The 11-04-09 Teabag gathering


There were still people filing in to the Teabagger event when I left at 12:40 p.m., but I am estimating that attendance was about 300 – which would be 1/10th of 1% of the population of Wichita, KS.  Thank goodness their numbers are so small.  When I first got there a guy asked me:

“Do you work for the FBI?”  He had noticed me taking photos.

For a split second, I debated whether I should act like I did not hear him and get out of there.  But I finally replied, “No, sir, I don’t.  And I don’t think that anyone has ever asked me that question before.”  That seemed to satisfy him.

There is always the horse rider that shows up at these events and the ever present Abortion Protest larger than life photos on the “Truth”-Truck.  I remember the first time my daughter saw one of those gory signs – I cannot recall her age, but she was still riding in a car seat – she said, “Oh Daddy, those pictures don’t make me feel so good.”


What was real noticable was that among all the signs against socialized medicine, it did look like well over half of the protestors were old enough to recieve Medicare – the granddaddy of all socialized medicine programs.  You know, they should have had a sign saying “Socialized Medicine is okay for me, but not for thee!”

I did not see anything that looked like a counter-protest anywhere.  That was disappointing.

It did appear to me that the teabaggers were enjoying themselves.  They were laughing and greeting new and old friends alike.  Maybe something like this should be planned on a daily basis – might keep those folks off the street and out of the way… of progress.



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  1. How difficult was it take pics that only had mostly older and all white people in them? Did you have to choose your site and aim well to keep from showing diversity? 🙂

    When people are so ill-informed they think their socialized medicine (which of course isn’t socialized medicine at all since they earned it by paying into the system for years and continuing to pay monthly premiums) would be negatively affected by allowing younger people to buy the same product and improve the risk pool thus reducing costs for everyone — what can you say? They are obsessed with the misinformation they’ve been fed.

    They know who deserves government health care and who doesn’t! And, by darn, they are going to carry signs to make sure someone who isn’t deserving doesn’t get any of what they’ve got!

    Besides, if God had meant for us to care for the poor, He would have said so, wouldn’t He?

    They still remain irrelevant at the national level! And all six electoral votes from Kansas will go to whoever the Republican Party puts on the ticket — teabaggers won’t have any influence on that!

  2. Most estimates of the crowd size are somewhere between “hundreds,” and 1,500. But from your pictures I can easily tell the crowd numbers in the bazillions!

  3. This was David B.’s take on the numbers. He stayed later than I did. I was underwhelmed by the turn out, and glad I was, too.

    “A ‘healthy’ crowd of 500-ish (and growing) at Lawrence-Dummont when I left about 1:20. A small group (10) of ‘counter protesters’ were there supporting health care reform and also pointing to big-money backers of the ‘grass-roots’ demonstrations.”

  4. My favorite teabag sign was this:

    “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For the American”

    Real classy, that one. And impeccably truth based, as we all know…

    • Whatever rocks their boat!

      Those kinds of things just reflect poorly on them and the cause they represent. Luckily, they seem not to realize that truth either.

    • wicked

      But isn’t Texas a whole ‘nother country? So wouldn’t that have made the Bushes foreigners? LBJ, too, for that matter.

      I’m sure the churches told their congregations to get out there and spread the word.

      So if people came on the bus, doesn’t that reduce the percentage of Wichitans by a bit?

    • Maybe a tiny bit — probably only a couple hundred bazillion actually from here.

      And as for the interests they represented — well there were probably only a few bazillion of those. Wonder if someone was around to “judge” which interest was conservative enough to be included, and which must be excluded?

  5. lilacluvr

    I had to laugh last night when watching Chris Matthews on MSNBC when one of his guests was Mark Williams, a talk radio host that is traveling with the Tea Party Express and giving speeches.

    This Mark Williams had the nerve to compare their group to our Founding Fathers who were fighting for our freedom. He seemed the most angry with the GOP leadership that has led their party astray.

