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Jerry Hahn’s Tab of Alice’s Restaurant

alices-restaurant1[1]After a quick search at the WSU website, I found that Jerry Hahn was at WSU as recently as 2007.  I don’t know if he is still teaching there or not.  He was (if he is not currently) a full professor of Jazz Guitar.  A friend of mine told me that Professor Hahn had something like 12 hours of college credit.  His professorship was awarded to him based on what he could do rather than academic hoops he had jumped through.  This seems a lot more egalitarian than I usually think of academia as being.

You’ll note that I added a page – which has the same title as this thread.  On this page is Hahn’s tabulature for Alice’s Restaurant.  This tab is a Wichita guitarists’ phenomenon.  My copy, I am guessing, is pobably a 100+ generation xerox copy.  Because of my scanning skills, it is not p0ssible to cut and paste the tab.  If you are motivated enough to try this challenging version, you should be motivated enough to hand copy the tab.

Hahn was a jazz guitar master and a very demanding teacher.  My short story favorite about Jerry Hahn was that in the 60’s he played in a jazz band in San Francisco.  For a two year period of time during his San Francisco residence, he did not wash his hair.

Some of you will remember Hahn’s 1970’s rock band, The Jerry Hahn Brotherhood.  Their song “Captain Bobby Stout Done Found me Out” played on KEYN exclusively in the early 1970’s.  Captain Bobby Stout was a real person and was the head of the Wichita Police Dept’s vice squad.  Stout was also the unofficial foster father of a young man named Don Johnson – who would later gain fame on the television show Miami Vice.

Wichita is so small that everyone and everything connects together in at least a tangential way.  I will try to answer any questions on the tab.  Since I bought my Epiphone, I think playing this song is remotely possible for me now.


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Wednesday, 10/21/09, Public Square

Apple Day is an annual celebration held on October 21, each year.  More recently Apple Day has evolved a-cg4into a weekend event, usually taking place on the Saturday and Sunday closest to Oct. 21st.  Celebrated mainly in the United Kingdom with cookery demonstrations, games, apple identification, juice and cider, gardening advice, games and of course many hundreds of apple varieties.

Which is your favorite apple?  Mine is Fuji, at its best it is sweet and crisp.  My uncle brought half a bushel of apples from Nebraska a couple of weeks ago — my Mother and daughter both made apple butter, I cooked the ones we didn’t eat raw.  Ummmm, ummmmm.

Now if only we could expect an apple a day to keep the doctor away!



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