Swearing off of the place… Finally…

IMG_3868[2]I will not go back there.  I am referring to the WE Blog.  I got into a flaming response with Anti (the only poster who posted there  in oposition to another poster).  I am done with those folk.  I will not read there and will definitely not post there.

Please join me in this drive toward sanity…


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  1. I think we might have as many bloggers here as they do there. At that blog if you take away the posts that are nothing more than childish taunts or opinions of other bloggers, what would you have? Very little! Why wade through the stupidity to get to an opinion of an issue or some information to think about?

    OK! I’m with you, Iggy. I’ve closed that tab and if nothing else I’ll get more done, be more productive, while avoiding the train wreck that beckons me to look, watch, stare…

  2. There’s something that can maybe only be described as morbid fascination reading the obsessive-compulsive behavior of many posters on the blog, and maybe a hint of sadistic tendencies exhibited by egging them on. I have no doubt I’m guilty of that, and probably enjoy in more than I should. Call it boredom personified. A sick form of fun.

    You are right, fnord, in we should abandon the place completely, as it accomplishes nothing and is indeed a complete waste of time.

    A question: has anyone from the other side attempted to post here, and if so, who were they? Just curious 🙂

    • Not that I know of. I was paranoid enough to think ‘they’ would look for us and recommended new nics and secrecy. As far as I know no one cares, no one has looked… But they haven’t needed to look, we’ve never stopped being their targets for abuse right there where they are comfortable.

      • lilacluvr

        I noticed one day that the Cons on the WE blog were talking about how they had run off all the liberals and each one was very smug in taking the credit.

        It was like watching a bunch of middle school kids equipped with too much mouth and not enough brains in a pissing contest.

        I wonder what their personal lives must be like? There are days when I can post more than others but I usually come and go with my posting. My days are too full to just sit at the computer 24/7 and try to get my kicks from intentionally being cruel to people I don’t agree with politically.

        But, I confess also, that I have had those moments in the middle of responding to a certain few Cons on the WE blog that my mind somehow goes to that dark place and I can be cruel – but what good does it do?

        I think some of these Cons actually like the fighting and maybe really don’t care about the issues all that much – it is the fight they want?

        After all, if they really cared about the issues – then why are they on the blog 24/7 and not getting involved.

    • jammer5

      Comfort zone is the key. Some of us went to a couple of bbqs with hank and nathan, and had an excellent time. But put em on the blog, and the change is morbid. The more I learn about them, the more I don’t want to have anything to do with them. It’s a shame how politics and religion can divide so radically.

  3. I have never done anything but approve a legit blogger. I’ve deleted the obvious spam that wants us to enhance our sexuality, or buy vitamins…, but never a person. To my knowledge Iggy deleted only one blogger and that after we all agreed.

    • jammer5

      I deleted a blogger after visiting her website, and iggy agreed. She had nothing to do with that other place.

      • Damn you Jammers, what did I ever do to you!!! Blahahahahhaha, you guys 🙂 . Suckers for punishment 🙂 . I think you should continue to politely get up their nostrils in an orderly manner. The line starts here and no pushing in !!!

      • jammer5

        Feel free to join in on the fun, looner 🙂

  4. wicked

    Now my curiosity has been aroused. (No jokes, please.) I’m going to have to go check on what happened to satisfy it.

    I pop in maybe once a week or two, might leave a one-liner every couple of months, if that. But all in all, there’s nothing there that interests me. Junior high was long, long ago, and something I was glad to leave behind. Why revisit it with adults playing the roles of the students?

    But I will go see what prompted iggy to post this thread.

  5. lilacluvr

    But to be completely honest, I do like to get Ok grannie’s goat from time to time – especially when the old girl is after our Linda.

    And grannie is ALWAYS after our Linda about something – isn’t she?

  6. anniethemoose

    Indeed many more pleasant ways to waste your time

  7. Most days when I post there I’m like you, Lilac, and do a drive by never to return to see who may have disagreed and how.

    Does oko seem to have split personalities? I am reminded of junior high school and she is the person who wants to be ‘in,’ but hasn’t ever quite felt that she’s accepted, so continues to try too hard. It’s sad to get into your 60s and not have accepted yourself.

    • lilacluvr

      She reminds me of those church ladies who sit in church with their Bible properly positioned for all to see but can’t wait to get home and start churning up that gossip mill.

      That’s why I usually go the Religious route with her – because I know that’s her particular drug of choice to get so mad about.

      She told me once that she would pray for me to ‘see the truth’ and I told her to keep her prayers to herself because I knew they were not going anywhere. That was the day that I lost perspective in the heat of the argument. That was the day I stopped going to that blog for quite a long time.

