Wednesday, 10/14/09, Public Square

success_and_happinessLet’s make a conscious effort to make this day a great one.  When we look back we’ll know today we didn’t just audit life, we showed up and made the most of it!

I find turning on all the lights in the house helps me on the cloudy rainy days.  That isn’t very ‘green,’ is it?  Some days I need to pamper myself.  🙂

This is your thread.  Your place to discuss whatever you choose!



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17 responses to “Wednesday, 10/14/09, Public Square

  1. I’m off to work for the federal government today. See you this evening!

  2. wicked

    What’s this? Rush Limbaugh is hoping to buy an NFL team? That’s the latest from MoveOn.

    Uneffing believable.

    • Bad Biker

      In partnership with the owner of the St. Louis Blues of the NHL, Limbaugh wants to buy the St. Louis Rams.

      One owner, Bob Irsay of the Colts, has already stated that he will vote against the bid. The Commish, has stated that the NFL will not accept “divisive” ownership. The players union chief has come out against the bid, as have several players.

      A bid to own a team requires the approval of the Commissioner’s office and two-thirds of the team owners.

      In other words, Rushbo will never own an NFL team.

  3. 6176746f6c6c65

    I agree, Biker, but do not look forward to the inevitable vitriol that will spew forth thereafter.

  4. G-stir

    Good ‘ole Rush could always sign on to be the tacking dummy- he’s certainly qualified.

  5. wicked

    So it’s St. Louis then. Interesting. He was a KC Royals fan at one time. In fact, George Brett was married in Rush’s backyard.

    St. Louis would lose a bunch of fans if Rush were to buy it. I know one BIG one that would desert in a New York minute. If the commisioners aren’t in favor, at least they must have a brain…or at least the semblance of one. 😉

    The man thinks way too much of himself. A downfall at some point is forthcoming at some point. I hope it’s soon. –evil grin–

  6. jammer5

    This is too funny. I posted on Palin’s facebook page replying to her bs that doctors will be “drafted” under the health care plan.

    I got an email from one of her puppets:

    Ronald Robert Markby October 14 at 1:52pm Report
    Yes, it is the intelligent people who are listening to Sarah and the less fortunate ones, lower i.e. much lower IQ who are squirming. You obviously didn’t know that she collected nearly $250,000 for her speech in China. She has already collected seven million in advance for her book. I wonder just how close you are to her financial position, accomplishments and world stature. People like you are afraid that when a Palin type gets in control, your government checks will disappear and that you will actually have to work so that you can eat. What a concept. There are lots of green jobs however, coming your way and that will be cutting grass for a living. Don’t respond since I have already blocked your e-mail since you have nothing worthwhile to contribute to any intelligent conversation. ”

    Anyone wanting to reply to this idiot can do so here:

    • wicked

      Maybe you should reply. Ask why she hasn’t been inundated with requests to speak all over the world, since China was so bowled over by her, much like a bowling pin when hit by a bowling ball. It just topples. 😉

      I guess Sarah and her b-buddies don’t believe in free speech. Block your email? ROFL

  7. lilacluvr

    I think 6176 makes a good point. If Rush is not allowed to own a NFL team, then this will only feed into Rush’s who mantra of whites being a victim and his supporters will only go even more nuttier than they already are – and each one of his supporters could be Mr. Peanut all by themselves.

    Rush knows that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are going to get mixed in this debate and then Rush can tell his supporters – see they don’t like me because I’m white.

    Rush knows how to take the publicity thunder away from Glenn Beck – doesn’t he?

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      Lilac has read me loud and clear. Among the spewing that will surely occur will be a ridiculous assertion that the owners not voting to approve are afraid of angering “liberals” who still remember his infamous comment about Donovan McNabb during his short run as an analyst on ESPN, and will then get the ditto heads in an uproar about reverse discrimination after Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson join the fray.

      • jammer5

        Both the Rev. Al and Rev. Jackson have already joined the fray, as one would expect. Would this hurt the divide if Rush is voted from co-owning am NFL team? Maybe strengthen it, and surly Rush will, and probably is already, use it to his advantage. But the bottom line is: does the NFL need a polarizing figure as an owner? Probably not. I don’t see him getting a yeah vote anytime soon.

      • wicked

        The McNabb comment isn’t the only one.

        (It wasn’t MoveOn that I saw it on, so my bad.)

  8. I do hope this is the kind of reform we’ve all acknowledged must happen if America is to have financial health!

    “House panel hammers at OTC derivatives rules

    A U.S. congressional committee started nailing down details of a bill to regulate over-the-counter derivatives on Wednesday, seeking to advance a key part of the Obama administration’s broad plan to tighten bank and capital markets oversight.”

    Continue reading —

    • wicked

      I obviously need to take some kind of financial class. When I see “OTC”, I think drugs. But that didn’t jive with bank and capital market oversights, so I had to read the entire article. Not that I understood it, but at least I wasn’t thinking Tylenol. 🙂

      Speaking of the big guys falling, there was an article in the last (not current) edition of Rolling Stone written by Matt Taibbi. My daughter said the explanation of the financial fiasco was explained simply enough for the common folk. (That would be me, although I’m not all that common, just dense.) There’s some good stuff by Matt on RS’s website. Matt is a frequent guest on Real Time. He uses the F word liberally. LOL

  9. tosmarttobegop

    You have freedom of speech, but not the freedom from being held accountable for what you say.