    I didn’t know Rush Limbaugh was one of their RINO’s they are targeting to run out of the GOP – and everybody knows Rush is the supreme GOP leader. (ha,ha)

    I had to laugh when Chris Matthews asked this guy to name the names of the GOP leadership that their group think are not real Republicans – the guy could not come up with one single name!!!

    Of course, Mark Williams warned each and everyone of us that the day of reckoning was coming.

    I think the only thing that is a sure bet is that the Grand Old Party is about to be blown up sky high and all the little nuts will be falling down from that big tree.

    It’s a shame too, because I really do think we need at least two strong and healthy political parties. Isn’t it a shame that religious zealots have cannibalized their own party?

  6. “Isn’t it a shame that religious zealots have cannibalized their own party?”

    Indeed it is…

  7. prairiepond

    And isnt a shame that those same religious zealots keep winning elections in 38 states?

  8. There was a small opposition there and all your 4th district conservative congressional candidates showed up too. Your report is linked with action photos not featured here at the noisy little Flyer “at the top of the scroll.”

  9. Located at:
    Or click my name, btw, one photo and short report is embedded under a Raw Story link on the CIA, just scroll down a bit.

    • Ah! An advertisement for your blog. OK, I understand now.

      Do you have a comment or a position of the teabaggers and their movement?

      • “Advertisement” now there’s an act of real solidarity, oops! BTW, your post is linked there too. And courtesy “lefty blogs” most every post you make is posted at The Flyer.

      • I went to your blog, I left a comment giving my opinion of the teabagging event.

        Even after I went to your blog, I didn’t know your opinion. I didn’t know how to navigate your blog. I didn’t know our blog was linked. I didn’t understand and that’s why I asked. That’s usually why people ask questions — because they don’t understand. Answers go a long way to alleviating questions.

  10. Glenn Beck had an appendectomy yesterday and while the New White Jesus (see for details) was under the knife thousands of patriots showed up hoping and praying for a free Ted Nugent concert. Instead the God and guns crowd wandered aimlessly looking for any opposition to their powerful messages. Also coming across out deck, “Glenn Beck is becoming the new Oprah!” according to his guest host filling the New White Jesus seat today on the radio show. A glowing report is now being reported on the Wichita rally, next stop Oklahoma, where even bigger crows are expected to rally far from the nearest standing federal building. Another report (see for more details) has the real hand behind the crowds looking for a fight in the Wichita parking lot.

    • wicked

      A nifty article in Rolling Stone revealed the Koch presence in Freedom Works. Should we have expected less? Come on, these guys have to protect their billions!

      • lilacluvr

        Rachel Maddow on MSNBC has mentioned this fact a few times. She usually get her facts straight and she tells it like it is

        (I know, she is an evil Liberal that just wants to stomp out God and his God-fearing Christian soldiers to let loose her homosexual lifestyle onto all our unsuspecting kiddies.)

        Yeah, right. – eyes rolling.

        I wonder if Mr. Koch gave his local employees the day off to attend the Tea Party?

        I’ve been told by several ex-Koch employees that they were routinely expected to work day/night and every weekend and if you showed the slightest hesitation about doing that – you were out the door.

        I wonder if that is one of those family values thing the Republicans keep crowing about?

  11. I covered a tea bagger event in Overland Park for a new Kansas blog (which unfortunately opened up so late that they never ran the story) at the end of the summer. The crowd on both sides was very helpful and willing to have their pictures taken and speak their points of view. The teabaggers dragged their kids along, the universal healthcare crowd did not. The teabaggers had their abortion signs out, the universal healthcare crowd stayed on point. The teabaggers’ signs were full of anti-government, intolerant and anti-Obama speech. The universal healthcare crowd signs were “For” things, not against them or any person.

    It seemed obvious to me that the teabaggers were just there to express their sour grapes over the fact that they lost the election; and it doesn’t matter if Obama found a way to make everyone in the country a millionaire tomorrow, they would find some negative spin to put on it. This being the case, why would anyone care what they have to say?

