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What the Dog Saw: More Essays from Malcom Gladwell

malcolm-gladwell-v-sideshow-bob1[1]Gladwell’s newest book, What the Dog Saw,  was published 10-20-09 by Little, Brown and Company.  The book is broken down into three sections:  “Minor geniuses”; “Theories or Ways of Organizing Experience”; and “Predictions We Make about People.”  This sounds like classic Gladwell fare.

Read more here:  http://www.gladwell.com/dog/index.html

I think Gladwell looks a lot better than Sideshow Bob. And, I am definitely sure he is a much nicer person, too.  I can’t wait to get the new book!


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Thursday, 10/22/09, Public Square

Autumn-TreesHave you noticed how colorful the Land of Oz is nowadays?  Yesterday I had errands which took me out and about — I marveled at the beauty of the trees, the shrubs.  And, we’ve had so much moisture the grass is still green so we’re surrounded with color.

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