Post Your Favorite Acoustic Guitar Video

acoustic-guitar1[1]If you don’t have such a favorite, please explain why not?  My nomination follows in the first post.  I used to own a Fender Stratocaster (a decent electric guitar).  I gave it to my my oldest nephew and he started a respectable Christian band that played throughout Kansas and into Colorado.  I am pretty sure he still has the Strat.  He teaches English in a small college in Pennsylvania.

While electric guitars are okay, I have always had a preference for acoustic guitars.  They are harder on my fingers and I make more mistakes — but that is what makes them interesting to me…



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16 responses to “Post Your Favorite Acoustic Guitar Video

  1. Played on a 12-string. The best Pink Floyd song ever:

  2. I don’t think this qualifies as number two, guitar wise;but, I have always liked this song. The story of the lyrics is pretty powerful:

  3. Lightnin is up among the best…

  4. tosmarttobegop

    My electric has sat in a room in the basement for years now, but the Acoustic is on it’s stand about four feet behind my computer chair. It is easier to sound good with an electric but I agree that with an acoustic you have to play it just right to sound good. Acoustic is soul over sounding OK.

    Man to choose one song over another is difficult, generally all it takes is a well played acoustic guitar to get my vote.

  5. The best John Hurt song. It is in the key of A, I think…

  6. The one Mississippi John Hurt song I can play (it is one of his “holy blues” tunes):

    I shall not be moved…

  7. Sorry, we must have some Kottke to be complete:

  8. More Kottke:

    The man is a genius.

  9. Doc Watson. First heard him in Windfield when I was in college. He was great…

    I knew the woman Doc stayed with in Winfield. She was from the South also…