Wednesday, 11/11/09, Public Square

VeteransDayVeterans Day is an annual American holiday honoring military veterans.

Make an extra effort to thank the veterans you know for their service, and stop to remember and reflect on the freedoms those veterans won for all Americans.  Send good thoughts and prayers to those members of the military who are today in harm’s way.  And remember our Commander In Chief  who has difficult decisions to make about our nation’s security and military involvement, include him in your thoughts, prayers and reflections.



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  1. Good morning!

    Yesterday was a very long day for me. With today being a federal holiday they squeezed two days work into one.

    I missed the president’s speech at Fort Hood. Did anyone listen and does anyone have a critique if they did?

  2. David B

    One newsworthy part of the speech was when he said the murderer will receive justice in this life and in the next life (!!).

    Obama noted that killings like this massacre is contrary to Islam, as well as any other religion.

    • lilacluvr

      Over on the Opinion Line, Republicans are saying that Obama won’t say it was an act of terrorism because the suspect is a Muslim.

      The president’s speech at Ft Hood was a great one but if people have their ‘listening ears’ turned off, then they won’t hear it – will they?

      BTW – One poster even said that the DC sniper Mohammed that was executed last night was convicted of terrorism (notice the Muslim name). That is when I had to jump in and post a response.

      If you all remember that case – it was the DC sniper and that young male that was riding around and shooting people?

      The truth is that Mohammed was convicted of only one murder (although they killed 10 – I think).

      So, let’s just be prepared to keep hearing this kind of nonsense from that certain fringe of Republicans that any Muslim-sounding name will automatically be deemed a terrorist.

      Facts are not their friends.

      • IIRC, he was also convicted of six murders in Maryland, along with the one in Virginia. The Virginia prosecution stands as a gleaming example of “forum shopping”, btw.

        ot: the good folks at WMHB-FM have just made my morning, playing “Cry, Baby”. I’m content (for now).

    • When you try very hard to put any person in a tiny box and use some description you want to define the whole of that person, you can do it.

      If you want to be truthful, you won’t attempt it.

      People who carry out atrocities such as this are very sick. They might also happen to be male, black, tall, thin, a veteran, a mechanic…

      • So, if you choose to hate every mechanic then you would want to make sure the reason this person committed this atrocity was because they are a mechanic!

  3. wicked

    I thought you guys who enjoy watching war movies might be interested in this.

    Top 10 True Story War Movies Of All Time (SLIDESHOW)

  4. Even if you’ve listened before, it’s worth the time again.

  5. lilacluvr

    6176 – You’re right – I forgot about the convictions in Maryland.

    I remember watching a news report last night that stated Mohammed was convicted of one murder and they showed the victim’s picture and everything. Isn’t it a shame the other victims’ were not recognized as being harmed by this man? People need to know the whole picture.

  6. As a vet, who successfully defended the environs of North-central Indiana from the Viet Cong and other enemies of the U.S. from August, 1973 through June 6, 1977, you are welcome. 🙂

  7. lilacluvr

    In my reply to that poster about Mohammed being a terrorist, I suggested that perhaps all white people with names sounding like Timothy McVeigh, Eric Rudolph, Shelley Shannon and Paul Hill be considered murderers and attempted murderers also.

    And then I went on to say that since one was a soldier and 3 were Pro-Life supporters, then does that make all soldiers and all Pro-Life supporters murderers?

    I haven’t gone back to read the response I got to my posting – but I’m sure all the good Conservative Republicans on the OL were appalled at the mere thought of me saying a soldier was a murderer (and on Veterans Day) that I am nothing more than one those evil libruls….

    But what I forgot to add was that all 4 of those people that I mentioned did have one thing in common – they all had a deep-seated hatred and felt that they were somehow justified in doing what they did. I’m sure McVeigh thought he was doing it for the honor of his country and the other 3 were doing it for God.

    But, in reality, all 4 were cowards that took their hatred out on innocent people. There is no honor in that and Obama is right – a just and loving God sees no honor in killing (or something like that).

  8. Another head scratcher, makes me go hmmm.

    “Gay residents of Utah just got a boost from an unlikely group—the Mormon Church. After the Utah-based church backed proposed Salt Lake City ordinances that would bar housing and employment discrimination against gays—and the city laws passed unanimously Tuesday night. The new rules make Salt Lake City the first community in Utah to make it illegal to fire or evict someone on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. The Mormon Church’s backing could have far-reaching effects in this conservative state where 80 percent of lawmakers and governors belong to the church. A spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints emphasized that the endorsement doesn’t change the church’s stance against gay marriage. “The church supports these ordinances because they are fair and reasonable and do not do violence to the institution of marriage,” he said.”

    violence to the institution of marriage??

    What? I don’t even understand this convoluted statement!

  9. lilacluvr

    Violence to the institution of marriage?

