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Sunday, 11/08/09, Public Square

IndianSummerKansas has teamed up with Mother Nature to treat us to another round of Indian Summer.  Take a walk, plan a cookout, sit outside and read, enjoy.



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Violence threatens from within

Where might another McVeigh—or worse—spring from?

The many fringe elements the Republican Party represents are angry they lost and getting more threatening and dangerous to society every day.  Right-wing tea-partiers, death panellers, birthers, skinheads, white supremacists, militia enthusiasts, paranoid fringe, and even average citizens who are encouraged by the rants of right-wing talk radio and Fox News are more than restless, they’re bordering on dangerous.

The Anti-Defamation League is tracking about 200 militias, up from 50 in 2002, according to Mark Pitcavage, the ADL’s director of fact finding. “The single greatest factor in the agitation is Obama, Pitcavage says, adding “I see so many parallels today with 1994.”

Billy Roper, the head of White Revolution, a fast-growing white-nationalist group, says, “For years, white Americans were just concerned with watching sports and drinking beer and being consumers,” Roper said. “They were like bad puppies. Obama is like the rolled up newspaper smacking their butt. And now they’re baring their teeth. We’re at the stage kind of like the original 13 colonies around 1760. We’re at that awkward stage of the revolution when it’s too late to work within the system and too early to shoot the bastards.”

Ammunition manufacturers can’t keep up with the demand, the exaggerations become more outrageous on a daily basis.

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How bad do you think it is now?  Will it get worse?  How can it be controlled?



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