Woe is me…*

Please, God, forgive me [us] for making fun of these “people “.  I [we] know it is wrong.  But then again, their silliness can be gist for some reasonable thought – as hard as that is to believe…

As noted below, yesterday we hit a daily view record.  This happened with the likely help of a conservative blog sewer at which some of us used to post.  This blog is the frequent subject of comments there.  The “people” there contend that we don’t post there because we are “close-minded”.  This accusation comes from “thinking humans” who contend the planet earth is 8,000 years old,  that global climate change is some liberal ploy to deny them their SUV’s, and that the government exists to attempt to deny them access to their firearms.  Don’t these “thoughts” sound like material one could naturally be drawn to?

In regard to one blogger there [oko], I used to contend that if she had a half-way responsible family, they’d do an intervention and take her keyboard away.  But, I think it is likely they would rather hear her keyboard clicking up in that locked attic room over hearing her incoherent yelling and slobbering.  Another open-minded confederacy apologizing fool, abandoned a friendship of his because the offending party had the gall to post on this blog – doesn’t he sound like a “friend” one would hate to lose.  The list of idiotic ravings and rantings could go on and on… But hopefully, these examples provide a window into what I am talking about.

I am recalling the words of a supervisor who once told me, “When those folks disagree with me, I know I am on the right track.”  I believe today, that I know what he was talking about…

* This occurs in the Bible, Job 10:15 (King James Version) in the form ‘woe unto me’.

Job is one of the oldest books in the Old Testament, early versions of which date from about 1200BC, making the phrase in the original language 3,200 years old. The first occurrence of it in English would have been Wycliffe’s Bible translation in 1382.


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  1. I’ll sit this one out.

    I left there, I don’t want to hear about “there.”

  2. tosmarttobegop

    There is no denying that a problem is the making of one own reality and dismissing counters to it.
    Being so blindly partisan that one dismisses automatically anything said by the others.

    The only thing I would take issue with is the reference to the friendship of the two involved.
    It took me some time to get up to speed on that, what happen and the outcome.
    One friend either through his own impression or by what he was hearing thought his friend would not be welcome. As to which happen is a question, but it was someone doing what he saw as a friend would do.
    And contacted the other saying you should not try to join as you would not be welcome.

    It was not on any official level, no monitor told that the application for joining was denied.
    From what I was able to gleam that was the case, did he apply to join and a monitor refused it?

    There is a difference between being closed minded and like minded, I do tend to be conservative in my thought process. Where I differ from the other who claim that thought process as their own.
    For me it is better to slow down and think it through rather then to have a set thought process.
    I do not feel unwelcome here as I do not think anyone else who actually thinks it through would.

    That is where this blog differs, we think it through even though we may not come to the same conclusion.
    But after the conclusion is reached it is not off handedly dismissed by others.
    The case is made as to why the conclusion differs or at least an attempt is made.

    But each blog has it’s right to be different.

  3. lilacluvr

    I noticed yesterday that ‘oko’ was telling someone that they could go that ‘other blog’ where they will agree with him but on their blog they disagree and let the people know why they disagree.

    I must have missed that memo. When has the WE blog CONS ever just disagreed with someone and let it go at that? They make rude, crude and downright insulting comments and then wonder why the other people leave.

    That blog is nothing more than a play yard with a select group of bullies all going around bragging about how tough they are.

    I think it is humorous that these CONS are so insecure that they still talk about us. If they are so big and tough, then they should be happy we are no longer around.

    But, then, where would the bullies be without people to huff, puff and bluff at?

  4. lilacluvr

    ‘But each blog has it’s right to be different’

    This is true. It is also true that each blogger has the right to blog where they want.

    If that means I choose not to blog in that other blog where I don’t want to feed the bullies their daily ration of hate, then that is my choice.

    As to what happened to that friendship – I don’t know the parties involved but I have to wonder about the strength of their friendship if they let a simple misunderstanding threaten to halt the entire friendship.

