Newt, At Long Last, Has Found God…

gingrich-newt[1]Dana Milbank tells us that as Newt eyes a presidential bid, he is talking more about God.  For the longest time, Newt avoided any “up-front” comments about God and his faith – because, well, there was always some joker who’d insist upon reminding Newt about his serving his first wife with divorce papers when she was recovering form cancer surgery.  Or, other jackasses, would remind Newt that he was carrying on a sorrid affair with a staffer, whom would eventually become his third wife, while he was chasing down Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski.

Maybe the Republican party has changed so much and embraced so many religious candidates (think Huckabee, Palin, et al.) that he can’t really avoid the subject.  It is hard for me to see how blatant hypocrisy can help any political candidate, but go for it, Newt!

Newt is trotting out a robust offensive against the evil Secular America.  Has the public forgotten, can Newt get away with it?  We will see…


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11 responses to “Newt, At Long Last, Has Found God…

  1. lilacluvr

    In a word – NO. Not only will Democrats remind Newt he has always been less than Godly, the Conservative Party Republicans have Newt in their target range to be run out of the GOP as not a ‘real ‘ Republican.

    But, let’s see, Newt did convert to Catholicsm and I’ve seen some pretty sordid stuff be overlooked because someone paid money to the right altar.

  2. Newt will continue to have “found God” so long as He can deliver votes in the 2012 GOP primaries.

  3. But he looooooooooves the environment.

  4. Eco&EvoBio

    This could be the best thing to happen to the fundie-chokehold on the Republican party. Newt for President!

    I mean, the glaring hypocrisy would finally show the American people, once and for all, that the Republican party only bleats about God to court voters. Small town values voters who truly believe in wholesome morals would see that they are being played like a fiddle and finally consider voting on meaningful issues, right?

    Right, guys….? :sigh:

  5. Eco&EvoBio,

    I am as skeptical as you sound to be. No one has ever gone broke (well…, except maybe Nixon) underestimating the intelligence of the American electorate.

  6. I love the above photo of Newt. There should be one of those thought bubbles to a caption saying, “What, me guilty…?”

    Sometimes you just can’t hide your lying eyes…

  7. Politicians use what they think will garner votes. Maybe Newt did “find God,” and if he did that’s a separate subject from his political aspirations — or, at least, should be.

    • lilacluvr

      But like a true Social Conservative Republican, Newt announced to everyone that he found God.

      That is why some people vote Reublican – because they throw around alot of God bless the USA in their speeches.

      Personally, I feel if someone has to announce to everyone that they ‘found God’, then their actions must not be showing that newfound Godliness.

    • I agree completely, Lilac. I find little to admire about those who take what should be a part of daily life, visible without comment, and brag about it.

      • lilacluvr

        People think that cursing is taking God’s name in vain.

        I don’t think so. I think taking God’s name in vain is when people sit around and brag about being such a good Christian and then they live like the Devil behind closed doors.

        My grandpa used to tell us kids – never trust anyone who is so busy telling you they are so righteous and check your pockets before that person leaves!

  8. QnofHrts

    silly me! I didn’t realize God was lost. Well at least I’ve known where to find him…

    (ok sarcasm off now)