      I don’t feel good after fighting with people and I am doing no one any good by wasting my time fighting with someone who just wants to fight.

      Besides, I am too busy telling everyone I know to register as Republican for the primary to vote Tiahrt out. Surprisingly, I am getting alot of feedback from people (from all stripes of politics) that they are fed up with Tiarht. They see him as arrogant, self-righteous and out of touch.

      Hmmm….must be that Christian love he professes to have for everyone – what do you think?

  8. Bad Biker

    WE Blog has become a playground for a few far right lunatics that just have no other life than banging away at their keyboards, tossing out insult after insult and trying to make themselves into something they are not, and never will be.

    I got into it with Regular a few days ago. The topic was tort reform vis a vi healthcare costs. The claim was that tort reform, capping jury awards, would lower HC costs. Generally, cap proposals are $250,000 for pain and suffering, with no punitive damages.

    I noted, that for the family of Jason Sutton, $250,000 before legal fees would be a slap in the face.

    After a bit of back and forth, Regular stated that my “use of his family’s sorrow to score political points was pathetic.”

    My response to Regular was not printable in a family newspaper.

    • lilacluvr

      How is Jason’s family doing? I’ve always wanted to ask but did not want to appear like I was intruding or being insensitive.

      To me the health care debate is more than about profits for some insurance company. These are real people facing real problems due to our inadequate and unfair health care system.

      And yet those fighting the hardest to keep the status quo of keeping obscene profits in health care are usually those who profess to be such caring, Christian people and/or people (like Regular) who has their health care paid for by taxpayers so they really don’t care about the next guy.

      • Bad Biker

        “How is Jason’s family doing?”

        As well as can be expected. Cheryl received a modest life insurance pay out and bought a double wide mobile home. Her car was paid off by the loan insurance. Her kids are doing okay – grandmother moved from Arizona to help out.

        She has filed suit against the hospitals, but that will take years to resolve.

  9. Here’s what I think about the Moran Tiahrt race.

    They are both religious right-wing nutjobs. The kind that want to wield power and have absolutely nothing to do with genuine faith, love, charity or kindness.

    Moran is firmly entrenched at C Street and is very dangerous. Tiahrt is a wannabe and I see him staying that way because he is stupid. He can’t pretend to be doing the things of government while making way for the theocracy that will allow control. He is the Scott Roeder of the right to life people — a loose cannon who is stupid enough to shoot a man in a church with many witnesses and convince himself that furthers the cause. Tiahrt is too loose a cannon and those who are smarter know he is dangerous to their cause.

    That said, wouldn’t it be better to put Tiahrt rather than Moran in the empty Senate seat? Probably. And of the two there is also the question of who might a Democrat more easily win against. Again, I think that might be Tiahrt.

    I just can’t vote for the idiot! So I will take pleasure in voting for his opponent. And then I’ll watch Moran very closely. With Brownback as governor and Moran as senator where will the time machine take us Kansans?

  10. I think it was Agnatha who posted recently (paraphrasing ’cause I closed that tab):

    Like Roberts would say, Tiahrt and Moran are at the OK corral and only one of them will be left standing.

    If we can’t beat them any other way, and in Kansas it seems we can’t, then I’ll take one of them taking the other out as the gift it is.

  11. lilacluvr

    I have to disagree with you about a Democrat winning against Tiarht. I just don’t see that happening unless the Democrat is well known and well funded.

    As for Moran, I know he lives at C Street but I don’t think of Moran as a Bible thumper in the same sense I think of Tiarht in that way.

    The main difference between Moran and Tiarht is the fact that he voted against the Medicare Prescription plan that Bush pushed through. I rememember when the vote came down – Moran was berated by fellow Republicans for not voting with the rest of the party.

    But if Republicans are serious about all their rants and protesting about all the federal spending, then wouldn’t their only vote be for Moran and not Tiarht? After all, to hear Republicans now – none of them liked Bush and didn’t know he was such a big spender.

    Yeah, right and I have a bridge to nowhere for sale.

  12. They do seem able to change their position while claiming it’s the way they always felt and convince themselves that’s the truth.

    Us evil libuhruls change our minds but never attempt to convince anyone that’s how we always thought, let alone convince ourselves!

    You mean not everyone recognizes Tiahrt is stupid? 🙂 You could be right because the radicals at WEBlog (the only place I encounter those people!) do like their Rep.

    Wouldn’t it be just the best dream come true that both of these men would be sent packing? One takes out the other in the primary and then loses in the general. Ah, now that’s the stuff of sweet dreams!

    • lilacluvr

      Who is the Democrat running – has anyone filed yet? I’m thinking that if Tiarht gets pushed out at the primary level, his supporters will just get mad and either stay home or write in Tiarht’s name at the general election.