    I have several Republican family and friends. We discuss issues but if we see where it is getting too personal, then we back off. We have learned to agree to disagree.

    I think that is what is wrong with the Social Conservative Republicans today – they cannot let others have their beliefs and walk away. At some point, God is brought into the equation and then all Hell breaks loose.

  5. tosmarttobegop

    I have invited my best friend to join in blogging, he has thoughts on many things and it is enjoyable to me to discuss topics with him. We do not agree and at one point the friendship was in danger over Terry Fox. I would not bit my tongue and neither would he.
    But all it took was a diner at a KFC to listen and discuss the issues.

    I found he was not blindly a follower and I was not looking at every subject and issue involved.

    But anyway he was not interested as he had other things to deal with and did not need any outlet to be thinking about.

  6. “They make rude, crude and downright insulting comments… ”

    Yeah. That kind of thing would probably never happen at THIS blog. That’s only something that the OTHER SIDE does.

    (“I think it is likely they would rather hear her keyboard clicking up in that locked attic room over hearing her incoherent yelling and slobbering.”)

    Very entertaining.

    • Hi, FletcherDodge.

      I don’t agree it’s entertaining, but I agree it’s the same as what is being complained about.

      We humans reduce ourselves to the level of those we disagree with. Silly and petty and human, huh?

      The bloggers here recognize we are human and we make mistakes. We try to be what we should be, and sometimes we are successful! 🙂

    • lilacluvr

      Glad you shared your thoughts about my posting. It shows you care.

    • lilacluvr

      What’s up with the apes, dodger?

      • Just an abandoned blogging project. I’ve updated the info (I don’t post on WP much).

        I just started following PP&P, so I don’t really have a dog in this fight. I just think it’s worth calling out hypocrisy when we see it. It just shows how little difference there is between s0-called “progressives” and so-called “conservatives.”

    • I think the difference is that the rude and insulting comments are aimed at other commenters to the WE blog that disagree with your point, whereas we aim the rude and insulting comments at people that are not involved in the conversation because we don’t like them, not because we disagree with their views.

      Having visited the WE blog, I can say that I don’t believe that commenters are worse there than they are at any other blog I’ve visited. It seems to me that the THE POINT of commenting in many people’s minds is to be rude and insulting to the other commenters. They pride themselves on being the most rude and insulting.

      A friend recommended a book named Snark by David Denby. I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds like something we should all have a look at:


  7. I appreciate being called out! We learn (or should!) lots of ways. No one here is more than human, but everyone here wants to minimize that debilitating condition.

    Welcome to PPP’s, FletcherDodge.

  8. tstb, you asked about banned bloggers.

    One person has been banned from this blog. You all remember him. He came here and wanted to make this a blog about guns. We each stated our opinions. He seemed to be sure he could change ours, make us ‘see the light,’ and admit we were wrong so he could be right. One of those who wasn’t going to accept anything less than someone being wrong! We told him we respected his opinion but didn’t share it. Remember when we all asked him to support his claim that President Obama was going to take away his guns? He had no support, he had fear. We tried ignoring him, that didn’t work. We asked him repeatedly over days and days to agree to disagree. He didn’t want to, wasn’t going to, so that didn’t work either.

    We all discussed it and agreed that wasn’t what any of us wanted this blog to be about. He was warned for a final time and told if he didn’t cease and desist he would be banned. He didn’t stop, and he was banned.

    I guess he got what he wanted. I’ll never know. I didn’t follow him to his gun blog to see if the ‘banning’ allowed him to decree us as intolerant (a form of being wrong).

    It doesn’t matter, because he should blog about his interests and in the manner he chooses at his blog. We get to make those same decisions about our blog.

    Each blogger’s first post goes into moderation. (The other situation that will put a post into moderation is more than two links per post.) No blogger who has made a post has ever met any fate but ‘approved.’ and that one man (explained in detail above) is the only blogger who has ever had that approval rebuked.

    There have been posts from advertisers (mostly those who want us to have a bigger penis, or want to share porn…) that have been deleted, instead of being approved.

