Free Speech VS. Private Property Rights

private-732208[1]The events of the last few days, both here and at another blog, have forced me to ponder what the relationship between First Amendment Free Speech rights vs. Personal Property Rights might be.

Let’s say, hypothetically, that I would rather not hear speech from Confederacy apologists,  gay-bashing advocates,  or political ideology that I believe borders on being delusional.  Am I required to invite persons who have these views to come up to my front porch and shout their “ideas” through my front door?  I don’t think so.

Funny, I always thought conservatives were private property advocates.  I guess they are, so long as it does not impinge on their perceived Free (from rational thought) Speech.

This may be my last post here.  I am debating what I am wanting to do.



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  1. Our guests really pushed up our weekend numbers. We had over 1,000 views. On a good weekend before, we would be lucky to get half that.

  2. Take your time and think it through. We’re your friends and will understand and accept your decision.

    I hope it’s not your last post here!

    You make good posts and stimulate great conversations that involve thinking, evaluating, weighing…

    It is your microphone, you did pay for it and you certainly have the right to decide who uses it and how. “Freedom of the press is guaranteed only to those who own one.”

  3. Don’t ever let the turkeys get you down! Because once you give someone power, they have it.

  4. I don’t want to hear from them either.

    But I think it’s important I do.

    They’re parroting talking points from the (cluster) Fox Noise Channel and talk radio. We know what they’re gonna say.

    But it’s important to see how they, ahem, “think.”

    They’re trying to bring back the Death Panels, after all. And are conjuring up all sorts of CON talking points in a desperate effort to appear relevant.

    I don’t think we let ’em get away with it.

    This blog is under the moderation of whomever moderates it. Fine with me.

    But I don’t want to be cut off from the insane people with pitchforks and torches. I want to know where they’re coming from.

    • lilacluvr

      MH – you’re right. Even though we may not like what the CONS are saying, we need to hear it and realize that this type of drivel is out there.

      Besides, if we truly believe in free speech – then that means all free speech – doesn’t it?

      I think that is the difference between the Conservatives and Liberals. The Conservatives are so hellbent on one viewpoint that if anyone dares to step over that imaginary line – then that person is deemed evil and not a real Conservative.

      Just look at what is happening within the GOP party – and you can see this group of fantatic fringies are flexing their muscle to see if they bully the moderate Republicans out.

      I heard on the news today that tomorrow’s elections are about Obama’s success or failure. I don’t see it that way. I see it as a referendum on the GOP’s success or failure.

      If the fantatic fringies win – then the GOP is doomed to shrink even more than the current 20% – IMHO.

      • “lilackuver” —

        I’m most hopeful about the gender-equality plebiscite in Maine. I hope they pull through.

        NY-23 is a showdown between the Moose Dresser and Newtie Gingrich. And I think the Newt i sn’t someone she wants to cross in the long run. Like him or not, respect him or not, Gingrich is a serious politician and Palin is way out of her depth against him.

        I think everyone in the world knows New Jersey politics is corrupt as hell. And, with an off-year election in Virginia, the odds are they’ll return to their confederate roots. If there’s an upset in either gubernatorial race the CONs will be seriously fucked.

  5. I think slavery is and was always a bad idea on many dimensions. I think hatred and discrimination against people with non-hetero orientations are always bad and wrong.

    I don’t gain anything from hearing countervailing positions on what are obvious truths to me. But GMC70 could be right, I just might be close-minded. In fact, I hope I am.

    • lilacluvr

      How can being accepting of everyone being close-minded?

      Only those who refuse to see are truly blind.

      You know the only reason all that ruckus flared up over the weekend was because the CONS cannot stand it that the sane people left the play yard and now the bullies have no one left to bully.

      Their behavior says more about them than it does about us.

      But I don’t expect any of the CONS to ‘get it’ because it takes a person willing to step outside of their particular little world of black & white to see the many shades of gray that life presents.

      • lilacluvr

        Iggy – hang in there – we all appreciate you here on this blog.

        Don’t let the small-minded get to you. That is their problem – not yours.

        Haven’t you wondered why all the squawking was being done by a small few? Small minded people travel in small groups – and perhaps that group is smaller than we think – if it is true there are multi nics involved.

  6. For what its worth (surely not even the price of a cup of coffee today!), here is my opinion — I do not want this blog to be about another blog. What a waste of time that would be!

    Differences of opinions — bring ’em on! We have a well-moderated blog that ensures every blogger must be able to form their opinion without denigrating any other blogger, and that is a great way to discuss issues, the public people who represent us and how we think progress can be accomplished!

