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New Daily View Record!

I’m not sure why, but we have hit a record for daily views today!  Many of the views were of our old, and very old posts. 

If it was due to our WE Blog viewers, we thank you.  Some day you may even contribute to the coffers of our socialist causes.  Thank you very much. And, I might also add, f*ck you very much…



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What Would Levi Say at the Thanksgiving Dinner?

Palin Wasilla HeartthrobIn an effort to reduce “the drama” that has been part of her family’s conflicts with Levi Johnston, Sarah Palin supposedly invited him to her family’s Thanksgiving dinner

I am sure this was done with a sincere interest in resolving the problems, but if he showed up, can anyone imagine what Johnston would say to the future First Family members? Talk about awkward family gatherings…


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Post Your Favorite Acoustic Guitar Video

acoustic-guitar1[1]If you don’t have such a favorite, please explain why not?  My nomination follows in the first post.  I used to own a Fender Stratocaster (a decent electric guitar).  I gave it to my my oldest nephew and he started a respectable Christian band that played throughout Kansas and into Colorado.  I am pretty sure he still has the Strat.  He teaches English in a small college in Pennsylvania.

While electric guitars are okay, I have always had a preference for acoustic guitars.  They are harder on my fingers and I make more mistakes — but that is what makes them interesting to me…



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Monday, 11/16/09, Public Square

img-mg---week-in-cartoons-1113-5_181321978796The House passed a health-care reform bill, but there doesn’t seem to be much in it to be proud of.  Will the Senate make it better?  Will the Senate pass a bill at all?  If it finally makes it out of both houses will it be improved in committee before it comes for a final vote?

So many questions.  Not enough indication anything positive is going to come from our high hopes.  It’s easier to feel discouraged and increasingly difficult to remain positive.



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