Sunday, 10/25/09, Public Square

42-17167180A beautiful Indian Summer day is on tap in Kansas.  We can hope for many more, but get out and enjoy this one just in case ole man winter decides to horn in on our fun soon.

What are you thinking about, what would you like to discuss?



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7 responses to “Sunday, 10/25/09, Public Square

  1. “When buying and selling are controlled by legislation, the first things to be bought and sold are legislators.”
    – P. J. O’Rourke

  2. OK! The leaves are mulched up, the dog enjoyed our jaunt to the park, now, let it rain.

  3. wicked

    Everybody must have been out enjoying the day and are now passed out in front of the TV watching football.

    KU got smacked yesterday, I saw. Too bad. Any time I see OU lose, it’s a good day.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Well I spent the last two days fighting paneling, I often learn from doing things I have never done before.
    Dry walling and painting along with patching I seem to manage nicely, but the last two days taught me that paneling is not dry walling.

    I now know that I really should have replaced the walls I was paneling, that would have been dry walling and in the end better outcome. But I did not as cost of project needs to be limited.
    As a result, the paneling though nicely matching before the gluing in place there are spaces?

    The liquid nail I used was the worst stuff I have ever used! Though that is what I was told to use.
    I had bought the more expense type as I want it to hold well, the cheaper stuff worked better.
    Today I found the piece I did yesterday was pulled away and so I bought paneling nails.

    This is a old house, the walls of the upper level are more like cement, so as a result the nails do not hold well. And in fact I could hear what sounded like it was breaking a part and falling behind the paneling.

    I think for at least today I am done, tomorrow will be a new day and I will see with less tired eyes.
    But the next time I have decided what to do…. win the damn lottery and hired someone that knows what they are doing! LOL<

    • What exactly am I supposed to get from this? Is this some sort of political prophecy?

      Or, delusional ranting? An agnostic version of Revelations? I thought revelations, revealed, instead of obscured. Guess I was wrong…

  5. An older version of DADT: