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The 11-04-09 Teabag gathering


There were still people filing in to the Teabagger event when I left at 12:40 p.m., but I am estimating that attendance was about 300 – which would be 1/10th of 1% of the population of Wichita, KS.  Thank goodness their numbers are so small.  When I first got there a guy asked me:

“Do you work for the FBI?”  He had noticed me taking photos.

For a split second, I debated whether I should act like I did not hear him and get out of there.  But I finally replied, “No, sir, I don’t.  And I don’t think that anyone has ever asked me that question before.”  That seemed to satisfy him.

There is always the horse rider that shows up at these events and the ever present Abortion Protest larger than life photos on the “Truth”-Truck.  I remember the first time my daughter saw one of those gory signs – I cannot recall her age, but she was still riding in a car seat – she said, “Oh Daddy, those pictures don’t make me feel so good.”


What was real noticable was that among all the signs against socialized medicine, it did look like well over half of the protestors were old enough to recieve Medicare – the granddaddy of all socialized medicine programs.  You know, they should have had a sign saying “Socialized Medicine is okay for me, but not for thee!”

I did not see anything that looked like a counter-protest anywhere.  That was disappointing.

It did appear to me that the teabaggers were enjoying themselves.  They were laughing and greeting new and old friends alike.  Maybe something like this should be planned on a daily basis – might keep those folks off the street and out of the way… of progress.



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Guitar Player Elitists

george-harrison-album[1]Wednesday is guitar lesson day at my my house.  My teen daughter plays bass guitar and my teenage son plays regular guitar.  This afternoon, after school, we will make our weekly trek to the local music store for their lessons.

I was telling my daughter on the way to school this a.m. that George Harrison was considered to be not be that great of a guitarist among guitar players.  After having said that, I thought how really silly of a statement that was, since he will always be a much better guitar player than anyone I will ever personally know.

Peace be with you, George, where ever you are, across the universe . . .


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Wednesday, 11/04/09, Public Square

first-familyIt was one year ago today Americans voted and elected Barack Obama as the 44th president of the United States of America.

Do you have any stories of that day one year ago?



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