  9. Bad Biker

    “Yeah. That kind of thing would probably never happen at THIS blog.”

    No, it won’t. This is a monitored blog – unlike the other – and differences of opinion are appreciated, but insults and snark are not.


  10. The behavior of posters on the other blog offend me. I apologize about expressing my disdain about them if that is troubling to anyone. I insult them (and to be clear I never said I was not insulting) because I view them as being insult-worthy. And I pride myself on the quality of my insults.

    Thank you.

    • I am glad you said it is the behavior that offends you.

      There is an easy way to stop what is offensive. Don’t read it! That way you don’t even have to test your ability to behave in a more mature manner.

      Of course your insults are of high quality, your mind is too.

      Now, about that offensive behavior…

  11. Bad Biker

    No one, least of all me, wants to emulate them, Fnord, my last post was tongue-in-cheek.

    I rarely, if ever post at WE because every Con/Republican post is an invitation to fight – and fighting is counter-productive.

  12. Prairie Pond



    I love you guys….

  13. lilacluvr

    There is no difference between Progressives and Conservatives in the way we are all human – that is true.

    But I see the Social Conservatives in the Republican Party as being those who see nothing wrong with degrading someone and then laughing about it with their fellow bullies.

    Progressives are a funny bunch – we try to be so tolerant of each other that we let alot of the personal stuff slide.

    But you won’t see a true Social Conservative give up their superiority complex about their God, their political party and their right to free speech – even if it means they trample on the other person’s free speech.

    That’s the difference – IMHO

  14. “I see the Social Conservatives in the Republican Party as being those who see nothing wrong with degrading someone and then laughing about it with their fellow bullies.”

    As an objective third party reading this blog post and comments, I see the original poster degrading someone and then laughing about it.

    “Please, God, forgive me [us] for making fun of these “people “. I [we] know it is wrong. But then again, their silliness can be gist for some reasonable thought – as hard as that is to believe…”

    I can’t tell who the author is, but I see some commenters criticizing people on “the other side” for doing the same thing that people “on their side” have done. It’s like watching that episode of Star Trek where the half-white-half-black guy is fighting the half-white-half-black guy.

    • Bad Biker

      What’s your point, Dodger? If we offend you so greatly, well, go back to WEBlog and have at it.

      • My point is that it seems disingenuous and intellectually dishonest for one to complain so stridently about somebody else doing the very same thin that one does.

        I’m not offended by you, but I can see that I’ve struck a chord.

      • My point is that it seems disingenuous and intellectually dishonest for one to complain so stridently about somebody else doing the very same thing that one does.

        I’m not offended by you, but I can see that I’ve struck a chord.

    • I still don’t think it is the same thing to dislike someone because their behavior is consistently odious and/or obnoxious and to comment on your dislike of them/their behavior and to rudely verbally assault someone the minute they say something you don’t like. That is the difference between what is going on, as I see it.

      I am not apologizing for anyone’s characterization of the other side. I don’t think we need to apologize because the description is accurate. Where it may be exaggerated or cross the line into pettiness, we are all human here and it is a release for us to talk about their odiousness amongst ourselves.

      So we get petty; so shoot us. I am willing to admit that I can be just as petty as the next conservative. And I don’t apologize for it because I don’t care. I’ve been putting up with their rude, obnoxious, odious behavior for years. I have neither patience nor tolerance left for it.

      When I post to the WE blog, I post facts and attack the logic/argument that I disagree with. When I do so, the opposing side generally jumps quickly to some sort of personal attack on my character or values–and they have NO idea who I am, what my character is or what my values are. Are you saying that behavior is the same as when we describe the conservatives that post there as silly/irrational/illogical/ignorant of the facts/etc., etc.?

      I respectfully disagree. Not saying we are perfect, just that I don’t think this is comparable.

  15. Bad Biker

    “I’m not offended by you, but I can see that I’ve struck a chord.”

    Don’t flatter yourself, Dodger – you have not struck a chord anywhere with anyone.

    This is a monitored blog – if that upsets you – go away.

