Thursday, 10/22/09, Public Square

Autumn-TreesHave you noticed how colorful the Land of Oz is nowadays?  Yesterday I had errands which took me out and about — I marveled at the beauty of the trees, the shrubs.  And, we’ve had so much moisture the grass is still green so we’re surrounded with color.

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  1. David B

    continued from Wednesday:

    David B
    Let’s go cause some trouble:

    They’d just count us so they could claim their crowd numbered in the bazillions — or at least a hundred or something…

    How would you propose causing trouble?

    I like the idea of the funny signs, poking fun at the Tea Party folks…

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I don’t know, it would be only the hard core who will show up for the tea party.
    There is nothing you could say or do to change them and the media may at best only give a passing notice.
    You can get a shouting match going, but to what end?

    It would let them know they are not the only voice in the matter.
    But in the end it would have the same effect as standing up right now and shouting in your house.

  3. tosmarttobegop

    Well my son said he has about two weeks then he is coming back to the U.S.
    But he is looking at a transfer to a base in Germany, I was hoping he would find something closer.

    The trip last October to North Carolina put us in a financial hole, not much hope of affording a visit to Germany. He would be there for three years, but he does like the idea and said it is close to a lot of interesting places and things.

    BTW after a visit last night to TBTSNBN, I too am not seeing much point in going there.

    Regular is back to doing his snooping on anyone he takes a dislike to. It is so over the line to go that far as to post peoples real names, addresses, their employer and phone number.

    The mindless hate feast is bad enough. Let them have their meet feast in a tool shed as few as they are.

    • It’s actually very dangerous. Who knows who is reading and what they may do with that kind of information — a visit to the address, something more?

      I think the reasons behind no moderating that blog are to remove themselves from liability, but WOW, if they don’t remove those kinds of posts, couldn’t they be complicit in something really horrible happening?

    • If he’s where peace is more likely to break out than war, that’s a real good place to be!

    • wicked

      He’ll probably enjoy Germany, TSTB. And if he’s lucky, he might get a chance to see more of Europe.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Well I am getting off, funny how you start a project that is meant to be a small thing. And once started it turns in to a major remodel!

    It was going to be just painting one wall.
    But has turn into replacing ceiling, patching walls and painting the whole room.

    Close to having everything done maybe today. LOL but now my wife would like me to keep going on the rest of the house.


    • We painted the areas we call kitchen, dining and family rooms a few weeks back. The hallway and entryway sure look more worn than they did before. I can sit in that newly redone area and see the job needs to go further. 🙂 I’m thinking if the hallway were painted I would be able to see how badly the bedrooms need attention…

  5. Regular is a classic flaming troll. What he doesn’t know, he makes up, so most the personal stuff he posts is completely wrong.

    How do you know when Reg is lying? His keyboard is making clicking sounds. 🙂

  6. lilacluvr

    Regular is a person to be pitied. I can’t imagine being online 24/7 and just sitting there spewing all that hate non-stop.

    Wouldn’t at some point you would just want to go take a shower to get all that nastiness off?

  7. David B

    “It was going to be just painting one wall.”

    Classic home-owner’s mission creep.

  8. QnofHrts

    My faith in humanity was restored last night. My girls are sick & have been staying w/ grandma while I work (I don’t have enough sick leave to take care of them). Anyway I took them to the drive thru at McDonalds in Park City on the way home last night. The car in front of me paid for our dinner. I have no idea who this was – it was a red SUV or minivan.
    It has been so long since a stranger has done something nice for me – and never has a situation like this come up.
    I was sincerely touched and it made my day knowing that someone out there would help a complete stranger.
    Thank you whoever you are.

    Sometimes in the storms of hate & nastiness there are tiny rays of sunshine that let us know that it’s not all bad out there.

  9. ROK ICT is looking for writers. The requirements are posted here. I am betting this a volunteer job, but for those interested in all varities of the art scene, it could be fun.

    This webzine was started by a Democratic gay activist. Jason Dilts is his name, if I am remembering correctly, but he refers to himself as the “homo on the range.” This latter nickname, for some reason, really cracks up my adolescent daughter.

    • wicked

      It does say paid free lance position.

      Sounds like the fun.

      The downside is that I don’t get out much. The upside is that I might have to get out. Not that they’d have me. I tend to ramble. Hey, I’m used to 55,000 words, not just a few.

      • jammer5

        And we’re supposed to be surprised how? 🙂

      • wicked

        LOL jammer! Hey, at least I recogonize my faults. 🙂 When I get on a rant, it’s hard to stop. Words just fly from my fingertips. Should I offer a mea culpa?

      • jammer5

        Oh, hell no. You wouldn’t be wicked if you did, and we wouldn’t be this place without some wicked. Like I always say sometimes, Prairie Populist without wicked is like coffee without coffee.

      • wicked

        Thanks, jammer.

        I like to come here for the comraderie and a chance to take a break from those voices in my head. (Don’t let iggy know about those, ‘k? 😉 )

  10. I’ve picked up the tab for police officers I see eating in nearby restaurants. Just so long, as they don’t work for the “community” of Eastborough!

  11. They didn’t listen back then, and recently they’ve revved up their stupidity. Just a walk down memory lane to keep things in perspective.