    That day I watched as people from both sides waved their signs at passing cars which honked alternately for one side or the other and were met with cheers. Each side hurled accusations and insults at the other from across the street and the only people who were really interested in what was going on were the television news reporters that showed up to sensationalize the whole thing. This was in front of my Congressman’s office and he was nowhere to be seen. It occurred to me for the first time that this kind of protest is a monumental waste of time.

    • That’s been my impression without actually going to any of their protests. I’ve read their signs, read blog posts, and listened to the many issues they take exception with when they are interviewed. But, please note my disclaimer of never having gone to a single one of their protests. I think they are average Americans who seem to have formed opinions. Haven’t we all?

      They lost. They’re mad at everything. The world is going to hell in a handbasket and the only way it can be stopped is to put people with a little “R” beside their name in all elected offices. Ya know, cause Republican majorities did such wonderful things for all Americans. Did you forget? They seem to have forgotten.

      • lilacluvr

        The trouble is that these same Republicans were cheering George W. Bush and Gang for years while they were spending us into oblivion and dragging us into wars and trying to start another war with Iran (remember) but now these same people are trying to say that George W. was NOT a real Republican.

        It must be nice to be able to compartmentalize their memories into convenient little packages.

        You know, kinda like Dennis Rader said he did. All that bad stuff just kinda got locked away in some little compartment box in his brain and he never acknowledged it.

        I don’t understand people like that – I remember each and everything stupid thing that I’ve done. I am not proud of them, but I don’t try to sweep it under the floor or act like it never happened.

        Maybe that’s why the Republican Party seems to attract all the religious zealots? These are people that have that ability to live like the Devil during the week but on Sunday they put on the sanctimonius, pious and holy act. That’s why so many of them get caught with their pants down – literally.

        BTW – wasn’t Dennis Rader also a big church leader? Hmmmm……

      • “The trouble is that these same Republicans were cheering George W. Bush and Gang for years while they were spending us into oblivion and dragging us into wars and trying to start another war with Iran…”

        You are right. But the bigger problem is that these people are out of touch with reality. They live in a constant state of denial. Facts don’t phase them.

        So the trouble is that, while we all physically live side-by-side, they are actually existing in a completely different world of their own invention. While you and I are struggling to deal with real issues and every day realities, they can pretend not to see things that they don’t want to see, rationalize things away, etc. It works great for them, but not so much for us. And it kinda makes things tougher for us.

        Progressives tend to be live and let live. But these folks make it hard for us to live.

  12. Paula, your unbiased objective reporting-style is perfect for Kansas Free Press! Maybe you should consider submitting another article and remind the Kansas Democrats that protest is a “monumental waste of time” when their congressman has to hire extra security, can’t show up at his home-state office and receive bonafide death threats. No news there, just reporters trying to sensationalize a non-event.

    • What constructive change came of the two sides standing on opposite sides of the street yelling things at each other while people drove by gawking?

      Dennis Moore received the death threats well before the event, but he has shown up at other events since then. And the police had completely under control– I interviewed them as well.

      Our local television news reporting always sensationalizes. I can give you long, detailed examples.

      • lilacluvr

        Unfortunately, all network television news reporting has been lowered to nothing but sensationalism – hasn’t it?

        It’s all about ratings and money now – and somehow the truth and facts get lost.

        When network newscasters became ‘celebrities’, that is when the old school of news reporting went out the window.


      • Paula, once the investigators track down the threats and do a knock-knock, most melt away being put on a permanent security list. One side, THAT side, that you downplay is very, very dangerous compared to the “madashelllibberals”

      • I have had messages left on my blog from conservatives of that persuasion who assure me that change is coming and I won’t be happy when it comes. I see evidence that many people are stockpiling guns and ammo in preparation for some great rebellion. But what I don’t see is a national leader to tell them when and where or what to do.