    I have an idea who you actually are – be man or woman enough to reveal yourself – a poser from WE Bl0g that can’t stand up and use their real nic is just a coward.

    • Really? This is tedious, but okay…

      I’ve not been on WE Blog and without doing a google search, I don’t even know what it is. I arrived here via a link on Blog Meridian, and excellent blog that I highly recommend.

      I’m no more or less anonymous than anyone who has commented. You can follow the link in my user name to my home turf if you care. I won’t be offended if you don’t, but doing so would help you avoid making ignorant statements like “you are … a poser from WE Blog that can’t stand up and use their real nic…”

      And the fact that this blog is monitored doesn’t upset me at all. In fact, I never mentioned it. Nice non sequitur, though.

      (Fnord, now I see what you mean about reducing ourselves to the level of the people we disagree with. Funny thing is, I don’t even know if I disagree with Bad Biker on anything…)

  16. Thunderchild

    “There is no difference between Progressives and Conservatives in the way we are all human – that is true.”

    It won’t be surprising that I disagree. While cons are obviously biologically identical with progressives, cons are hard wired…..differently. They are…..less evolved maybe.

    • There was a study done that concluded that people who tend to describe themselves as conservatives, tend to startle easier than those that describe themselves as progressive. I do believe there is a wiring difference.

      “The finding suggests that people who are particularly sensitive to signals of visual or auditory threats also tend to adopt a more defensive stance on political issues, such as immigration, gun control, defense spending and patriotism. People who are less sensitive to potential threats, by contrast, seem predisposed to hold more liberal positions on those issues.

      “The study takes the research a step beyond psychology by suggesting that innate physiological differences among people may help shape their startle responses and their political inclinations. ”

      If you are interested, you can read more here:

  17. Thunderchild

    I see cons as children who never got out of the “mine!” stage of childhood.

  18. If this blog is reduced to being what the blog many of us first met has become, I’m outta here.

    I don’t mind disagreements of any kind! I usually learn from them, and they are what allows everyone to look wider, beyond where they are. In supporting your opinion you quickly find the strengths and weaknesses. But if a blogger can’t make their point without denigrating another blogger I find that boring and childish (at least!).

    What would an exchange of insults add to any conversation other than turmoil? I have enough of that and won’t invite more.

    I don’t care who blogs here, who reads here, what subjects are blogged, but I care very deeply about civility and don’t intend to spend any of my time where that isn’t found.

  19. We’ve been blogging here for eight months and most of that time we’ve managed to talk or teach or share, and always to laugh.

    If that’s what we want to get back to I’ll continue looking forward to blogging at PPP’s.

    I’m gone for today. I hope every person here is ready to move beyond behavior they find offensive. I thought we already had.

  20. David B

    My inner child is vomiting… whahhahahahahah!!!!!

  21. CONs have no mission except to taint and tarnish.

    Their politics have been disproven by fact and real-world experience.

    Their tactics worked for a while but are not failing.

    Yeah, we “dim-libs” tend to respond in kind. I’m one of the biggest offenders, I guess.

    It’s a weakness.

    I love taking on “okobserver” ’til she announces she has to “…go shopping” or something.

    I’ve slapped around “Boxlock20” enough times to dust his ass for fingerprints.

    Ol’ “Regular” may or may not be posting under assorted nyms. I don’t care. I know I’ve won after the day’s first “MonkeyHock.”

    I understand how participants in this forum resist the silliness of CONs on the other one. And, I guess, I should take up a more productive enterprise (is there a professional Whack-a-Mole league?).

    • The people who are now being described as “conservative” really don’t fit the traditional definition of conservative. They are conservative-like in some of their political beliefs, but to a degree that many “true” conservatives would never agree with.

