Sunday, 11/08/09, Public Square

IndianSummerKansas has teamed up with Mother Nature to treat us to another round of Indian Summer.  Take a walk, plan a cookout, sit outside and read, enjoy.



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  1. tosmarttobegop

    Well this weekend is on the edge of closure for my father-in-law. The estate sale, he has already move to Oklahoma to escape the memories. In a odd sense even that is not escaping all memories, they had planned on moving there after he retired.

    The sale has been going well, getting down to having maybe only half of pick-up load of things going to the thrift store. In a real sense I am going to be glad for him, this is the last weekend he will be coming back to deal with things.

    Have you seen the commercial where the man is going through the contents of a home. Looking at all his wife’s things and deciding what to keep and what to get rid of? The first time I saw it was the first weekend my father-in-law started going through the thing not moved to Okla.

    The indecision and the longing looks, the apparent ripping again of her from his life.
    Torn between not wanting to separate her from the rest of his life yet not wanting to build a shrine.
    LOL he is driving his daughters nuts! He depended so much on her wisdom and thoughts now when the time comes to make those decisions about even simple things he seems lost.

    How many pots and pans to have? What something is worth? I could see his glee when he actually made a simple decision on his own! Grasping his life and making a critical path even though it maybe just not taking a ugly chair that has not been used since the seventies in a house in Lyons, Ks.

    It is on the edge of the end for him, moving on and taking control of his life after losing it in March.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    Well one step taken and now to the Senate and the battle to continue.

    I watched the debate on CSPAN yesterday, it was boring in that my common complain.
    The Republicans saying the same things that have no validation with it.
    The Democrats saying the same things and repeating data that does not change or address what the Republicans had said.

    The meat will be the committee bill of course and there is where I hope comes logic and focus on the real changes needed.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Well today I will once again do something I had not done before, gluing tiles on to the bathroom wall.
    I while watching the debate I was cleaning the old tile so they will fit and hold. Ten minutes a tile to clean and wishing I could just throw them back onto the wall and be done.

    Will be going to work soon, I wish it was a job but I mean continuing the remodel.
    It is funny no matter how many tools you have, when ever you do something there is always a tool you need that is not in the tool box! You are overcame with the desire to go to buy it, but how often will you need a tile cutter? A small circular saw? A belt sander?

    LOL several years ago I helped a Brother-in-law drop the transmission in my Ranger and replace a part of the clutch. When my best friend heard of it he said he was amazed! I asked why and he said that he had questions as to if I knew which end of a screw driver to use! I am not a mechanic…

    But life is a mother! You learn from it as you go and the poorer you are the more you learn from it.


    • Necessity is the mother of invention. True. When you don’t have everything it takes, you make do.

      Good luck with the bathroom job! You’ve really been working hard.

      Thanks for sharing about your father-in-law. Life deals difficult hands sometimes. They tell us we get stronger for the experiences. Most of us would prefer not having those kinds of ‘opportunities.’

  4. I watched some of the proceedings on the House floor yesterday and was totally embarrassed and ashamed that these people are called Representatives.

    They fight as badly as bloggers! And we pay them to do it.

    I don’t think the bill passed yesterday is what Americans need, I doubt the one the Senate will consider will be either. Medicare for all! It’s in place, it works well, it’s what Americans should have! I will take baby steps and gradual — it sure beats doing nothing like Congress has been doing for generations! At least this Democratic majority is getting off dead center and addressing the needs. Now we just have to hope they do more good than harm.

  5. Yesterday I raked and used the leaf blower to get the leaves out of the nooks and crannies, bagged some, used the mower to mulch more — worked hard enough my arthritis is reminding me of it today. And guess what, today it doesn’t appear anything was done yesterday. Is there any work that is more futile?

    • tosmarttobegop

      Almost everyday I do some laundry and hang it out on the clothesline. LOL I know what you mean.
      I go out to get the dry laundry and most of it actually having leafs clinging to most of it!

      Quite a few leafs are really stubborn too hanging on no matter how much I shake the clothes.
      I do not rake the leafs mulch they yes, I agree it seem almost pointless to rake them as the next day more have fallen.

  6. Zippy

    Here’s a quick blow-by-blow of the health-care bill that passed the House. Notwithstanding the sure-to-be-legally challenged abortion provision, it’s not as bad as I was fearing.

    The source is The Telegram based in Massacussetts. That’s all I know about them (thank you, Google News), but at least they’re actually reporting details.

    The “News” is so meta these days–everything is about the politics of blah-blah-blah instead of what really happened. Aargh.

    I’m still worried about opt-outs in conservative states (like Arizona and Kansas), and the attendant lack of saving which may occur from all the caveats, but, on behalf of sick people who need help today, I guess half a loaf is better than none.

    Now on to the Senate.

    P.S. Read Jammer’s opening entry late last night, but I was far too tired to weigh in that deeply! Maybe later today.

  7. Zippy

    P.P.S. That said, we need more people–hell, a president–like Dennis Kucinich, who voted no. Politics may be the art of the possible, but if you give up nearly everything before negotiating, you can expect to end up with little to nothing.

    I remember cheering when, before even getting sworn in, Obama threatened a veto. I thought we were getting someone who understand the power of the American presidency (I also know the downside of that but, hey, if you’re gonna lead, then friggin’ lead!)

    Since then he’s been too much the other Obama, the Republican-friendly “can’t-we-all-get-along?” guy, with flexible stands to match. There’s certainly a place for that, but there’s a difference between listening and mediating, and not taking a stand.

    But all account, the White House has been furiously engaged in listening and mediating, and I supposed I should be impressed that we got this far. But taking a strong stand has benefits beyond perception.

    And the President, like W., has yet to cast a single veto.