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Friday, 10/30/09, Public Square

ToiletPaperLgAccording to wiki, mischief night or mischievous night is a tradition in northern England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, and the United States; a night when the custom is for preteens and teenagers to take a degree of license to play pranks and do mischief to their neighbors. The most common date for mischief night is October 30, the day before Halloween.

I think two things:

1.  It’s a good thing I didn’t know this when I was a kid.  I limited myself to Halloween (well if you don’t count the times a group of just decided to see what kinds of trouble we could get into.)  But at least we didn’t know there was a specific day set aside!

2.  Is mischief the same today as it was when we were kids?  My memory says times were more innocent back then and so were mischievous deeds.  But then I’m sure every generation thinks they weren’t as bad as these kids of today.  🙂

So, what mischief did you get into as a kid?



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