ethics-9651There are currently two separate ethics investigations going on in Washington: investigations to see if Rep. Laura Richardson and Rep. Maxine Waters, both Democrats from California, violated rules of conduct. Rep. Laura Richardson’s case involves whether she received preferential treatment in the foreclosure and eventual re-acquisition of her home in Sacramento, California.

Waters is being investigated for allegedly seeking preferential treatment for a bank linked to her husband, the committee said. According to the panel’s announcement, the investigation will look into whether Waters or her husband benefited from any of her communications or actions involving One United Bank, in which her husband held stock and previously was a director.

At a time when politicians are under intense scrutiny by every pundit with a camera or a computer, one would think those same politicians would learn crime doesn’t pay. South Carolina has had its share of idiots as well, both Republicans, so it’s not limited to any one party. So what is it about politics that tends to bring out the worst in some people? Or do the statistics reflect the general population?  I can imagine the answer to that question runs the gamete of everything from stupidity to outright greed, to it isn’t any different than pick a city near you. But I think there’s a basic question that does need to be answered:  Is politics, hence party affiliation, really involved, or does the perp lose that when he or she walks the on the unethical side? My answer to that is: a crook is a crook, and what party they belong to makes no difference. I’ve seen it used too often when either a Democrat or  Republican is charged with a crime, then suddenly it’s their parties fault. One can list the unethical from both parties, and the list would be ten pages long, at least. So using party affiliation as a blaming factor for criminal behavior is pointless. Any other views?



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  1. How could any intelligent person think a party affiliation is the major contributor to a crook’s actions? It’s smart to simply ignore the idiots on both sides who attempt to make this about one party or the other.

    Our system allows (probably encourages is a better word) elected officials to become criminals. And crime has paid, and paid well. Until they get caught. I’m sure each of them imagines they won’t ever be caught.

    Who should share the blame? Who is absolutely complicit? The voters. We not only elect them, we reelect them, we make excuses for the ones who are of our political philosophy.

    Every American should be pulling together to fix the problem. But it’s still too important to score “points” so there can be a loser and a winner. Seems people want to enjoy some perceived political win more than they want solutions to our shared problems.

  2. What do you think it will take for all of us to put aside differences in order to address common problems?

    Could we come together like we do for an “Amber Alert?” Because it is important and unless we put aside our differences long enough to work on the problem together our country continues to be in danger.

    I can’t go along with anything less than a peaceful means of working on the problems. I’m not going to shout, or brandish either weapons or threats, but some how we the voters have to be the adults and make the changes needed to keep this country free and the best place to live.