      Edmund Burke was the father of modern conservatism. His philososphy was “…that some people have less reason than others, and thus some people will make better governments than others if they rely upon reason. The proper formulation of government came not from abstractions such as reason, but from time-honoured development of the state, piecemeal progress through experience, and the continuation of other important societal institutions such as the family and the church. Tradition draws on the wisdom of many generations and the tests of time, while reason may be a mask for the preferences of one man, and at best represents only the untested wisdom of one generation. However, Burke also wrote, “A state without the means of change is without the means of its conservation,” but insisted that further change be organic rather than revolutionary. An attempt to modify the complex web of human interactions that form human society, for the sake of some doctrine or theory, runs the risk of running afoul of the iron law of unintended consequences.”

      You can see SOME of what today’s “conservative” says they believe in there, but they also go AGAINST some of the most important foundational beliefs that Burke proposed.

    • tosmarttobegop

      A few times I tried to play peace maker, its been a while but the last time it involved you.
      I called you down for something only to have a con carry it on and even worst.
      I am sorry for that, the line I had thought you crossed was not nearly as far crossed as the one crossed by the Con.

      At times I feel like I am not aware of the game being played, it like I am thinking the rules of Baseball.
      While many on the other blog are there to play Football. The level of contact is totally different so what is across the line in one game is acceptable contact in the other.

      • I think you’re talking about me, tstb. I remember a time you did that, but you don’t need to feel sorry! What you said was true and you were right to point it out to me.

        You are only responsible for you say.

  22. wicked

    I’ll give FletcherDodge the benefit of the doubt. I’m pitiful that way. What he may not know is that the other blog we speak of is not one of our main concerns, except more recently. Yes, it’s mentioned now and then, but our prime reason for being here isn’t to discuss it or those who post there.

    We all lose our cool at one time or another. Believe me, I just blasted my granddaughter over a simple question that didn’t deserve my terse reply. I apologized. The original was born of frustration and not enough sleep. 🙂

    To our new poster, welcome. Is there anything other than the current header you’d like to comment about? (It seems to be a touchy subject for many.)

  23. Bad Biker

    Okay. See ya’ later……………………………

  24. I am done with this place. I could delete the entire blog, but I won’t.

    There is space here for a long time. Use it well.


    • lilacluvr

      Why let one poster’s insistence on us being hypocrits ruin a perfectly good blog?

      Did you notice that they never said if he/she went to the other blog and told them they were hypocrits?

      Perhaps this entire thing was a a set-up to get us to shut down the blog??


    • Please don’t. Please. I count on you, and you’ve always come through with flying colors!

  25. In case there is any doubt, I am COMPLETELY done with this place. There may be as much as 3 or 4 years worth of space here as of now…

    I bought this microphone, but don’t want it anymore. So, use it well, those of you, who are not jerks…

    • lilacluvr

      Think about it before you do anything. This is just what they want and if you give it to them, then they win. And if they win, then is there any hope for real change?

  26. lilacluvr

    Iggy….I respect your decision – I am sorry to hear it, but I respect your right to do whatever you feel you need to do.

    Take care of yourself – okay?

  27. Thanks, Lilac… Have a good Thanksgiving.

  28. John Prine at his best:

    Night all…

    • As always, late to the party. I hope not too late to say,

      I will miss you Iggy Donnelly.

      As always, I have no clue what has occurred. I have visited the WE blog a couple of times. Mostly people there ignore my postings because I argue on the merits of the facts and don’t respond to taunts, insults or other boorish behavior. This is apparently not the kind of give and take they are interested in. Though one man did take the time to insult me because of the nic I chose. But it didn’t bother me a bit; I chose it to bother them so I expected some grief when they figured it out.

      Anyway, I am saddened that anyone could be chased away from a place to meet with friends by the actions of ANYONE. But I understand it. Some people don’t like conflict. I was born and raised with conflict, so it doesn’t bother me a bit.

      Goodbye, iggy. Your wise words will be missed here.

  29. Thunderchild

    So let me get this straight.

    James McCluer “Regular’ has no life and found this place because of more than ample time to do so.

    XXX got his little feelings hurt because he as much as said he was switching sides and openly spoke out against former friends and is now living the result of that and whining endlessly about it. Nevermind that no one here ever did anything against him.