      You know those rabid radical righties – they will yell, scream, rant, rave and try to bully everyone into what they want and expect everyone to bow down to them because God is on their side.

      • I don’t think there is one yet. I’ve heard some names tossed around but am not familiar enough with any of them to be able to remember a single one.

  13. I told Brownlee a while back that I was going to boycott his place. He replied to me, and said he thought that was a good idea.

  14. From the parent company’s website. Emphasis mine. They do pride themselves on having lots of hits! We could reduce that number. If they aren’t ‘leading,’ they may do something to affect change.

    The McClatchy Company today owns 30 daily newspapers in 29 U.S. markets. These markets are growing 50 percent faster than the national average. In each of its daily newspaper markets, McClatchy operates the leading local website, offering readers information, comprehensive news, advertising, e-commerce and other services.

  15. It would be generous to call “Anti” retarded. Arguing with douchebags like him is beneath me.

    If Monkeyhawk ever shows up again, I need to ask him what he gets out of going there. I think his humor is wasted at the place because one can’t satirize satire.

    • It’s a pointless exercise to debate with conservatives, especially on a blog site.

      The ones that are sincere don’t listen to anything you have to say, just spout the propaganda that they were spoon fed by the propagandist of thier choice. And they do it verbatim. And if you are particularly effective in your argument, and they find themselves backed into a corner (which happens generally fairly early in the debate), they start attacking you personally, though they don’t even know you and throwing all sorts of insults at you. And they think it wins them “points” to do so.

      And there are others who are there merely to “rank” on you and pat themselves on the back for being part of the crowd. They aren’t there to debate anything, just to insult as many people that disagree with them as they can find to pester.

      I ask you, would you argue with a kindergartener? No, well then…

  16. When is the KS primary election?

  17. lilacluvr

    Has anyone else heard about some Republican Congressman named Bill Otto from Leroy KS that had a video of a redneck rap on Youtube that is causing quite a stir? The video had been pulled and this quite proud Bill Otto was saying he did not know why it was pulled.

    It seems this guy was on Youtube having a ranting fit about Obama while wearing some sort of redneck hat and then said something about opposum – the other dark meat.

    I read the article yesterday on the Huffington Post but never paid much attention to it. But just now when I signed into my Cox webmail, there was a little tidbit news that this guy is going to repost his redneck rap video.

    Again, we are back to this juvenile junior-high childish behavior. And these are the best and brightest the Republicans have to offer?

    But, remember, these are the same type of people that laughed with Rush when he compared Chelsea Clinton to being the White House dog. They haven’t grown up much since 1992 – have they?

  18. In searches yesterday that led to this site number one was:

    “Joan Baez” – 97

    Number two was:

    “Jessica Simpson’s ass” – 10

    I still can’t figure out why that post from long ago is getting so many hits and searches.

    • Do you think it could be on one of those automatically generated loops? I don’t understand well enough to ask the question more clearly, but do remember back when we first began our site was tied into some kind of place where our blog would come up for a few seconds in a loop. Do you remember?

      • I remember and forgot what it was called. I think this is where someone goes to say, google, and searches for “Joan Baez” and our place gets a hit because there is an old thread about Joan.

        I wondered out loud a while ago if Joan is back in the news for some reason – this has been a consistent thing for some time now.

      • wicked

        I think I did see something recently about her, but I don’t remember why or when. Let’s face it, when it comes to memory, I’m out of the running.

    • Wouldn’t you like to be able to see the WEBlog stats? Do you think they have a ‘Joan Baez,’ or ‘Jessica Simpson’s ass’ that probably accounts for most of the hits they are so proud of?

      • lilacluvr

        KPTS was running a special about Joan Baez just the other night. They were talking about the Civil Rights movement and her career during those times.

        Maybe that is why people are making searches for Joan?

    • Zippy

      That’s easy: lotsa folks looking for Jessica Simpson’s ass. 🙂

      I agree with Wicked: WEBlog has become insufferable boring. If Phil & Co. hit on a pet topic or really important issue, I might post something, but it’s generally not even worth the effort.

      If you post, detailed hit-and-run–with sources–is probably the way to go, at least without wasting valuable chunks of life.

      But quietly ignoring the place is good, too.

      Anyone hear from Jed?

      • He posted a couple of things a few days ago. His posts were made late at night and didn’t get ‘approved’ until the next morning. I hope that didn’t cause him to become disinterested. I always enjoy hearing his ‘take’ on any subject. Not sure if he ever even returned to see whether his posts finally made the light of day.

        Only one approval per ‘nic’ is required, then you’re good to go. I don’t think we want to change that policy. There is no need to be approving of everything and everyone.

