Tuesday, 10/20/09, Public Square

nice2havefriendsIt’s nice to have friends!  🙂

Our weather is beautiful!  I appreciate it even more because of those long dreary cool days last week.

Any topics you’d like to toss around, ideas you want to chew on?



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  1. The NY Times has an article on the issue of medical marijuana.


    If this is the Obama administration’s way of dealing with this issue, I don’t like it AT ALL. The justice department should not be sending out memoranda telling prosecutors to look the other way, to not uphold the law. If the law is bad, it needs to be changed, but we can’t have governmental departments deciding which laws it will enforce and which it won’t. I had enough of that in the Bush years, thank you.

  2. Ran across this on another favorite blog of mine. Pretty clear summary of how degraded politcal discussion has become:


  3. wicked

    I’m hoping nothing politically major happens this week. I’ve decided to put a blanket over politics and not deal with it for a few days. It only depresses me.

    fnord, I hear our nice weather isn’t going to last much past today. Was this our version of Indian Summer?

  4. I’m glad to hear that you are having good weather. We did yesterday but had to drive through a strobing monsoon this morning on the way to work.
    Fall is my favorite time of the year. I hope it doesn’t get rained out…

  5. wicked and Paula,

    The nice weather I mentioned is better experienced inside looking out, or prepare with weights so the wind doesn’t carry you away. It is warm and that’s better than the cold we had last week. And yes, rain is supposed to accompany the wind by tonight. 😦 Fall is my favorite season too, and so far this one isn’t living up to my expectations!

    • wicked

      But some of the turning leaves on the trees are gorgeous!! With so many elms, we don’t get the autumn beauty that other parts of the state and country get, but at last we can enjoy what we do have.

  6. The Rocky Horror Picture Show is at The Orpheum this Saturday at midnight. It is part of the Tallgrass Film Festival!

    • wicked

      Oh, crap! My oldest and I keep swearing we’re going to go participate–and I do mean participate–in that every year, and we always seem to miss it. I have the DVD, but get bored with it about the time Meatloaf shows up. It’s not Meatloaf’s fault. The story just gets beyond weird after that.

      I first saw the Time Warp dance in Fame, another favorite. Then one night, our community theatre group went up to the Pawnee Plaza Theater and saw Rocky Horror at one of the midnight showings. We had a blast!

      I absolutely adore Tim Curry! It’s his voice and his mouth that fascinate me. He played Darkness in Legend. I pegged him by those lips. LOL He’s played some great and memorable characters. Rooster in Annie, Wadsworth in Clue, Pennywise the Clown in It, Dr. Petrov in The Hunt for Red October (which I LOVE), Cardinal Richelieu in The Three Musketeers… And those are just the old ones! Okay, I’ll stop. LOL

      • ME TOO! I can pick his voice out anywhere, even if he is just doing a voiceover. He has a certain pronunciation that is unmistakable. I knew it was him in that dark lord gear (wonder how much those horns weighed???) before I saw the credits for Legend. I think I am the only person that LOVED the movie Oscar and it was mainly because of Tim Curry (and I love a good slapstick farce).

        Rocky Horror was playing on VH-1 a couple weeks ago and I talked to both of my daughters the next day–it turns out we all watched it without knowing that the others were watching.

        “I’ve done alot, God knows I’ve tried, to find the truth, I’ve even lied. But, all I know is deep inside I’m bleeding…”

  7. David B

    A call to Action. A call to call:

    Barack Obama Today is a historic day for this movement. You smashed through the goal of 100,000 calls to Congress. Now, we’ve set a new goal: 150,000 calls to Congress made or committed in a single day. If you haven’t already, please take a moment to call now:

    Health insurance reform is finally headed to the full Congress, and insurance company lobbyists on Capitol Hill are working overtime to kill it. Calling is quick and easy, but effective — your voice has tremendous power at this critical moment.


    • I called all three just now — Tiahrt, Brownback and Roberts. It isn’t the first time I’ve called and I don’t have any better feeling about any one of those three yahoos than I did before.

      • wicked

        You have more hope than I do. I don’t call. I’ve written and received the same b.s. reply as expected. My voice can’t be heard above the jingle of gold.

      • Not even one of the three people who answered the phones asked me for an address, a phone number… None of them were interested and I think it was because of my position (which isn’t their position).

        At Tiahrt’s office I asked the young male voice if he could tell me Rep. Tiahrt’s position on health care reform and he said, “No, I just answer the phones.”

        Ya know, I am a registered, card-carrying Republican!

  8. wicked

    The Sedgwick County Health Department is out of flu shots. WTF?

    I predict the H1N1 virus shots and sprays won’t be available until well after most people have already dealt with it.