    The cons can’t do ANYTHING but denounce this place from afar.

    And you guys want to roll it up and quit?

    I haven’t posted here a lot. If I had MY way, this would have been a forum to strategize against the cons on the other blog. But I didn’t bring that here. And I am not asking for it now.

    You have a place here to share what you want and to invite others to do so as well. That it irritates the cons on the WEblog you should just consider a side benefit. They don’t like it? So what? They don’t like much of anything.

    They already crow about “driving you” from the WEBlog. And they have no right to do so. Don’t let them drive you from this place, YOUR place.

  30. Eco&EvoBio

    Huh? Strategize against people on a blog?

    I think sometimes people forget it’s just a blog, not a war. And people with different political leanings can get along quite well (even be married!) Sure people are nasty online. I guess it’s one of the benefits of being anonymous–you get to devilishly say things you’ve always wanted to say but never would in person 🙂

    I hope you change your mind, Iggy, but if not, best of luck to you!

    • I have no idea how many people on a blog have participated in blogs, newsgroups, bulletin boards, et cetera, over the years.

      But the same behaviors always seem to crop up. Bullies emerge, snarks fly, issues get off on strange tangents.

      It’s an odd form of communication that can sometimes bring out the best of spontaneous conversation even as it brings out the worst of us.

      I’ve had my moments of grammar Nazism. But I learned long ago to spell-check any spell flame I can’t prevent myself from posting; they always contain misspellings and typos.

      And I take cheap shots. Like “Boxlock20’s” cut-and-post that declared Thomas Jefferson President of the United States “…from January 20, 1777 to January 20, 1781.” I think I love the specificity of the ignorance. As if inauguration day has always been January 20th. And January, 1777 was, what? The winter at Valley Forge?

      I like the recurrent needle.

      Who could resist “Keep the tencil on the toad?”

      If it were up to me (and I admit I haven’t read any of the gun nut’s posts) banning gun blathering was probably a mistake.

      I’m mostly a 2nd Amendment agnostic. But the more we see how much of the gunners border on fetishism, the more I wonder about them. Not about the 2nd Amendment; I wonder about them.

      Your mileage may vary. I like looking at leopards but I don’t want to take one into my home. That may have led to banning the gun nut, I dunno. And I can live with that.


  31. The blog became an argument ad nauseam in the days before that banning. The “gun blathering” was boring the first time he stated his ‘case.’ You can imagine what it was like when he said the same thing for the umpteenth time.

    All the posts were about him, his guns and his fears and obsessions. He posted the same thoughts by changing up the words here and there because he was positive he could convince us we were wrong. He wanted to declare victory!

    We were no better! We allowed his fetish to dominate. We didn’t just glance at his train wreck, we parked our vehicles and got on the train with him!

    I don’t remember any of us admitting our part of the problem — we could have allowed him to rant alone, but we didn’t! We picked at that sore and kept it from healing.

    So, if we can’t ignore those who want to make OUR blog about them and their interests, we can always take the easier route and ban them. That way they get a victory and we live up to the charge that we’re intolerant, that we only want to blog with those that agree with us…

    • lilacluvr

      Is this what this all about – that gun guy?

      I have to respectfully disagree. I think it is the simple fact that some people chose to leave a blog that became boorish and left that particular play yard.

      Now that the original play yard is no longer entertaining to the boorish ones, they want to feign outrage and continue their boorish behavior and try to ruin the other blog.

      There are people in the world that want to do nothing but cause trouble. They somehow get their kicks out of seeing how far they can push someone to get a reaction.

      Maybe their mothers didn’t hug them enough when they were a child?

    • Lilac,

      I don’t know what “this” is all about, but NO, it isn’t about the gun guy. Anyway, I don’t think so.

      I responded to Monkeyhawk saying he wouldn’t have banned the guy.

      I was trying to say that we all got caught up in fighting. Our blog became a fight for the sake of a fight. It didn’t make sense to any of us. We ended it by banning the guy. Were there other ways to handle that situation — of course! There is always more than one answer, more than one way to do everything.

