What the Dog Saw: More Essays from Malcom Gladwell

malcolm-gladwell-v-sideshow-bob1[1]Gladwell’s newest book, What the Dog Saw,  was published 10-20-09 by Little, Brown and Company.  The book is broken down into three sections:  “Minor geniuses”; “Theories or Ways of Organizing Experience”; and “Predictions We Make about People.”  This sounds like classic Gladwell fare.

Read more here:  http://www.gladwell.com/dog/index.html

I think Gladwell looks a lot better than Sideshow Bob. And, I am definitely sure he is a much nicer person, too.  I can’t wait to get the new book!


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2 responses to “What the Dog Saw: More Essays from Malcom Gladwell

  1. wicked

    Looks interesting. Yes, I went to the link and actually read it!

    I’m assuming the redhead is from The Simpsons? I wasn’t one of the many valued viewers. 😉

    The FBI profiling thing looks interesting. I’m a huge Criminal Minds fan, and not just because of Shemar Moore. 🙂 Somewhere in all this mess is a book about how the profiling program (BAU) began. It was written, I think, by the man who started it. Scary book, but extremely interesting.

  2. Yes. Sideshow Bob was from the Simpsons. The comparison of Gladwell and Bob came from a fellow wordpress person.

    One of Malcom Gladwell’s parents was Jamician. I think the hair was what drew the comparison. Not really funny in my view.