    I hope someone has flu shots or whatever for children the children who haven’t gotten them. My grandkids who are in school need it. Even a simple cold could lead to months of hospitalization in KC for Payton. Worst case scenario is… I won’t even type it. Her brothers and sister need to get a flu shot, since they’re the ones who are more likely to get all kinds of stuff in school. The pediatrician is adamant that she isn’t around anyone who isn’t feeling completely well.

  9. David B

    Politics in its rawest form!

  10. David, that’s hilarious, in a scary kind of way! I don’t want to be on the fringes holding on. 🙂 Even from the middle I can hear those savage noises too well.

  11. wicked

    I’d say the little one got the best deal. While the other two tugged, he/she was chewing. Pretty smart little kitty!

  12. I want to be a fly on the wall at the first parent – teacher conference! 🙂

    “Dear Mrs. X:

    In just over a week, you will be my son’s Grade 1 teacher. He is ever so excited to be under your tutelage. Why, since the last day of kindergarten, entering your class was all he could talk about. He gleefully thrust a piece of paper into my hand on that June afternoon, and said, “Here’s a list of the stuff I need for school next September!”

    And I have to admit, I, too, was excited. I’m a school supplies geek from way back. And so, in early August, I set out to buy the items you’d listed.

    It was on my fourth store that the realization began to sink in.

    You’re a crafty bitch, aren’t you?

    This list was a thinly disguised test. Could I find the items, exactly as you’d prescribed? Because if not, my son would be That Kid, the one with the Problem Mother, Who Can’t Follow Directions.

    For example, the glue sticks you requested. In the 40 gram size. Three of the little buggers. (What kind of massive, sticky project you’ve got planned for the first day of school that would require the students to bring all this glue, I cannot imagine.) But the 40 gram size doesn’t come in a convenient 3-pack. The /30 /gram size does. But clearly, those would be wildly inappropriate. So I got the individually priced 40’s, as per your instructions.

    Another bit of fun was your request for 2 packs of 8 Crayola crayons (basic colors). The 24 packs, with their 24 /different /colors, sat there, on sale. I could have purchased /three/ of the 24 packs for the price I had to pay for the 8 packs. (Clearly, you’ll not be teaching the youngsters any sort of economics lessons this year.) Even the cashier looked at me, as if to say, “Pardon me, ma’am, but are you slow?” as I purchased these non-bargain crayons. But that’s what the list said. And I was committed to following the list.

    But the last item, well, now, you saved your malice up for that one, didn’t you? “8 mm ruled notebooks”, you asked for. Simple enough. Except the standard size is /seven /millimetres. One. Millimetre. Difference. Do you realize, Mrs. X., exactly how infinitesimal the difference between 7 mm ruling and 8 mm ruling is? Pretty small, I assure you. The thickness of a fingernail, approximately. But that millimetre, that small bit of nothingness, made me drive to four different stores, over the course of three sweaty August hours. And when I finally, finally found the last remaining 8 mm notebooks, I took no pleasure in my victory. I merely shifted my focus. To you, Mrs. X.

    You wanna dance, lady? Let’s dance.

    Because I am just batshit crazy enough to play your games. And, in turn, come up with some of my own.

    On show and share day, my son will be bringing the video of his birth. It will be labelled, “Ben’s First Puppy.” Enjoy.

    He will be given a list of words, and daily, he will ask you what they mean. Words such as, “pedophile”, “anti-semite”, and “skank”. Good luck with those.

    At some point, you will attempt to teach him mathematics. And I’m quite sure that, like most of your ilk, you will require my son to “show his work”. And he will.

    Through interpretive dance.

    Because that is who you’ve chosen to tangle with, toots. A stay at home mom who is not entirely balanced, and has altogether too much time on her hands. But is, most certainly, A Mother Who Can Follow Directions.



    • wicked

      Ah, yes, the joy of buying school supplies. “Ginny” must have been dealing with USD 259.

      I went to the school and got the supply list for my grandkids. Each grade in each school has its own requirements. I had a kindergartener and a first grader to buy for. (Mom and dad were in KC with Payton, by that time.) Here, each child’s contribution is added to all the others, so they want everything to be the same. By the time I made it out to buy, there wasn’t a pencil to be found in Walmart or Target. “Elmer’s Glue Stick” was a must. I finally found those and the pink erasers at Office Max. For two kids, it cost me over $100. I’d swear I spent just over that much for four when my daughters were in school. And there wasn’t any “brand” need then, either. But, smaller school system, so that was probably the difference.

      I’m sure when the teachers get together to compile the list, they have no clue what’s going to be on sale or even available when the time comes for parents to buy them. At least I hope that’s it. Most of these teachers are parents, too.

      NEVER again.