  19. lilacluvr

    Just Binged me some info (used to be Google but now my computer Bings)

    The date of the KS primary is August 3, 2010 and the Democrat running is Charles Schollenberg from Prairie Village KS. He is a former newspaper editor.

    Does anyone know anything about this guy?

  20. wicked

    Tiarht isn’t stupid. He’s evil. Look at his eyes sometime. Dead evil. I remember years ago when our theatre group was part of the local festival parade and, of course, so was he. I saw him in the parking lot as we assembled for the parade and knew with one look that he was the devil’s spawn. Of course I don’t believe in the devil, but I do believe in evil, a synonym for Tiarht.

    Hint for all the ladies: Do not walk a parade route in 5 inch spike heels. 😉

    • lilacluvr

      Hint taken about the heels and I’ve only seen Tiarht once in person – gave me the heebie jeebies. (now if that phrase doesn’t date me as old – nothing will).

    • Zippy

      No, he is evil and stupid.

      But he’s not as stupid as he seems sometimes; he’s just smart enough to be an effective pawn for the powerful interests who own him.

      If I get all philosophical, I’m unsure about the concept of pure evil (as opposed to serious mental illness: isn’t what BTK did essentially crazy?), but I agree essentially with the legal approach: if they’re doing evil and they know they’re doing evil, call it evil and save the philosophy for later.

  21. wicked

    She reminds me of those church ladies who sit in church with their Bible properly positioned for all to see but can’t wait to get home and start churning up that gossip mill.

    You just described my former in-laws, lilac, men (deacons, btw), included.

  22. lilacluvr

    wicked – off subject – but I read on the Caringbridge website that Payton got to come home – correct? How is she doing?

    It’s always great when they get to come home and stay home.

    • wicked

      She came home Saturday. That’s the second homecoming and we hope she won’t have to go back again. They’re off to the pediatrician here as I type. CMH sent her home with instructions for 10 times the methadone she was supposed to be taking. They’ll sit down with the doctor and work out a schedule to wean her back down to where she should be. The methadone is a replacement for the morphine and others she had after surgery, and they were supposed to be weaning her off of it, until they discovered yesterday about the screw up. She’s eating better and not tossing it up nearly as much, but that could be because they have her propped on a special wedge pillow. Hopefully, she’ll outgrow the reflux.

      Thanks for asking, lilac. The prayers and good thoughts are what got her through the ordeal and back home again.

      • lilacluvr

        I work in a pharmacy and I hope they get that Methadone titrated to the needed dosage. It’s always hard when they are so little and they really can’t tell you when they hurt, where they hurt, etc. Please keep us posted as to how she is doing. I think about her and the rest of your family every day.

        I believe in the power of prayers and good thoughts because it is all that positive energy flowing through the universe that keeps the evil from ruining the good in the world. And I really believe there are alot of good people in the world.

  23. tosmarttobegop

    I have said it before, it depends on the mood I wake up in. If I want to act like the drunk would wants a fight I go to TBTSNBN first. Otherwise saying that if I just want to get in a argument and it does not matter why.
    Though for the most part I believe I am scroll over there so it does me no good.

    I do get sick of the crap there, mindless and often pointless there.
    I have not been spending as much time with that other blog, unless I hit there first.
    When I leave here I will go there to see what the topics are.

    • lilacluvr

      Does it really even matter what the topics are? The same Cons spew the same hate-filled talking points they get from Rush, Beck, Hannity, Coulter, Baachman and others no matter what the topic is.

      The Party of NO is really the Party of Anti-Obama on everything.

      Obama could bring everlasting world peace this afternoon and these Cons would be mad because he has ruined our military by making them obsolete. That is their logic – Obama can never do anything right.

  24. David B

    I am willing to make them go cold turkey for wnat of someone to bash.

  25. lilacluvr

    Bad Biker..
    She has filed suit against the hospitals, but that will take years to resolve.


    Contrary to Republicans’ rant about health care needing tort reform due to so many frivolous lawsuits – it is not that easy to go after hospitals and/or doctors when a patient has been harmed.

    In my own case, a doctor at Wesley misdiagnosed my colon cancer and as a result I wound up with an abscess the size of a Coke can in my abdomen – which further complicated my actual cancer mass in my colon. I changed doctors and the doctor that saved my life told me the first doctor missed it completely – but try to get any doctor to testify against another one – right?

    I went to two different attorneys and both told me that my case would have more chance of winning if I had actually died. Due to the fact that I survived, I was told that the opposing attorney would say ‘Where is the harm? The patient lived’.

    And this is justice? My husband and I both requested the first doctor to give me a CT scan or MRI before being discharged home with only diverticulitis and she refused. I even checked with my insurance thinking they were refusing to pay for it – and that was not the case.