    That said, I didn’t pay for this microphone, I just appreciate the hell out of it! 🙂

    • lilacluvr

      Perhaps that is what all the ruckus was about? Our blog is not about any other blog. Our main focus here is to discuss anything and everything.

      We don’t need the daily drama or chaos to be able to enjoy blogging.

      Maybe we are the grown ups at the Thanksgiving Day dinner and not sitting at the kids table?

  7. The whole “my intolerance is really your problem” schtick gets real old. Like GMC did, they try to throw that at you to get you to respond to it.

    And then there is the “so, you think you’re better than us!” diversion. My answer to that is “yes” and “I don’t need to justify anything to you.”

    I agree that this blog should be more than an anti of another blog. Maybe being outted there will make that possible. Maybe it will be liberating rather than stifling. We will see.

    I feel real bad about Jammer. Time to move on.

    • Yep! I think maybe the most adult quality of a blogger must be the ability to control the need to respond! Once the gauntlet has been thrown down if the other blogger walks away, who is left looking argumentative and unable to make their point without insults to a fellow blogger?

      We’re humans and it’s hard to walk away when someone makes a false accusation, but ya know — what they think is their opinion, not who you are! And above all you wouldn’t want to prove them right! 🙂 I consider it a show of strength to walk away instead of taking the much easier route of joining the fray.

      • wicked

        I’m glad I waited a few posts to comment on this. I’ve always told my kids and am now telling my grandkids that it takes two to fight (or argue). If, in the middle of a fight, one steps out, the fight is over. No one loses, no one wins. It’s just over, and each person can walk away with dignity…if they try. It takes moving in a different direction.

        The same thing you said, fnord. I used a few different words. 🙂

  8. griffin

    Iggy- If I have a party at my house and a lot of people show up and enjoy themselves, I think that is fine. If they also want to use my bathroom that is fine also. I really don’t care which hand they wipe with as long as it all goes into the toilet. But if someone decides to crap on my floor I don’t think it’s unreasonable to ask that person to leave, and don’t come back. We have a set of rules we have agreed to follow and if someone decides not to they will suffer the consequences. My house, my rules.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    I guess I am still feeling like I came in on the middle of the conversation, trying to understand what did happen and what is just crap. If it truly was Jammer on the other blog, said he told XXX he was not welcome here. Either by that was his impression or someone told him as much?

    I would have trouble believing it was so blatant as someone saying he was not welcome.
    Regular or A.W, J.J. yes as none seem to bring much of real substance.
    But XXX does general bring at least some thoughtful opinion and at least tries to be Independent in his view.

    Iggy I will admit that at least once during the time I spend on a blog I feel like it is hitting myself in the head with a hammer. It’s painful and seems silly to do. But than time passes and I want to pick up that hammer again. I hear something and want to either talk about it or at least make sure others are aware of it.
    That is I would say true of all of us whom blog and I would guess it is the same with you.

    In the every day World there are so few that want to discuss Politics or the World in depth.
    These blog give you and I a chance to do that and is the reason we are here or there.
    The difference between here and there is here people respect and will let you explain your opinion.
    I hope that does not change, if it would then it would be my last post.

    There is a difference between differing in opinion and going on a blog for no other reason that act like a mindless partisan. If someone came on here and acted the partisan fool they have no business here.
    This is a Liberal based blog, or I said say a thinking person blog and thinking is not solely a Liberal or Conservative talent. It just seem to happen more often with Liberals these days.

    But this is a thinking blog none the less, so are you now wanting to stop thinking?

  10. Eco&EvoBio

    I stopped posting on the other blog, but still lurk. I’m amazed that people would go out of their way to hunt down the “boring lib blog” and post about it for days and days and days!

    Iggy, I hope that you keep this site up. It’s nice to have something a little more laid back and friendly. However, seeing the kind of drama it is generating I can’t fault you for having second thoughts.

    I love the recipe page. I think I’ll post my kalua pig one 🙂

  11. Bad Biker

    “This may be my last post. I am debating what I am wanting to do.”

    With due apologies, Iggy, I do not understand why you would feel this way.

    You have developed a great blog – a monitored blog – that was badly needed. We have great folks here – except me – and this is a great place to visit and to post comments – relevant or not.

    A very wise man once stated: “Don’t let the bastards get you down.”

    That is good advice for anyone.

  12. Thanks, Biker.

    I needed that…

  13. I’d like to have lunch with folks around here. I am not sure if I should break up the breakfast planned for tomorrow with Reg and Freeboird… Maybe I will with a camera – wouldn’t that be fun … [actually, no!]

