone who can knock sense into their heads? Will that leader be ‘conservative’ enough?

  3. Makes you feel sorry for them, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Sarah Palin is supposed to unite the conservative base, but is she causing a schism at Fox News? The Wrap reports that Bill O’Reilly threw a “hissyfit” when he learned that Sean Hannity’s interview with Palin would air before his. Hannity’s interview is set to air on Wednesday night, while O’Reilly’s three-part interview will air on Thursday, Friday, and Monday. O’Reilly’s show is Fox’s top-rated program, while Hannity’s show is third.

  4. lilacluvr

    Hey, according to these ‘real’ Conservative Republicans, even Ronald Reagan was liberal.

    Now, that is a hoot!

    I was thinking just the other night that Cheney and Palin should team up to run. No doubt the GOP would run them but would the rest of America come out in droves in opposition to these two?

    Just think, Palin would be counting on Cheney’s ticker giving out and then she is the Prez by default.

    But I don’t think Palin’s ego would allow her to be VP candidate again – she is destined for the seat at the grown-ups table this year – you betcha!

  5. You think the possibility of this ticket is why the Mayans calendar doesn’t go beyond 2012?

  6. Palin supporters are gonna have to learn to read books quickly! White House aide Karl Rove’s new memoir will be entitled “Courage and Consequence” and will be released March 9, 2010.

    Do you think Palin supporters can read five chapters in only a few months?

    • What would Karl Rove know about “consequence” since he has never had to face the consequences for any of the sins or crimes that he has committed? Would that I believed in the vengeful God, this man’s day in front of St. Peter would an event to witness. What a disgusting excuse for a man.

  7. Billionaires For Wealthcare We still prefer Cigna-Palin in 2012, but we’ll take Beck-Palin as well, considering they’re both top employees…”

  8. You know — Palin is amusing! I’ve never had as much fun with a potential political candidate!

    On a serious note, America needs at least two viable political parties! If the Republican Party doesn’t get it together soon it just means there are fewer and fewer checks and balances, less accountability!

  9. With a Palin — Beck ticket we know who will cry and who will QUIT!

  10. Heads to Roll Over Doctored Footage?

    Is Fox News going to start holding its anchors accountable for lying? The Swamp reports that heads could roll after the network was caught misrepresenting footage for the second time in a week. A week after Jon Stewart nailed Sean Hannity for a similar crime, Fox News host Greg Jarrett was caught claiming that footage from a McCain-Palin rally was, in fact, from Palin’s book tour. “This was a production error in which the copy editor changed a script and didn’t alert the control room to update the video,” Michael Clemente, senior vice president of news at Fox, said. “There will be an on-air explanation during Happening Now on Thursday.” The Swamp says “serious disciplinary action” is planned.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    You bring up Palin sets back the cause of women , I am not disagreeing but there is another aspect to this too. Too many times and not just with Palin, I hear the view presented that the woman is supporting a female candidate. for no other reason then because it is a female candidate, many times yesterday someone being interviewed in line to see Palin. Said they liked her because she is a strong woman, short of not truly paying attention to what she said. It was the fact that Sarah sets to pee instead of her thoughts and action that was the important thing for them.

    I did not support Hillary Clinton but it was not her gender that caused that. And I will admit it was not because I thought she could not handle the job. Hillary is in a great position to be the first woman President.

    There is no doubt that once a woman is elected President it will be a great day for equality.
    But be it a male or a female, the decision should never be boiled down to what position their are in to use the bathroom.

    • Anyone who says women would vote for a woman just because she is female, greatly underestimates women! I don’t know how stupid a woman would need to be to vote for someone because they have a vagina, but I’m tickled pink I don’t know any of those females!

    • Palin is not a woman who should be in any elected office! She is a proven liar, and worse is that she lies when she doesn’t need to, when it is easy to debunk her lies.

      Remember your story about if everyone tells you to take a bath? Well, everyone has proven her newly-released book is full of lies. Not just her word against one other person’s word — everybody has thoroughly debunked her ‘side of the story.’ These lies had nothing to do with how she may vote on any specific legislation, how she could be expected to fill a position in government — they were all personal grievances, all silly gotcha back moments. Truly petty and childish!

    • “There is no doubt that once a woman is elected President it will be a great day for equality.”

      I don’t know that it would change much. Women in positions of power tend to act like men in positions of power. They aren’t there to advance the cause of women’s equality; they are there to advance the cause of their own power and wealth.

      And I do detect a sexist slant to these Palin stories, as I did while she was campaigning. The media would like to represent that women would vote for a woman simply because of the commonality of their genitals, but that is, in itself, sexism against women. The media should not assume that this would ever be the case and there is historical evidence to prove it. Palin was just the latest proof.

    • When I heard she would include Fort Bragg in her book signing tour, I wondered about that. But can you hear the exaggerated screams that will be pouring from every anti-Obama source!? They’ll come unglued.

  12. wicked

    I think the Army is doing a CYA. Can you imagine how many soldiers could get axed at an event that turns into a President-bashing fiasco?

    The article states that it’s a book signing event, only. No speeches. I can understand why they don’t want the Press there, encouraging comments. Comments can sometimes turn into raving lunatic masses, as we’ve see at some of the town halls. Not real bright of them to even invite her on base, if you ask me. But, hey, it’s the Military, and I’m to the point of not thinking highly of it/them. (Personal issues.)

  13. I understand and agree — both that the press shouldn’t be there and the point about not thinking highly of the military. Our military standards were changed (drastically) during the past several years and then we sent young men and women away from their families repeatedly without providing them basic needs, basic care, basic dignity! I’m not blaming the soldiers and grunts, but I have much blame for the ‘system’ that is abusing those soldiers.

    Now, back to the Palin book signing. Yes, I agree with the decision to bar the press — she, a political figure, shouldn’t have been on the base in the first place, as you said. I still think there will be outrageous screaming from those who just want to blame President Obama for anything and everything.

    They (those who still refuse to accept and are pouting that they lost) see everything differently under Obama than they did under someone (anyone) with that little “R” beside their name. bush the lesser was without fault, President Obama is faulted for living.