    I wonder what the Mormons think about heterosexual couples who engage in adultery or domestic violence have done to the institution of marriage?

  10. lilacluvr

    I just read this on Huffington Blog – thought you all might be interested to read this little tidbit.

    If Fox News is fact-checking Sarah Palin now, does this mean the powers-to-be at the GOP are trying to discredit the little fox from up north?
    Fox News Fact-Checks Sarah Palin’s Coin Conspiracy Theory (VIDEO)
    The Huffington Post | Lila Shapiro
    First Posted: 11-10-09 09:32 PM | Updated: 11-11-09 01:57 AM

    This must sting a bit. Sarah Palin’s newest conspiracy theory on the “disturbing” redesign of U.S. coins was too much, even for Fox News — on Tuesday night, Fox fact-checked Palin.

    Last Friday, while speaking at a Wisconsin Right to Life fundraising banquet — attendees were barred from bringing cell phones, cameras, laptops — Palin rolled out the latest: an anti-Christian conspiracy in the redesign of U.S. coins. Palin waded into the subject by remarking that there had been a lot of “change” of late — for example, the redesign of U.S. currency which moved the once-centered text “In God We Trust” to the edge of coins.

    “Who calls a shot like that?” Palin demanded on Friday. “Who makes a decision like that?”

    As Fox News anchor Bret Baier noted: President Bush, that’s who.

    Baier quoted from Politico’s write up on the banquet which commented on the not-so-hidden subtext of Palin’s speech: “Unsaid but implied was that the new Democratic White House was behind such a move to secularize the nation’s currency.” Baier added: “In actuality the coin’s design was commissioned in 2005, when Republicans controlled congress, and then was approved by then President Bush

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Yes. Next question.

    • I agree with 6176! All but the most deluded see Palin for an average person with above average personal aspirations. And all but the most deluded want above average persons with below average personal aspirations in our highest elected office.

      Does the Republican Party and their personal media arm — Fox — want to discredit her? You betcha. They know she can win the nomination (that’s the part that scares them!) and it’s impossible for her to win the election.

      • tosmarttobegop

        Ahh… didn’t you more then once say you supported her?

        No wonder you are a declared Republican!

      • I would still support her at the primary level! Haven’t changed my mind at all on that! I think she would make an excellent Republican candidate for president.

  11. lilacluvr

    Obama is getting alot of the blame for things that happened on Bush’s watch – for example, the suspect at Ft Hood was sending and receiving emails from a radical Muslim cleric – and this was happening on Bush’s watch.

    Of course to hear all the Conservative Republicans on the other blog and Opinion Line talk, this same suspect was advising Obama because they are both Muslims (wink, wink – you betcha).

    Facts are not the Conservative Republicans friends.

  12. I frequently am impressed at how creative criminals can be, and when I hear of a particularly well-hatched plot or crime I wonder what that mind could do for our world if put to good. I also have to wonder what kind of good could come to America and Americans if the Republican Party legislators weren’t putting all their energies and thoughts to opposing everything President Obama does.

    “Where’s the next front on the Republican assault on Obama? Greg Sargent reports that Republican leaders are preparing to attack President Obama over any plan for Afghanistan that is less than the 40,000 new troops General Stanley McChrystal has requested. “There better be a hell of a compelling reason for ignoring the advice of our generals on the ground or Republicans will ensure that this administration spends the next few years explaining to the American people how dismissing our military’s advice has made our troops and our country safer,” a GOP aide says. Sargent, however, sees a risk in the Republican strategy: “What if [Obama] decides to send less than 40,000 troops, but the decision is endorsed by the commanding officer, General Stanley McChrystal?”

  13. “Can’t wait until November 17th to put on your wizard costume and go to buy Going Rogue, by Sarah Palin? Mark Halperin at The Page has a teaser: Palin’s book will include “some score settling with McCain aides she believes ill-served her (names will be named)” and, of course, “a hearty bashing of the national media.” The book is just five chapters long, and is written in “a warm and personal tone, written in Palin’s own voice,” so expect plenty of “you betchas.” Also, it does not include an index. That may just be a reflection of the book’s intellectual heft (or lack thereof), but Halperin says that it’s “a subtle revenge on the party’s Washington establishment, whose members tend to flip to the back pages and scan for their own names.”

    • lilacluvr

      Perhaps this is another reason why Fox News is now fact-checking Palin. What will loyal Fox News supporters do now if Palin is being shown to be less than honest by their beloved Fox News celebrities?

      What will Greta Van Sustern (sp?) do? Isn’t Greta Palin’s BFF?

  14. I just posted my outrage over the Stupak amendment at my blog. Please give it a read and leave your honest comment.

    I am just not seeing the outrage that I believe should be voiced. I have fought for minorities rights and homsexual’s rights. Where are they when it is time to fight for my right to make my own healthcare decisions?

  15. Just had to share this with someone —