InbredNew York’s special election is now split three ways, and I’m not talking about a Ménage à trois. It appears the Republican Party has officially split into the GOP and the Conservative party, with people like Sarah Palin endorsing the Conservative candidate. No surprise there. Poll numbers  show Democrat Bill Owens with 33%, Republican Scozzafava with 29% and Conservative Hoffman with 23%.

This section of New York is heavily Republican, and if they joined forces, would gain a Republican seat easily.  But with the split, could lose the seat. This split has gone so far as to put out a call for all Conservatives to refrain from sending any money to the RNC. The Democrats could win huge on this split if they can get their collective together and figure out a plan to use this to their advantage. I have my doubts about their being capable of it, though.

With the Republican Party’s numbers the worst they’ve been in over 25 years, a split sounds like a losing proposition. Meanwhile, Rush is saying Obama is ruining the Democrats . . . Rush fiddles while Republicans burn.

What’s your thoughts?



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  1. I think the extreme right would destroy any sense of moderation in the party rather than accept a partial victory like reasonable folks. Balance isn’t in their mindset, within their party, or outside it.

  2. There has to be a split, or the religious nut-jobs will bring down the elephant. Maybe they already have.

    The extreme right wing won’t budge off their goals to make abortion illegal, not allow gay marriage, and make the Constitution more closely resemble the Bible, while arming everyone to the ‘nth’ degree.

    These folks may be able to get candidates elected at the local levels, but never at the national level.

    • jammer5

      Exactly. Intelligent design in every school; harlots in jail for having an abortion; Muslims collected and deported; a rifle range in every yard; preachers at every election booth.

      Their vision of America more resembles the dark ages than a melting pot of diversity. Not something I want any part of.

  3. Since the Republican Party has self destructed, and the Democratic Party can’t get anything done, where does that leave Americans?

  4. When the Berlin Wall fell and at the fall of the Soviet Union, Larry King asked who the conservatives would hate. He stated conservatives MUST have someone or thing to hate. King said they would turn to hating certain ideas and themselves.

    Guess Larry King was correct.

  5. It’s hard to comprehend that Republicans like Newt Gingrich and the others who brought the Contract with America to the table for their party are moderates. Kinda makes you shake your head in wonder, huh?

  6. lilacluvr

    I would not be surprised to see Sarah Palin run for president in 2012 as a third party candidate. But I wonder, do Conservatives have the kind of dollars that it would take to topple both Obama and the Republican candidate?

    Seriously, people are not exactly flocking to see Sarah Palin and wasn’t it reported that her booking agent was having trouble getting Sarah speaking engagements?

    Sarah is like a train wreck – people are waiting to see the big fiery crash but after it happens – then what?

  7. klaus

    As for Rush fiddling, what does he care? He’s still making $millions.

    As for the likelihood of a Conservative Party toppling either a GOP or Dem president, I’d say not.

    I live in RI, which is overwhelmingly Dem. There is a red-meat GOP movement, but it seems to consist of about a dozen highly-motivated, well-organized, and very loud activists. They put up a candidate in the ’06 senate election, and got trashed by Lincoln Chafee. Who then lost to the Dem in the general election, which resulted in control of the Senate going to Dems.

    I offer this as a parable of sorts. Extreme RW: organized, loud, motivated, but, bottom line, just not enough of them to ever be an effective national party.

    Is the GOP going the way of the Liberals in England?

  8. tosmarttobegop

    I watched on CSPAN Book TV. a author who wrote a book on this very subject.
    Listening to his points and finally stating the problem of with the similarity with another party.

    Now this caused me to think on the matter, the logical reference is to compare it to the Nazi party.
    But then doing that causes a immediate shut down reaction to any other discussion.
    I wonder if there can be another name given to these ideology and the similarities.

    Something that can describe the condition where people abandon reason and logic in favor of a immediate and reactionary course. So fixated on the ideology that they abandon humanity and become self diluted.

  9. Is the GOP going the way of Republicans in Kansas? A more troubling question. How are the Dorothy’s compromised and sent out about doing the old way of doing things?

    What’s the Matter With Kansas?