        My sense as that these types of folks are much better at following orders than giving them. But then again, I have been informed that they have the military on their side. So I guess we will see if anything ever comes of it. I find it hard to believe that anything will since the federal government has the ability to see and hear everything we do.

    • Oh, and by the way, I am assuming that you were being sarcastic about my “unbiased objective reporting-style.”

      You don’t know me or my writing. I have written unbiased objective news stories before and the one that I turned in to the Kansas Free Press was just that. I know how to edit out bias and I know other editors and journalists that review my work before I turn it in. I am proud of the fact that I can blog, write commentary and also write objective news stories as well.

      I never said that all protest is a waste of time, either. I’m not sure why you’ve decided to pop in and jump my ass, but go for it, Michael.

      • lilacluvr

        There are different ways to protest.

        These tea baggers seem to feel the need to dress up in their costumes, make speeches to like-minded people and feel they are making a statement.

        But what actual change has these tea baggers brought about?

        I would be willing to bet that if the terminlogy ‘tea bagger’ is said to the majority of Americans, there would be a negative image that pops up in people’s mind.

        And is that really the statement these tea baggers want to leave with the majority of American voters?

        With all the tea bagging protests, I don’t see many alternative solutions coming from this group. Where are their ideas to solve our country’s economic problems? And just stop paying taxes is not an option.

      • Paula,

        I was not sure how to take some of what Michael was saying today, either.

        If this was sufficiently troublesome to you, let me know. Myself, and I’m sure others, don’t want anyone unnecessarily messing with anyone else here.

        Thanks for you posts.

      • Iggy,

        I’m used to being attacked. I was the blacksheep of a very large family because I always spoke my mind and I always thought for myself.

        Michael has interesting comments to make and, as has been noted by others, give and take is a good thing.

        Thanks for always making me feel welcome!

      • Being used to it doesn’t make it ok.

        I could tell you stories about growing up in a big family and being the one willing to speak your mind. 🙂 Lately I’ve mellowed and no one has noticed yet.

      • Michael Caddell

        I want to apologize if I offended you or made you feel abused (e.g. “jump my ass”) after chopping some weeds outside and thinking about it, “National Domestic Violence Awareness Week” my hasty comment went too far.

        I deal with other people who write news, or create the news and was having a frustrating time. Here a portion of a chat dialog that took place while bouncing from here today. These people are broadcasting to tens of thousands each day from 11am to 2pm up here. I was engaged in their very abusive chat room (for the first time, being unfamiliar with the tech) and receiving quite a bit of abuse from the “reporters” and their cohorts:

        [begin chat portion]

        580 WIBW Megan Mosack:

        Another update from Jen Rezac with Americans For Prosperity, KS. Don’t forget to call his office, per the update earlier…

        I’ve just been told by one of my co-workers that there are about 200 people outside Moore’s Overland Park office, fyi. Will let you know if I get any additional updates.

        [end of chat portion]

        Please be aware that they were in fact recruiting people to picket Moore’s office today, as a “news media outlet” (owned in Georgia) doing this on one of the biggest radio stations in NE Kansas, I find this pretty unsettling.

        They do archive their chats after censoring all their bad talk. However I went back and checked and this portion is still intact, as well as, other sick comments about people who happen to be other than “them.”

        They also claim Democratic office holders won’t come on their show when they ask/invite them.

        Tomorrow, Rep. Jenkins and Moran, both will be on this station, not only unopposed but coached by these “reporters” while spouting their opposition to health care reform and encouraging Kansans to support opting out. You can listen on-line, but no callers, just chat.

        Good evening.

  13. lilacluvr

    ‘Progressives tend to be live and let live.’
    I agree completely Paula.

    I think that is why Talk Radio is dominated by the Right Wing Social Conservatives. These are people that have the deep psychological need to be belong to a group and they can never venture out of that narrow group to simply ‘live and let live’.

    And, maybe these are people that think if they let someone else do all the speaking for them, then they are somehow not responsible if the leader of that group is wrong?

    That, and the fact, if they belong to the group – then perhaps their own shortcomings won’t be discovered?

    Does it all just boil down to insecurity for Right Wingers and Conservatives?

    Progressives tend to be secure people and not needing the constant affirmation of some group.

  14. Go to this article:

    Look at the last video. Some of you may recognize a counter protestor arguing about a study. 🙂

    • I saw that and, of course, recognized him. He would be good in any debate setting! Has the information, the intellect, the vocabulary… Except, he may lose many of those who would appose him and need to dumb it down a bit for them to even understand the words.

      • lilacluvr

        since I have net anyone else here on the blog or elsewhere, who are we talking about – is it the man in black wearing sunglasses?

      • lilacluvr

        Let’s try this again – shall I? Since I have not met anyone else …..

    • Yes, he was wearing the sunglasses. He is one pretty sharp dude. He works at a university where I sometimes do adjunct work. He is one of my favorite Wichita Liberals. And, he plays an excellent bass guitar…

  15. An impression I have is that Phillip Brownlee of the Wichita Eagle Editoral page is deathly afraid of the Kochs. He will publish any B.S. their non-profit propaganda arm (The Flint Hills Institute for Public Policy) sends to him. He is further disinclined to publish anything negative about them.

    When you are so rich and powerful that you can effectively silence a free press, that is not a good thing in my view.

    • Interesting … very interesting … and I thought the Brownbacks had a media monopoly influence up here in NE Kansas.

    • lilacluvr

      And that goes for both sides, iggy, in my opinion.

      That is why I am concerned about the GOP being blown up from self-destructing Social Conservatives.

      Democracy depends on all people participating – not just one group getting their way.

      I don’t think the Democrats are 100% correct in their beliefs and I sure don’t agree with Obama 100% on everything.

      But I find I agree with the Democrats and Obama more than I disagree with them – so that is why I support them.

      As for the Republicans – I only agree with them on the ideas of smaller government and fiscal responsibility – but when has that happened under a Republican president? Even Cheney bragged that Reagan proved deficits don’t matter – didn’t he?

      And in the 2008 election – Sarah Palin as VP convinced enough people into voting for Obama. Obama really does owe that little lady from the north a cup of coffee – doesn’t he?

  16. Did I mention yesterday when this man had complaints about Palin and Pawlenty that he seems to throw out stuff and then see who he needs to apologize to?


    Michael Steele Wants More Purging

    A day after defending moderates in his party, RNC Chairman Michael Steele has apparently changed his mind. “Candidates who live in moderate to slightly liberal districts have got to walk a little bit carefully here, because you do not want to put yourself in a position where you’re crossing that line on conservative principles, fiscal principles, because we’ll come after you,” Steele told “You’re gonna find yourself in a very tough hole if you’re arguing for the president’s stimulus plan or Nancy Pelosi’s health plan.”

    • lilacluvr

      This guy just can’t get a break – can he?

      I wonder if it has dawned on him yet why he was really chosen? Remember – it was immediately after the election and the GOP was looking for their Obama wannabe…

  17. lilacluvr

    I think what our newest bloggie is trying to tell us is that Democrats/Progressives need to learn how to fight like the other side?

    Or something like that Michael?

    While I agree the other side is full of hate, lies and venom – I just think as long as the Progressives present the truth and stick to it, that at some point the Republican Cons will have enough rope around their necks and will hang themselves.

    While I know the Republicans are very good at lockstepping in formation and the Democrats are known for not wanting to be corraled into one group – due to our very nature of ‘live and let live’.

    But I really think that with the Republican controlled Congress from 1994 to 2006 and all the scandals, wars and failed economy they brought us – the majority of Americans still remember those years – and they are not longing for them like some nostaglic love song.

    Or maybe I am just wishful thinking?

  18. When he asked if you worked for the FBI, you should have said

    “Yes I do. Can you please identify yourself now so I don’t have to go to the trouble of doing it later”