Saturday, 10/23/09, Public Square

NoBadDayLet’s plan to not miss any opportunity to dance.

Life is short.  Break the rules.  Forgive easily.

nobadday2Kiss slowly.  Love truly.

Laugh uncontrollably.

And never regret anything that made you smile.

Let’s refuse to have a bad day!nobadday3


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10 responses to “Saturday, 10/23/09, Public Square

  1. David B

    I always say, “You can’t dance when you’re dead. And we’ll dead a long, long time.”

    Bailar! Bailar!

  2. Good blog post which asks some thought-provoking questions. Short, to the point, and something worth pausing to think about.

  3. Bad Biker

    TODAY’S AGENDA…………………………………….

    (Actually started last night.)

    Smoke a seven pound Boston butt for pulled pork sandwiches, eight to ten hours @ 225 degrees, on the smoker, then a cool down and hand-pulled for sandwiches.

    (Prepared the butt last night with a traditional rub of prepared mustard and my secret dry rub. I also prepared a traditional Eastern Carolina BBQ sauce last week – it is mostly vinegar with spices and brown sugar – hot stuff!)

    I just put the Scrapheap Baked Beans on the smoker. The beans are made with GN beans, bacon, mustard, ketchup, BBQ sauce, molasses, onions, spices and scrapheap meat. I had some leftover ribs and some smoked sausage in the ‘fridge, so I diced them up and tossed them in. They will smoke for about five hours with the Boston butt in a Dutch Oven. There’s about a pound and a half of meat in the beans.

    I am employing the “I have to watch the smoker” excuse so that I can hang around outside today. It’s too freakin’ nice to be inside.

    Rufus is going to love dinner, too. I bought a “bone-in” butt so he’s got first dibs on the ham bone.

    Dinner will be about seven, despite the fact that I was up at seven am. It is required that Eastern Carolina (the original) pulled pork sandwiches be served on big hamburger buns with creamy coleslaw and dill pickles. Beer is optional.

    I am looking forward to it – my whole Kansas family will be there!

  4. Seems like a great way to spend a day! Folks around here don’t seem to have problems finding ways to live happily, to dance, to enjoy.

    Probably why I like hanging out around this bunch!


  5. klaus

    Love the post. Love the pix. Love the attitude behind them both.


  6. fnord,

    Those were great photos! Where’d they come from?

    Understand, if you’d rather not disclose…