Tuesday, 10/27/09, Public Square

duct tape

A “fix” for The Party of NO!



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  1. Bad Biker

    Good morning, ya’ll! Bit chilly this AM – I have an early appointment with the doc, so here I am, waiting for the coffee to brew.

    Have a great day!

  2. Great use for all that duct tape we were encouraged to buy after 9/11. Now, what to do with the plastic….?

  3. G-stir

    I was over “there” for no good reason, and found out that “they” think that “we” have been banned from “there” for being too something. The reasoning , such as it wasn’t, gave me a migraine!


    • lilacluvr

      If you ever figure out why the Cons over ‘there’ think the way they do, then you know the game is over for you, don’t you?

      Just be thankful you don’t actually think like they do. Celebrate the fact that you have an open mind and can see beyond the end of your nose.

    • Could you, or someone, provide a link? Thanks.

  4. “There” really is like a drug. I am even tempted to go “there.” MAN!

    If you must, tell them there was an IQ test and you all passed, but they didn’t. So they weren’t allowed to matriculate to this blog. Sorry! (you might want to add the definition of matriculate)

    • lilacluvr

      Oh, they would just call you a Socialist for pushing those IQ tests. Of course, we might need to add the definition of an IQ test and tell them that the lower the number, the more Conservative they are.

      I can see it now, they will all fight to see who can reach the lowest number. After all, conservatives are all about winning – aren’t they?

      • they will all fight to see who can reach the lowest number.

        You sure got that right! And it would be kind of funny to watch, wouldn’t it? I think that’s exactly what we are seeing when they nominate someone like Sarah Palin. Race to the bottom!

      • G-stir

        I think Sarah Palin should help the Shrub write his autobiography. After going to 5 colleges in 6 years , or was it 6 colleges in 5 years, wouldn’t she be a big help with the “big words”? Big words liike “writifying”, or “speechinate” or “compacked conservative”.

  5. Me, the person who is always well, never under the weather, is feeling hot and cold (changes within seconds), tired and weak, a scratchy throat — a little under the weather. 😦

    Must do something to change that! Just isn’t an acceptable way to feel. I think I’ll take Ginger to the park, that’s always fun.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to use that big ole roll of duct tape and reduce all those complaints and obstructionist views to mumbles! A ‘time out’ for adults! 🙂 I laughed out loud when I found that photo and had to share it!

    • Don’t wear yourself out. If it is a bug, the last thing you want to do is drain your energy.

      Take care!

      (I don’t think there is a corner big enough to throw all those fools in after we tape up their mouths–maybe there is a corner in Texas somewhere)

      • lilacluvr

        I’m sure Gov Rick Perry would welcome all those fools. And then Texas can secede from the USA. I’d be willing for my government to build a big wall around Texas and announce that everyone that wants to go live in ConLand is welcome to go. Hell, I’ll even pitch in a few dollars to pay for the moving vans!

      • Trip to the Outhouse

        Hey, I’ve been here for quite a few years, and as much as I love Kansas, when you start mentioning Texas and Perry, don’t forget you got a guy named Brownback. And when it comes to governors, though it’s been a few years now, I’d put up the late Ann Richards against any comers.

        And it may happen soon that Houston will have an out lesbian mayor; Annise Parker is the current city comptroller–twice-elected to the city’s second highest office. She’s got a tough row to hoe because she doesn’t have the funding that a couple of the other candidates have. She was on the city council for quite a few years, elected to a city-wide seat. When she was term-limited, she was elected to comptroller. There’s another lesbian now on the council in an at-large seat.
        Dallas County has a a lesbian sheriff, also re-elected.

        There’s just a lot more balance in political views than you might think.

        Yeah, we got a lot of Southern Baptists and other conservatives; funny, they’re the ones who used to be Democrats before the Reagan days.

        Sorry, but if you’re going to be takin’ whacks at Texas for it’s conservative politicians, I think you got to admit you got some real pearls embedded in that part of the bible belt.

  6. lilacluvr

    fnord – take care of yourself. My son caught a bug that lasted only a few days but he said he felt like he was hit by a truck and then the damn truck backed over him several times!

    His started out with the same symptoms – so take care – okay?

  7. lilacluvr

    I just had to go look over there and see what all the commotion was about last night. What’s with all the Scripture reading? I know Chas is a preacher and the Cons all denigrate him for being a faux preacher. I don’t know Chas – does anyone here?

    And is Bluejay really Thunderchild?

    I assume these are all men involved – so did it just boil down to a pissing contest?

    But I did find it somewhat amusing that Amway thinks that he is has an in with the blog monitor and he knows for sure that all liberals have been banned and that is why we are no longer on there.

    I’ve never been contacted by anyone from the WE blog – just for the record.

  8. I read it too, Lilac, and yes, I think it was another pissing contest.

    BlueJay is Thunderchild.

    Chas is an ordained minister and I have met him. He does a piss poor job of being calm, of being in control of himself, of displaying anything that even hints of love, tolerance or acceptance.

    Those posters who become exactly what they complain about must not be able to recognize that. Everyone else can! Isn’t it tstb that tells the story of when everyone is saying (fill in the blank) about you, maybe you need to stop and think about that! (tstb says it waaaay beter, but maybe you get the general gist.)

    I think both Thunderchild / BlueJay and Chas fall into the description I’ve attempted, along with many of the ‘Conservative’ posters. But it makes more of a difference to me when its one of our own showing his / her butt. It reflects poorly on “us.”

  9. I “had” to go read it, too. I did not fall off the wagon, I jumped off. I left a post and at the end of it, I said “oops, time to go back to being banned.”

    Chas is too easy to get to. That’s why they hound him to death. It’s like the elementary school playground: The kid who can’t take it, is the one who really gets the business.

    Regular has been banned twice. I think he is the only one with that distinction, over there. I talked Brownlee into doing it both times. Reg found a way around their bans. Brownlee concluded James was “too smart” to be banned and gave up trying.

    Reg always thought I was picking on him. He did not know how much.

    I don’t think that the Blog has helped Jay turn to doing better. He gets worse and worse as a result of being there. It’s too bad, really.

  10. Isn’t American way the one who wanted to meet fnord, privately? And that good RepubliCON is married, too.

  11. I think that was ANTI. American_Way is the one who mostly cuts and pastes and when the posts are his / her own words they’re personal slams. ANTI sometimes is funny, but only to reel you in to thinking s/he is a real person, then reverts back to being truly stupid. I’m not positive because Am_Way, ANTI and even JimJohnson all seem so much alike it’s difficult to see who might be whom.

  12. Species that don’t have individual differences indicates an animal that has not had a very long evolutionary history. Another way of saying, “all cons sound alike.”

    Because they sound so much alike it begets that “who is really who” game.

  13. Is it me, or is every Republican who claims to be “self-employed” – really just living off of the old or young lady?

    Anti is supposedly a “guide” and in business for himself. I can’t see hiring him to clean my toilets… It would be above his head.

  14. lilacluvr

    So, is Brownlee the editor/blog monitor? Huh, for being a banned liberal, I sure don’t know much about all this stuff, do I?

    Sometimes I think all the Cons who like to fight are just there ‘liking the fight’. They could care less about the issue – they just want to get a reaction out of somebody and when Chas seems to lose control (like I think he did last night), then it just adds to the Cons delight of getting someone’s goat.

    But, then again, if I was a Republican today watching my political party being led by the current crop of crazies – maybe I would be looking for a fight too.

    • tosmarttobegop

      For some that is exactly what they do, their actual opinion in real life maybe different.
      But their goal is to get under someone’s skin so it is open season as to what they say.
      It the game they play, rattle a Liberal.

      Hank told me that is what that blog became to be for him, there seem no point in trying to have a reasonable discussion there.

  15. lilacluvr

    Is it me, or is every Republican who claims to be “self-employed” – really just living off of the old or young lady?

    That, or living off that ‘evil’ government. Of couse, when it is THEIR government check, that is a different story – yeah, right!

  16. Phillip Brownlee would not be the “BlogMonitor” – that would not be him. I really like Phillip. He and his crew are very, very short of having intestinal fortitude, however… Rhonda, is the one there, who has some “balls”. Always falls to the women, no?

  17. tosmarttobegop

    LOL :

    “If one person said you stink then it could be that they just do not like you.

    If the entire class said you stink, then it could be time to consider taking a bath!”

  18. David B

    I love my kitty.

  19. tosmarttobegop

    Reading over yesterday’s open thread here, Fnord and lila touched on something I have thought about.
    Motivation for the Political attacks, people often accept the simplest reasoning and conclusions.

