Michael Steele: The New drag queenRepublican!

steelecowMichael Steele, the leader of the Republican party, except when he isn’t and Rush leads, has stated:

“The feeling in some circles is that this health care train has left the station with the president at the wheel, and Republicans better jump on board,” says our host.

“Well I’m the cow on the tracks,” proclaimed Steele.  “You’re gonna have to stop the train to get this cow off the track to move forward.”

That statement is pretty hilarious, considering a cow is female. Apparently, Steele will then be dressed in drag, a picture nobody should be required to see, let alone visualize.

However, besides the ridiculous statement, what he is proving is the fight is a long way from being over. Even though the bill passed the financial committee, with the help of one Republican, to get the bill passed by both houses, and in a form that will actually benefit the people of this country, will require some serious debate.

Our President will have to step out of his comfort zone and start using the fact Democrats control congress to our advantage.  So far, he hasn’t shown a whole lot of leadership ability in that area. He needs to quit sniping at news pundits and get on with the business of seeing to it true health care reform, as he promised, is passed. Putting road blocks like Steele in their place shouldn’t be all that difficult when you control congress. The Democrats need to remember that trains have cow catchers on the front for a reason. Start using it.

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13 responses to “Michael Steele: The New drag queenRepublican!

  1. wicked

    He’s about as effective as…well, nothing. Not even to his own party.

  2. lilacluvr

    I was listening to the Rachel Maddow show last night (Rachel was sick so Allison Stewart (?) was sitting in for her). She was talking about the recent townhall attacks fellow Republicans were heaping on to Sen. Lindsey Graham from South Carolina. The video tape was absolutely horrid. Peopel were shouting out all kinds of the worst hate speech imaginable and they all seemed to sit there with this self-righteous, evil smirk on their faces. Some were just laughing at the cleverness of the hate speech going on.

    My first thought was – and these are grown adults doing this? It sounded like a bunch of middle school kids whose mouths are bigger than their brains and trying to outdo the other one by being even more outrageous.

    But these are grown adults displaying this behavior.

    Then Allison had a dialogue with some man about the Republican Party may be on the verge of fragmenting. It was an interesting discussion.

    The theory was that the GOP current leadership has encouraged these right-wing wackos to continue with their tea parties, birthers’ nonsense, deathers’ nonsense, town hall protesters and now they cannot keep the GOP crazies out of the media spotlight. The brand has already been set and that brand of the GOP is that it helps to be crazy and rude to be a ‘real’ Republican.

    So, where does this leave those moderate Republicans who are interested in solving our problems rather than just blowing smoke? Have all these people been driven out of the GOP or are they just sitting back and waiting for all this craziness to come to an end?

    If they’re waiting for these right-wing crazies to wake up and realize they are crazy – they will be waiting a long, long time!

    Maybe we are watching the demise of the GOP – or maybe just the fragmenting of the GOP?

    Maybe Sarah Palin will break away from the GOP and start her own GOD party? One can only pray for Sister Sarah to be successful in that endeavor – and I really mean that!

    • jammer5

      Remember the riots of the sixties and seventies? Mob rule was the order of the day. That is what’s happening now. Get a bunch of crazy wingnuts together, and they turn into a mob that thinks it can rule the world.

      One thing good coming out of this is it’s all being recorded, and some day, in the future, the mobs kids or grandkids will look at the films and turn away in disgust and embarrassment.

    • klaus

      And remember: Graham is no-one’s definition of moderate. Nowhere, nohow.

      And HE’s not conservative enough?


  3. Lilac, I think the waiting started when Goldwater lost. Further, I think those who began waiting for the nutjobs to be exposed and adults to once again be the voices of reason had absolutely no idea how many nutjobs there are, and how ludicrous their behavior could be.

    Intelligence and reason don’t seem to include the ability to think like these people, to prepare for what can’t be imagined except by them. So maybe those waiting can’t compete when outrageous gets the attention.

  4. It’s quite possible these nutjobs are very small in number even tho we hear a lot from them and about them — the train wreck theory of not being able to look away.

    • wicked

      Maybe. But it’s like a virus and is spreading. I’ve seen people I would have normally thought sane start foaming at the mouth. One more reason I don’t discuss politics with friends, except those who can debate with intelligence.

      • lilacluvr

        I see this as more than just a virus, I see it is as a cancer.

        A virus can be treated and the patient made well again. Cancer just needs to be killed and taken out to make the person well again.

        With all this deep-rooted hate still seething in the Republican Party, will the party itself survive?

        I do believe we need a two party system. Otherwise one party will be the rule and that is not democracy – is it?

        But I still get this feeling that all this hatred is coming from the same source – is it when politics and religion got mixed when the Religious Right Social Conservatives hijacked the GOP?

  5. Bad Biker

    Michael Steele is the cow.

    Rush Limbaugh is the bull.*

    * Provided he has his forged Viagra prescription.

  6. klaus

    You know, I ain’t exactly a city-slicker, but I didn’t catch the cow/gender thing.

    Guess I’ve been on the east coast too long.

    Thanks for the insight.