  12. wicked

    On the lifting of the fireworks ban, I wish they wouldn’t. Having lived outside of the city limits and in the county for most of my life, I’ve seen what a stray spark can do. It doesn’t have to be an aerial. No one bothers to think about the heartache of the farmer when a wheat field ready for harvesting catches fire because someone wanted to shoot off a few fireworks. No, that didn’t happen to us, but I’ve seen it happen to others.

    Our yard caught fire once. Friends of the girls were out, and they all decided to set off some of those ground fireworks that their dad left in the garage from the year before. Dead dry grass and fireworks don’t mix. The flames nearly reached the combine reel, the propane tank, and the big gas and diesel tanks. The kids got the fire put out with the garden hose before anything really bad happened.

    (I’m waiting for that gross of bottle rockets he bought before they were banned and were left in the attic to ignite on their own. At least I don’t live in that house anymore.)

    The popping of fireworks is what drove my dog to escaping the fenced yard this past July 4th. That cost me $80 to bail her out of the animal shelter. I don’t blame her for bolting. My nerves were on edge from all the snap, crackle and pop, too.

    They’ll lift the ban, then the fire and injury rates will rise again, and we’ll see another within 10-15 years.

  13. This is an interactive map — very interesting!


    Climate map shows world after 4C rise

    A map launched at the Science Museum in London has been developed using the latest peer-reviewed science from the Met Office Hadley Centre and other leading impact scientists. It shows that the land will heat up more quickly than the sea, and high latitudes, particularly the Arctic, will have larger temperature increases

    • wicked

      Very scary. What those who don’t want to believe don’t understand is that it’s not global warming that’s affecting us so much right now, it’s climate change. I noticed it several years ago. I remember having 4 distinct seasons when I was young. Even my oldest daughter remembers that, and she’s 29.

      Now my perception could be off. But I’ve watched things like wheat harvest and planting, and I’ve seen that times will need to change. Spring seems to be coming later each year, meaning too many crops are getting hit at the wrong time by freezes. Winter’s haven’t really been hitting until later, either, at least for her.

      You should see parts of Colorado right now! An author friend posted pictures of her snowed under car. I’m not sure in what area she lives, but it’s definitely been snowing there since yesterday.

  14. In 19 of the last 22 years Congress has failed to pass a funding bill for VA benefits on time — so today President Obama signed a bill funding veteran’s benefits one full year in advance. At least some part of our population has health-care reform!

  15. wicked

    Another reminder to pull out that movie and watch it again. I remember sobbing when I read the book when I was in high school. Not a required read, btw. The movie does the same for me.

    ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ actress dies in NC

    HIGHLANDS, N.C. – The actress who portrayed the false accuser in the movie “To Kill a Mockingbird” has died of brain cancer in North Carolina.

    The husband of Collin Wilcox-Patton confirmed Thursday that the 74-year-old actress died Oct. 14 in Highlands in the southwest part of the state. Scott Paxton said no funeral was held.

    Her part in “To Kill a Mockingbird,” based on Harper Lee’s Pulitzer-winning novel, was brief and memorable. She played Mayella Ewell, the young white woman who accuses a black man of rape.

    She angrily breaks down as the defense attorney suggests she lied to avoid abuse from her racist father. The black defendant is convicted anyway and later killed.

    Wilcox-Patton is also survived by her three children and three grandchildren.

  16. Do you guys play games? Here’s one my grandson (who is as adult as a male gets when it comes to toys) says is awesome. 🙂

    • wicked

      I have a few hidden object games I’ve gotten from Big Fish and Yahoo games. One is especially daunting, but I’ve found it sharpens my mind. I play a match-3 game every night that eventually makes me sleepy. The concentration does that, I’m sure. Better than a sleeping pill!

      I’ll check out the link, fnord. Who knows? I might find something else I can “waste” time doing. 🙂

  17. btw, those posts ‘tstb’ was telling us “Regular” made — giving name, addy, phone number of “Capn” have been removed! I went looking and although I’m not sure they were actually Capn’s info, they were removed. Proving there is a line that was crossed — that is a step in a better direction! I didn’t know for sure if there was a line at that blog.

    I don’t know if Capn contacted The Eagle, but I did. I told them it was too dangerous to tolerate. Even suggested they remove the offending blogger, but at least the posts with identifying info.

    I feel good about that!

    • wicked

      When I looked this morning after reading about it here, I didn’t find anything. I thought then they’d probably been removed.

      Good for you, fnord!

  18. wicked

    Bob Curtright’s review in the Eagle on Wicked is excellent! I can’t wait to see it! My oldest bought me a ticket to see it with her, her hubby (I think), and a friend. She’s read the book, loved it, and couldn’t wait to see it. She’d heard from an online friend months ago that it was coming to town. It hadn’t premiered on Broadway yet when I was there in 2003, but there was a HUGE Wicked billboard on Times Square that caught my eye. I was sure I took a picture, but I never have found it on my camera.

  19. wicked

    Wow. Did y’all see this?

    Bon Jovi

    March 11, Intrust Bank Arena (Ticket info TBA)

    He may be getting old, but Jon is still hot. 😉

  20. Jon is a hottie, but Grayson kicks some conservative butt!