    Some time ago and during the Bush administration I got in a heated discussion with a life long Democrat.
    He was a Conservative Democrat and the topic was the reasoning for the invasion of Iraq.
    By this time I had researched the Neo-Conservative agenda and their reasoning and goals.

    He totally dismissed my stated reasons in favor of it was simply about oil.
    Granted, the idea of it being a plan to bring peace to the Middle East through the military take over of the individual countries starting with Iraq. The only country exempt Israel but the list had been established before the invasion. They really are that simply minded to think it would be that easy.

    I will assure Lila that there really was that much illogical and irrational thinking about Bill Clinton.
    The only difference is that with Clinton the talk was mainly held within those who felt that much about him.
    Spoken among each other rather then out loud for everyone to hear.

    With Obama it is easier to accept that he is a Socialist then it is for them to accept that he is changing things better then they could.

    In a real sense the partisan hatred is not that different from racism, depending more on irrational thought as it is on examples. Ever example is conditioned on the irrational thought, so it does not matter what it is.
    As has been said, if Obama were to cure cancer then the intent was to put cancer Doctors out of business!

    It does happen on both sides, where the reasoning is based on the simplest conclusion rather then the full extent of the findable facts.

  20. I have a theory at least some of the CONs over there are Koch employees.

    • The Kochs’ father started the John Birch Society. They have their political action network – the Flint Hills something or the other. To run their propaganda arm, they hired the guy who used to run the Cato Institute. [I’ve talked to him on the phone – he seemed like a real nice guy]. The family are among the 50 richest in the world. And many still live [sic] in Wichita, KS.

      • I know about the Koch family and their ties to the conservative money arms (Cato, John Birch, etc). I just didn’t understand why employees at Koch would automatically be assumed to be cons too.

        I actually have a relative that used to hold a position of responsibility at Koch some years ago and she is FAR from conservative. She never gave me the impression that all the employees were conservative.

  21. I meant to post this link —

    A rousing collection of Duct Tape “fixes.”


  22. PrairiePond

    ROFLAMO! Holy cow, they think we’ve been banned?



    Hey Trip, dont forget Margo Frazier, the first female, and lesbian, Sheriff of Travis County. She served for many years, and was/is openly gay. Her partner of many years was also a cop, I think for the City.

    GO AUSTIN!!!!

  23. PrairiePond

    Oops, it’s Frasier, not Frazier.

    It was “ententional” heheheh Iggy!

  24. lilacluvr

    I never knew Texas had so many people that were not cookie cutters of Gov Rick Perry. I’m glad to hear that Texans must really be independent thinkers and progressives.

    So, how did Rick Perry become Govenor? Has he always been the kind that shoots off his mouth about seceding from the country or was that his way to garner support from his base?

    PP & Trip – what do you think about Kay Bailey Hutchinson (sp?) and the Perry race for governor? Which one has the most support?

    Trip – I agree with you about Brownback and the only reason I said what I did about Gov Perry is because he is the one that threatened to secede.

    And, of course, it is wishful thinking of any liberal to be able to pack up the Cons and ship them off to some remote spot and seal them up forever. But, alas, if we truly believe in democracy – then we should support the right of each citizen to voice their opinions.

  25. Trip to the Outhouse

    I picked up my negative stereotype of Texans as a kid riding in the car on old 40, when cars (usually Cadillacs) with Texas plates whizzed past always going faster than the speed limit.

    Having lived down here for just better than 27 years now, I admit that there are many Texans who still fit my original concept. The closer you get to the big mega-churches, the further out you get into the dried plains, and, in my opinion, the closer you get to the Oklahoma stateline, the more of these types you are going to encounter.

    In reality, the cities of Texas are ethnically and politically diverse.

    In the 2008 Presidential election, the counties that contain Houston, Dallas, Austin, San Antonio, and El Paso and a thick slab of counties adjacent to the border all were blue majorities for Obama. The trouble is that there are so many suburban and rural counties which voted heavily for McCain.

    Actually, Wichita is really the place that, at least from my long-distance viewpoint, has become more conservative over the years. As I remember it, back when business was booming and the unions were strong, the congressional district which included Wichita (or the largest part of it) predictably voted Democratic, and the rest of the state voted Republican. Now it seems like only the northeast part of the state is where there’s a chance that a Democrat might get voted into congress.