  14. We are having so many views from our retarded patrons, that I think it is time for us to consider some revenue dollars. We’ve had some big up-surges in views, might as well take advantage of it, and send the proceeds to BlueJay…

  15. prairiepond

    Iggy, why on earth would you let them shut you down? You control this blog, they dont. And for the record, no one has been banned here except Mr. Nasty Gun Nut.

    In the beginning, when suggestions were sought about which posters to invite here, there were requests for some specific posters not to be included. I think that’s reasonable, given their history. I forwarded to Fnord a copy of my original email asking that one blogger in particular not be invited. I said I could live with it if he was, but it would be a better blog here if he wasnt.

    I think, give the events over the weekend, that not inviting certain bloggers, and not making public announcements over there, has been proven to be a wise choice. We figured they be distrupters, and they are. And they arent even posting here. Imagine if they were, how disruptive they would be. They insisted on distrupting Tracy’s blog, and now they want to poop in the punchbowl here. Not because their opinions differ, but because they are assholes. It’s their nature.

    Iggy, I hope you will just ignore them and let this blog go on. I also hope you will continue to post here as we all love your posts. You and others have put a lot of work, time and money into this place. Why let them destroy it? Do you really care that much about what “they” think?

    It does make one slightly self conscious though to know they are reading if not posting here. But it is the internet, and it is public. That’s the nature of blogs. I’m just mystified why they would come over here, given their obvious hostility to us as individuals and as a group.

    Unless we are more interesting and reading here is more fun than reading there? heheheh.

    You won, Iggy. Dont give up now!

    Oh, and PS, anyone who would call you closed minded just doesnt know you.

  16. prairiepond

    Heh. I sure noticed, with the exception of xxx’s continual whining and snide remarks, the mentioning the revenue aspect sure shut them the hell up!

    And it would be delicious irony if they were viewing here only to find it generates revenue for Blue Jay.


    I dont understand their obsession with us.

  17. prairiepond

    Sorry to belabor the point, but I’d sure hate to see them have that much control over you/us, Iggy.

    This too shall pass. They love the fight. When there is none here, they’ll get bored and take their “free agent” asses somewhere else.

    I mean really, who trashes a long term friendship over a little blog?

    Children, that’s who!

  18. I don’t want to trash any friend for any reason. Thank you for your points, PP.

  19. I don’t understand the obsession, either. I think our abandoning them brings their poor self-esteem into sharper focus, for them – is my only hypothesis.

    There is this real complicated, Menninger generated, object relations constuct called “projective identification” which may be at work. Perhaps, this would be a good post???

    I am re-reading this really great biography about the Menninger family – this may be my inspiration to tackle the psychology of the WE Blog…

  20. “Children, that’s who!”

    A pretty troubled child, actually. And there is good reason to think this is appropriate in considering this subject with a particular person.

  21. lilacluvr

    I may have an entirely different take on all this ruckus because I have never met any of the other bloggers on the other blog – nor this blog, actually.

    But if the other bloggers are so obsessed with us that they went to the trouble to find us and then demonize us for days to their fellow other bloggers, then perhaps behavior says more about them than it says about us? And, from what I’ve seen, it seems to be a small group.

    Perhaps it means that they know we can live without their nasty partisanship and we can continue on with our politicial discussions without them just fine.

    Nothing is more frustrating to an obsessive person than to know the fact they are really not needed in the ‘big picture’.

    But that is their choice to be excluded due to their rude behavior.

  22. tosmarttobegop

    How disappointing it is when the gang comes for a gang fight and the other gang is busy!
    When you want to argue it requires there be someone else to argue with otherwise it becomes a bit psychological illness to argue with yourself.

  23. wicked

    Wow! Y’all are still reading over there? I did go see the initial comments on the topic of this blog, but it satisfied my inherent curiosity enough to know I didn’t care what thought. To be honest, I knew what their reaction would be. We’d seen it with their “fisters” comments. (Leave it to the CONS to use sexual slang.)

    For now, my curiosity is on vacation. Knowing what they’ve already said, I don’t need to see it repeated ad nauseum. It may be a permanent vacation.

  24. I’m with you, wicked!

    This has been the best thing in the world for me. I’ve wanted that tie broken and not gotten it done. When they let us all know how evil they are — stalking us, for no reason other than to spew hate — that ended it for me.

    It feels really good!

    Now, I’m past ready to quit talking about it! So, I’m moving on and up!