      • lilacluvr

        I don’t know what all this is about either but when a man’s entire personal history – his name, place of employment, family, etc are posted anonymously on a blog, then I find that totally wrong. And I do think that man has the right to be mad.

        Funny, isn’t it, the very people who think they are principled and self-righteous are the ones applauding that behavior and the very same ones peeking over the fence because they are so insecure about their own play yard.

      • “…man’s entire personal history – his name, place of employment, family, etc are posted anonymously on a blog…”


        There’s a LOT I don’t know. I’ll make a guess that some of these things were posted at WEBlog. That’s probably why I’m so much in the dark. I only get what’s posted here.

        The day I learned that a person or persons at WEBlog would spend the time to find one blog from among the bazillions of blogs for no better reason than hate — to disrupt that blog, in order to have something / someone to pick on, criticize, gossip about — that was the day I closed that tab and haven’t been back.

        I don’t want to ever interact with those kinds of people!

  32. lilacluvr

    Blogs are supposed to be fun and informative. But when people turn into those parents who are banned from their kids’ ballgames due to their boorish behavior, then what is the purpose of staying in that blog?

    Human nature will never change – there are bullies, victims, liberals and conservatives, Democrats and Republicans. That is just the way the world is and has been for generations.

    But when a certain few boorish behaviorists feel the need to peer over into the new blog just to cause trouble, then we know why they are boorish don’t we?

    Boorish people are usually those people who have no life outside of their own delusional mind.

    • The ‘us versus them’ psychology is central to politics. Hate-mongering people exploit and encourage it. It’s used to make enemies.

      • lilacluvr

        I know it is and that is what is sad, isn’t it? Why do we assume that just because we won a few political points that somehow how side has won the war?

        There will always be another battle.

        And if we’re so concentrated on fighting each other within our country’s political parties – then we should really not have to wonder why the real terrorists are sitting back and waiting for our country to fall by itself – due to this incessant ranting and raving about all those ‘political points’.

  33. So I guess this is what it is all about.


    I finally see the gang of bullies at work. Funny how people who claim that they don’t have any interest in what we say are spending so much time searching out progressive blogs. Funny how they lurk and post…nothing. Who is the coward?

    I wouldn’t let small-minded morons like these affect the way I see myself. Most conservatives don’t even know who they really are deep inside because they are so busy pretending to be whoever it is that the people around them tell them they should be.

    The larger point is that, from reading the full thread, they aren’t even arguing a point, they are just arguing. They don’t use facts to support an argument and they engage in personal attacks and believe that it wins them points. And they just look like assholes. (paste that into the open thread at WE; I’m willing to stand by it).

    • I won’t click your link, Paula.

      On that blog’s Oct. 29th Open Thread they conducted a hate fest and spent hours obsessing over this blog and the people here. A few days earlier they had successfully found a public blog! Imagine that!? They went looking so they could ridicule. They couldn’t find enough to hate so they went looking for more? Two days later they were still conducting their celebration about what wonderful people they are and what horrible people those at this blog are, much talk of how boring this place is, what a waste of time, they patted one another on the back, etc. That was the last day I was there and life is much more pleasant without it.

      Our stats show they’re still wasting their time visiting the blog they find so boring. (shrugs shoulders)

      • I think you are right not to go there. I only provided the link for those that wanted to know what was being referred to in earlier posts.

        I don’t care at all what any of those people think of me, this blog or anyone here. I don’t have any respect for their opinions at all.

        I’m just sad that Iggy decided to call it quits. I hope nobody else will follow suit. I like the people here and I value their opinions and the links they provide.

        I am thankful for my friends at the PP&P blog.

      • I’m very sad about Iggy’s decision. He made a really good place here. It’s still his microphone.

        And, Paula, you are a PPP and definitely add to the good info and discussion here!

  34. lilacluvr

    The best way to get rid of a hater is to not give them anything to work with – in other words, treat them as if they are invisible.

    P.S. – It drives them nuts….