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Obama has a judge problem

GR2009101600559Only three of the president’s 23 nominations for federal judgeships have been confirmed.  Not only are his nominations not being confirmed, but he is slacking on making nominations.  In the same period that Obama has named 23 nominees, President George W. Bush forwarded 95. Caseloads are beginning to clog the federal judicial system, with 10 percent of judicial seats remaining vacant in appeals and district courts.

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Smaller “more pure” Republican Party

The economy, Afghanistan, the charges of radical leftist/communist/Marxist/Maoist agenda, all the controversy around reforming health care and the inexplicable opposition to anything Obama should indicate success for Republicans in the 2010 mid term elections.  All those factors should also point toward this president likely being a one-term president.  If you listen to the people who seem to be Republican spokespersons, that’s what they will tell you will happen.  But if you study the numbers, that’s not what’s going on.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting story that contends Tea Party activists are energizing the Republican Party, but all that enthusiasm comes with a price: They may be scaring away the moderates that would help the GOP retake the House in 2010.  With closed primaries, the smaller “more pure” Republican party will nominate only the most far right-wing movement conservatives they can find, further alienating moderates.

Yes, the loudest of the Republicans are predicting a big comeback and just may be the reason the party stays out of power until they get their heads on straight.



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Swearing off of the place… Finally…

IMG_3868[2]I will not go back there.  I am referring to the WE Blog.  I got into a flaming response with Anti (the only poster who posted there  in oposition to another poster).  I am done with those folk.  I will not read there and will definitely not post there.

Please join me in this drive toward sanity…


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Friday, 10/16/09, Public Square

boss's dayFor those going to a job this morning — heads up, cause it never hurts to suck up occasionally.  Today has been registered with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce as “National Boss’s Day.”

Today is a a day to celebrate having a job!

Boss Day Quotes, Sayings For Boss Day



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