    So, filing any type of medical malpractice lawsuit is extremely difficult. I was advised to find some attorney who was trying to build their practice by taking these ‘iffy’ cases and be prepared to spend $100,000 minimum to get the lawsuit going.

    Yeah, right, Mr. Lawyer man, I’ll take that $100,000 out of my little change purse where I keep my mad money for all those little frivolous things I want in life.

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      It is extremely difficult in Kansas; won’t go into detail, but first the plaintiff must get by the screening panel, then on to court. The $100,000 estimate is conservative, BTW.

    • I have worked in Med Mal. Plaintiff’s lawyers only take cases that they are pretty sure they can win because they generally do so on a “contingency basis,” which means they don’t get paid any money unless they win a trial or negotiate a settlement on your behalf. They can rack up YEARS of upfront costs before they ever win anything, so you see why they wouldn’t take a case unless they thought it was in the bag. In order to win they have to be able to prove negligence on the part of the doctor and/or hospital and that is not always easy to do, because, as you said, it is not always easy to find a doctor that is willing to go to court and tell the truth. They stick together like cops sometimes do.

      Another reason why you couldn’t find anyone to take your case is because the damages have to be high in order for the judge or jury to award you a lot of money. If you miss work or can no longer work, have to pay your own medical bills, have to buy medical supplies, equipment or be on expensive prescription medication for the rest of your life, get dropped by your insurance company and/or can no longer get insurance, or lose the use of any part of your body, those are all things for which actual monetary damages can be awarded. You have to have actual monetary damages in a large amount before a plaintiff’s attorney will take your case because he is pretty much going to try to make sure your monetary needs are going to be covered by your award or settlement, but also needs his costs to be covered as well. And his costs are going to be considerable.

      Tort reform is a load of crap. Study after study shows that tort reform would do little, if anything, to lower the cost of healthcare. I know for a fact that insurance companies are willing to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to avoid paying a few thousand dollars to a plaintiff injured by one of their covered doctors.

      Think about THAT. If they would only admit fault in the cases where they know they are at fault, things would be much better. But they refuse to do so. And then they want to turn around and blame the victim. Even when the victim of malpractice is able to find a lawyer and win an award, they have to wait for years to get it and the original award is usually lowered by an appellate court before they ever receive a penny. Even then, they barely get enough to cover the costs that they have to bear due to someone else’s negligence.

      • lilacluvr

        And yet we have people who are fighting to keep this status quo?

        Is it any wonder the ones who profit the most from the current health care system picked the Conservative Republicans to fight for their cause. These people have already proven themselves gullible because a majority of them are proud dittoheads.

  26. jammer5

    Well, I stopped by the old place, and a rush thread was started. Our old friend, Nathanial, posted first, and it is indeed a dozy. Reading posts reinforced not posting there anymore.

    • What would you call it that Rush is an entertainer when they need him to be and a spokesperson when that fits their need? Did you notice how they defend or deflect depending on what the situation is?

  27. At a little after 2 this afternoon our new friend, Paula, told us, “It’s a pointless exercise to debate with conservatives, especially on a blog site.” She went on and added to her sage advice. I so appreciate her wisdom.

    I didn’t even look in there today. My name is Linda and I have been WEBlog free for one day. One day at a time. 🙂

  28. David B

    Stay strong and serene. Avoid abuse.

  29. Hi, my name is Steve, and I have been free of the toxin known as the WEBlog for one day. I am proud…

  30. For those who have been unable to make such a pledge, we may have to think some other things through…

      • lilacluvr

        I must confess, I did go in to see what the topics were today and I could not resist giving Hank the business about his Golden Idol Rush being kicked to the curb by the NFL.

        You must admit, we did pick a bad day for going cold turkey – didn’t we?

  31. Zippy

    I didn’t hear. So Rush can’t buy his team? Haha! Too bad!

    But I can resist tweaking them about that. I generally don’t show up with the intention of tweaking anyone–it just happens.

    And I don’t have much interest in posting just to get their goats.

    Yawn. . . .

  32. Thunderchild

    This is NOT the time to give up the fight. The cons are on the run. We can’t let up now.

    • anniethemoose

      How do you know if you have won ?
      What changes when you have won ?
      What reward do you receive ?

    • I can. It isn’t a contest for me so I see no reason to think there should be anything won or lost. Even reading the new creative ways to belittle people feels bad.

    • If they are on the run it would only be because they have fewer targets for their abuse.

    • wicked

      Which cons are on the run? The WEBlog ones or just cons in general?

      Cons in general are probably regrouping, trying to find the next lie to present. They won’t give up. They’ll kill themselves trying to win at whatever cost. That cost could include the death of the party. I’m happy to let the Republican party commit political suicide.

