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Sunday, 10/18/09, Public Square

poor ins companiesOn this day of rest should we pause to recognize the insurance companies?  Yes, and our recognition is that those greedy folks need to be brought down!  I’m unwilling to give up hope that health care can be about care instead of profits.

Today is  a legal holiday in the state of Alaska, marking the anniversary of the formal transfer of the Territory of Alaska from Russia to the United States on October 18, 1867.  Although the territory was sold to the U.S. in March, it was not until the 18th of October that year that the Commissioners arrived in Sitka and the formal transfer was arranged.  The original ceremony included 250 uniformed U.S. soldiers, who marched to the Governor’s house in Sitka at “Castle Hill,” where the transfer was made. It was here that the Russian troops lowered the Russian flag and the U.S. flag was raised.



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