      As for the others over there, they’re losers, and I don’t tend to hang around with a bunch of dried up old nobodies whose favorite sport is to belittle others. It’s bad for the soul, folks.

      They won’t give up either, although they may disappear from over there, one by one, as many already have. Think about it. It’s become a chess board with designated pawns. Amway says one thing, then Johnson comes along and spends the evening posting copy & paste propaganda. Old gram is there to just throw mud and slime. As for the one with many nics, he has no life. And I thought I didn’t. Ha! He’s got me beat. Losers, each and every one.

      When my grandkids get into arguments, I remind them that it’s the smarter one who remains silent. It takes two to argue. If one steps out of it, where does that leave the other? Looking pretty stupid arguing with self.

      My guess is the hits are down over there, and once there’s nothing going on except a bunch of back-patting by the few who are left, the hits will be even less. Think about it. How many new posters have there been in the past couple of years?

  33. Thunderchild

    Well, you know where to find me. This is a critical time. Either we will defeat these people once and for all or they will surge back stronger than ever. I know where I have to be.

  34. Using a single label to define any person makes no sense to me, and it doesn’t make more sense because the label is Liberal rather than Conservative.

    It’s like saying PrairiePond is lesbian and thinking that defines the whole of who she is. Or saying I am female so that represents everything about me.

    Radical opinions are radical whether they’re expressed by someone I agree with politically or not. There just aren’t enough posters at that blog who aren’t radical — on both sides!

    Thunderchild, you do the cause harm when you are as narrow minded as your opposition!

  35. Zippy

    Thunderchild, defeating the cons means defeating the arguments, the lies, the half-truths, the distractions, and the spin, all of it.

    The “so’s your mom!” discourse they prefer achieves none of that.

    By all means, keep engaging them, but once it’s turned into a virtual food-fight, I see little point of continuing the discussion. Those “on the fence” may respond to hard facts well-put, but the typical sophism of even GMC or Outie is little more than whining.

    Sure point it out, even laugh at them if you want. But I wouldn’t get caught up in the silly back-and-forth.

    And there is some new blood to take up the slack (i.e. Daniel, toto). I particularly like Daniel’s approach—he rarely gets rattled.

    As for me, well, sorry, but my life is calling, and I think I can accomplish more change engaging my elected Congressperson and the folks in my local community. . . which is in a way, an argument for continuing to engage the spam cons, I guess.

    But only if they’re actually saying something worthy of a response, i.e., either worthwhile or parroting common misconceptions.

    The lame defenses of Rush didn’t really fall in either category. It was the smell of desperation. If I chose to post, I would have pointed out the absurdity of what they were saying, and left at that.

    By the time I got there several others did exactly that, so what’s the point?

    Yawn. . . .

    • lilacluvr

      Zippy – I am ‘toto’ on the WE blog. I usually do some drive-by postings which is why I don’t linger too long.

      I must admit that I have gotten caught up in the heat of the argument with a few Cons over there and that is why I’ve decided to just go cold turkey over there.

      I’ve decided that I need to concentrate on keeping my focus on the big picture and stop the insane tit for tat that the Cons seem to enjoy on the WE blog.

      I really believe we are seeing the battle for the Republican Party being played out. Only in the last few weeks have we seen the Old Guard of Republican leaders coming out and speaking against the current crazy fringe leaders who are doing all the yelling and screaming.

      BTW – what is your nic over there?

  36. Thunderchild

    I’ll go on alone with the fighters on the WE Blog who remain. I’ve done it before.

    I have to say that I am disappointed. Just as I am disappointed in our do nothing President.

    Perhaps I should have given this forum a better chance. But the fact of it is, what you have here is a retreat. A place to get away. And that’s fine if you are out of the way. I’m not. I draw my line on the WE Blog where I helped to carve out and establish a progressive voice in a regressive state.

    • I think you have been around the cons too long BJ, your grandiosity is showing.

    • I’m not in the area, so I have never been on the WE blog site. And I would never have a reason to go there. (God help you all)

      Having said that, I understand what Thunderchild is saying about trying to make a showing for progressives on what is supposed to be a neutral site. To the casual observer, if they wander onto the WE blog, they are going to see all the comments and think that the majority is represented. And it clearly is not. So, I can understand that someone would want to make sure that the progressive voice is represented.

      However, for those of you (and I include myself in this category) who have wasted hours trying to reason with people who lack the capacity, who, when faced with a rational argument, continue to parrot the party line, even when it doesn’t make a lick of sense against the argument that you have put forward, I understand the retreat from the WE blog site.

      Progressives have to be able to identify people who have the capacity to LISTEN and ANALYZE from those whose minds are slammed shut tighter than spandex pants on an overweight woman. Because if we keep trying to argue with the brainwashed, we will drive ourselves crazy. Additionally it is a complete waste of time when you could be spending your time ENLIGHTENING the unknowing and changing minds that have the capacity to change.

      I like the drive-by method of posting on a site like this. It accomplishes the goal of having a progressive voice represented while avoiding the time-wasting problem of participating in actual discourse. It is highly difficult for some to avoid driving back by to see what reaction their comment has created, but remember this: NEVER RETURN TO THE SCENE OF THE CRIME.

  37. Let’s get real: at best, at the very best, blogging is a waste of time. There’s nothing wrong with blogging, but to think that it represents some sort of noble mission borders on being delusional, IMHO.

    So, for me, the question becomes do I blog and hang around people who are dishonest, insulting, and trolls or do I hang around people who see things more like me?

    Sorry. The question doesn’t even approach being difficult for me.

    TC. I have one last word for you to ponder. Here’s the word and definition.

    Main Entry: quix·ot·ic
    Pronunciation: \kwik-ˈsä-tik\
    Function: adjective
    Etymology: Don Quixote
    Date: 1718
    1 : foolishly impractical especially in the pursuit of ideals; especially : marked by rash lofty romantic ideas or extravagantly chivalrous action
    2 : capricious, unpredictable

    synonyms see imaginary

  38. Thunderchild


  39. Goodbye?

    Goodbye — as in you won’t visit this website? Everyone makes their own decision of where and when they blog. Along with a plethora of other personal decisions we each make.

    Goodbye — as in goodbye to friends you won’t see or speak to again? Your loyalty to a friend is predicated on where they blog?

    Who the hell do you think you are? Are you saying if another person doesn’t make the exact same decisions you make — about blogging for gawds sake — then just, goodbye?

    With the world full of important challenges, blogging is inconsequential in the scheme of things.

    For me, and me only, because I never would presume to tell another adult person how to spend their time, blogging is about spending (virtual) time with people I respect, people I enjoy spending time with. It’s the way I relax. It’s often the way I learn. Frequently it’s entertaining and fun! I’m not going to save the world, but I intend to protect my own sanity and be as good a citizen as I can be. I’m certainly not going to give anyone permission to abuse me. Been there, done that, learned the lesson.

    If you give someone power, they have it.

  40. Another point about what Thunderchild said earlier regarding this being a “retreat.” It may be that, but there is real power in gathering together groups of people who have the same mind set. When you do that, you can actually accomplish things.

    This is exactly what the conservative movement has done in the past fifty years. They actively searched for those that agreed with them, got monied folks to give financial support and went about setting up “think tanks” and other groups that would support their philosophy and vision and help them bring it to fruition. All those groups set about wheedling their way in with the media (while conservatives set about buying up the media) and they not only became “mainstream,” but they also became “expert” talking heads for the cable news and then the network news.

    Studying the enemy pays dividends. It’s time for progressives to band together instead of trying to fight off the evil conservative hoard in small skirmishes and guerrilla attacks. This site can help bring like minds together in order to accomplish real goals. And that could bring real change. Isn’t that a better use of one’s time that arguing with dittoheads?

  41. Thunderchild

    “Goodbye — as in goodbye to friends you won’t see or speak to again?”

    Well of course not. (I DID say you know where to find me)But you guys seem to want to have done with the WE Blog. I make a different choice. You guys see it as me wasting my time. And lately you’re getting more pointed and impatient in saying so. But mostly what you do over here is gripe about how awful the WE Blog is. For my part, I’m sure it’s fairly apparent I see you all as bailing the fight. Hopefully, we respect and understand each other’s decisions. You all don’t have to visit the WE Blog and I really have no reason to come here and read about how bad the WE Blog is. No hard feelings before there are hard feelings.

    • jammer5

      I disagree. We have had posts, such as this one, that we talk about that ‘other’ place, but for the most part we discuss just about anything, from financial to health care to politics in general to what are you doing today to just plain having fun. If you want to see us as just “anti weblog”, that’s your business, but you’d be wrong on many levels.

      • I concur with Jammer. It wouldn’t be the slightest bit interesting to me if the WE blog was all that was discussed here. But there is so much more here. And it isn’t like everyone here agrees on all the issues. There are many different viewpoints and shared experiences here that are interesting and valuable. So it is worth the trip. 😉

  42. wicked

    Blogs are all about sharing ideas or bits and pieces of life. WEBlog has none of that. It’s been 2 or 3 years since there’s been any real rational discussion between the commenters. (We aren’t bloggers there. We don’t introduce the topics except in an Open Thread.)

    Those who are now regulars (one of which uses that as a nic), aren’t interested in discussing. They only desire to throw mud, call names, and act like juveniles. Unfortunately, this is what much of the country is becoming.

    And speaking of juveniles, the g-kids are here, so I have to run.

  43. I would contend that the anti-WE Blog comments are relatively rare. Those threads get a lot of attention, because it is the shared experience that many here have. They also tend to prompt comments, like from Paula, who don’t share the WE experience. Being on the receiving end of trolling and flaming is a pretty common experience I would guess. I wonder if a poll has been done on that?

    And to be completely clear, trolling and flaming whether one is the recipient of the perpetrator accomplishes, in my humble opinion, much less than nothing. If preferring a non-flaming, non-trolling blogging experience means I have given up something important (which, I don’t think it means that), I am guilty.

  44. lilacluvr

    What I find in our blog is the respect and courtesy of all bloggers for everyone to express their views.

    Whether we agree or disagree, I don’t feel the pressure here that I feel over on the WE blog.

    I don’t feel there will ever be anyone on this blog that will start throwing out personal attacks and go for the jugular just to score so-called political points.

    When I think of the WE blog, I think of the food fights in the cafeteria when I was in junior high or in the locker room. That’s about the level of behavior on the other blog – immature kids with big mouths and very little sense.

  45. Thunderchild

    Ok you hate the WE Blog. And it may be my con roots that attract me to fighting there.

    In my own defense, I have never advocated the use of this place for what I think it would be most useful for.

    This COULD be a rally point and a strategy forum. Not just for attacking the cons on the WE Blog, but for efforts to make it better.

    We have, or rather those of you who post here, have a strength the cons do not and that is cooperative action. By their very nature, cons work alone. Let them alone for any length of time and they turn on one another.

    They already suspect this place exists. But they see it as I do. A place you all have run away to.

    You’ve figured out you can’t reason with those people. And I have said that that was impossible all along. But you also dare not ignore those people and retire here. That , as you may have seen just encourages them that you have quit and energizes them. This ISN’T the time for that.

    I ENJOY hurting those people. And I enjoy them trying to hurt me. It demonstrates how cruel they really are. They are not terribly bright most of them and certainly not very nice. Have fun with that on occasion. Don’t feel guilty or mean in doing it. They certainly don’t.

    It IS a fight. They get that. We had better.

    I don’t know what their “free” market would put that at. It is my 2 cents.

  46. “They already suspect this place exists. But they see it as I do. A place you all have run away to.”

    Sorry your thinking process has been so comprised by their idiocy. Hope you can find someone to help you with that, BJ.

    “I ENJOY hurting those people.”

    Those folk, and I have met some of them, are real pathetic jerks, that no one with any sense, would take them at all seriously. Hope you can find someone to help you with this problem, too.

    Since you take them seriously TC, I am starting to worry about you. Get some help. ComCare is supposed to see all who present to them – with resources, or not…

  47. Thunderchild

    Well gee Steven, I didn’t insult you. And I won’t.

  48. wicked

    Actually, they have some very good counselors/therapists at ComCare. The one I saw certainly was. I can only remember his first name, but he was nice and calm and assured me that mentally hitting my ex (soon to be, at that time) in the head with a baseball bat was not a sign that I was insane. As long as I didn’t do it in real time. 🙂 You should try it, TC. Mental ball bats, that is. Or ComCare. Take your pick.

  49. I was not insulting you TC. I was serious in suggesting that maybe it is time to reflect on your world views – maybe some help from a neutral party would help. I don’t see getting help as an insult – another sign, you have been amongst the crazy for too long…

  50. wicked

    TC, the negative energy you’re putting out is not healthy, mentally or physically. The kind of hate you have will eat you alive.

  51. Thanks, Wicked. You made the point much better than I could. Hope you are doing well, and are up late writing the next great novel.

    Night, all … I am off to bed, must be up tomorrow at 0600 as they would say in military time.

  52. Thunderchild, come here anytime you want! If it isn’t your style of blogging and doesn’t interest you, stop by just to say hi and keep in touch.

  53. lilacluvr

    TC – as you said previously, without liberals to bash – the Cons on the WE blog will turn on each other. And what better way to get rid of this group is there?

    I heard someone on Keith Olbermann’s show last night talking about the GOP fracturing into 2 groups because of that very thing – the Right and then the Far Right are at battle for control of the party.

    The very fact that 20% of the population are even willing to claim they are Republican is very telling. If they can only must 20% – what possible hope do they have to take over?

    What the WE blog Cons do is the same thing every day – they bash, rehash, regurgitate Rush.

    I think the majority of Americans are smart enough to realize that politicians have not been working together for a long time. But at least the Democrats are appearing to be reaching out their hand in compromise to the Republicans and it is the Republicans who have shown themselves to be obstructionists – and that is not going over well with the independents.

    And at election time – it is the independents that the winning party needs.