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Puts it in perspective, doesn’t it?  🙂  Surely those words describe other blogs more accurately than they do ours.



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  1. anniethemoose


    Time for the media to fess up

    Journalists like Evan Thomas now admit the Clinton scandals were bogus. When will they admit they played along?

    By Joe Conason

    Oct. 9, 2009 | “Better late than never” isn’t always true, but public candor from people and institutions that have misled us for many years can be refreshing — and sometimes even liberating.

    Prodded by recent events — including publication of “The Clinton Tapes,” historian Taylor Branch’s fascinating account of his contemporaneous private conversations with President Bill Clinton; the unwholesome reappearance of healthcare reform nemesis Betsy McCaughey; and perhaps even the death of retired New York Times Op-Ed columnist William Safire — certain media myth-makers of the Clinton era have suddenly uttered startling acknowledgments and even a grudging confession or two.


    Article is a good read, also makes me not very sad about the slow demise of our news paper industry.

  2. tosmarttobegop

    I have to admit old habits are hard to over come, I still get a distasteful feeling over Bill Clinton.
    But with time I have came to realize that much of what I held against him was false.

    After the revelations of David Brock who authored “Trooper-gate” that there really was a vast Conservative conspiracy. Mostly the Neo-Cons who Clinton would not give the time of day.
    He said for the most part it was total spin except for Lewinsky and oddly that revelation was an accident.
    At first they paid little attention to it and they thought is was not true.

    But they had to bring Bill Clinton down since he would not give them footing to enact their agenda.
    Several people during that time were saying that Clinton was a great President, but I had such a hatred for him I could not see.

  3. [That poster! Surely whoever created it had my blog in mind.]

    While Clinton was no progressive hero, it should have been obvious to anyone with the ability to reason that he was not the devil that he was made out to be. So many people got rich and famous by the propaganda machine and media circus that surrounded the Republican Party’s plan to bring home the presidency. And they succeeded. And they had eight years to show us what they had. And they sure did. And now look where we are.

    Can anyone tell me why there is anyone left that would call themself Republican? Does anyone know how to un-brainwash a whole section of society?

    What the complicit media–I WON’T use the word journalist to describe these soul-selling prostitutes–has wrought cannot be undone. There is no penalty harsh enough for a propagandist.

  4. tosmarttobegop

    LOL I have not done the dishes in several days, I still have plastering and painting to get done.
    Yet I have spent the last three hours on line and on blogs!

    I did go over and bury the dead cat yesterday, can’t say for sure but it did look to have been shot in front of a rear leg. The house was OK though, the neighbor told me he had seen the cat around the block for some time.

    well as I said I have other things to get done other then setting here in front of the computer.

  5. anniethemoose

    Damn liberals

    Transmitter failure takes KPNW off the air | Some of the conservative talk radio station’s listeners suspect a liberal conspiracy

    By Whitney Malkin

    The Register-Guard

    Appeared in print: Tuesday, Jul 7, 2009
    News Updates: Story

    Local conservative talk radio station KPNW AM 1120 has been off the air since Friday, and while station managers are blaming sizzling weekend temperatures, some listeners have other ideas.

    Since the station’s transmitter failed early Friday morning, Program Director Bill Lundun says, the phone lines have been jammed with concerned callers.

    Some are conspiracy theorists, convinced that the Obama administration is behind the outage.

    Ted Egan, an 80-year-old listener from Veneta, said Monday that while the station says it’s had problems with the transmitter, he thinks something else may have happened.

    “You listen to these guys talk, and they are really down on this guy Obama. They really blast him,” he said. “I don’t think he likes it, and I think he has the power to do something. To think, in this day and age that this station can just be off the air for three days … it seems strange.”

    Other listeners have told the KPNW staff that the liberal media is to blame for their favorite talk-show hosts — Lars Larson and Rush Limbaugh — going off the air.

    “One caller said he was convinced that a group of liberal terrorists had gone and attacked our transmitter,” Lundun said. “Obviously that was not the case.”

    Problems started Fri-day, when the station’s main transmitter failed.

    Hoping to keep their broadcast going, station officials switched to a 60-year-old backup transmitter, which allowed the station to broadcast until Sunday morning.

    But the station went off the air again, and when an engineer arrived at the south Eugene site to fix it, he found a room full of smoke — the older transmitter had caught fire.

    Now, the station is scrambling to get back on the air, Lundun said. He hopes that will happen today, but the wait may be longer.

    “It’s going to take a lot of work,” he said. “It’s really iffy at this point.”

    In an effort to help, McKenzie River Broadcasting offered to loan spare parts to KPNW, which is owned by Bicoastal Media.

    “We’re going to try to jury-rig something and get it on the air for a little while,” Lundun said. “Our first priority is to get the station back on the air.”

  6. Bad Biker

    I confess, it was me that was at fault. In July I led a vicious band of liberal terrorist to Oregon. The band was made up of gays, lesbians, bikers, school teachers, welfare moms and old ladies. We attacked and disabled the transmitters on direct orders from Vice Chairman Biden, received through my secret liberal decoder ring.

  7. Biker, it couldn’t have been you. Everyone with a card knows it’s ComradeBiden.

    • Bad Biker

      Well, maybe we just imagined that we followed through on our mission. Somebody may have beaten us to it.

      We did stop to drop some acid just north of Grant’s Pass, so maybe we were just trippin’.

      You know, like all liberals seem to be doing.

  8. jammer5

    Hey people, I just found Alan Grayon’s facebook page, and am now a follower. This is the guy who stood in front of congress and took on the right wingnuts. How about we all follow this guy and give him the support he deserves.

  9. lilacluvr

    I just got off the phone with customer service at the Wichita Eagle trying to straighten out a billing problem with my subscription (they had sent two different bills, with two different paid-through dates and two different amounts to be paid for the same weeks subscription).

    Anyway, I dialed the toll free number and got the machine. I listened intently to the option of having my account status repeated to me. Since the account status had me as owing a $1.83 and with a paid-through date of December 20th – I decided to hang on and speak to a live person operator to clear up this problem.

    After a few minutes, a person did come on the line and I could tell instantly she was a foreigner. We got the billing problem solved and then I asked her where she was located and she stammered for a few seconds and then said ‘the Philippines’.

    I knew credit card companies have outsourced their customer service call center jobs but I did not realize that the Wichita Eagle had done that. I usually pay my subscription online so I have not had to use their customer service by telephone.

    I know the Wichita Eagle is owned by some corporation but does everyone have to outsource their call center jobs to foreign countries?

    We have Americans here needing jobs and our corporations are outsourcing to foreign countries to raise their profits?

    And, this, is what is killing America – in my opinion. It’s that insatiable and unquenchable thirst for profit above all else.

  10. McClatchy owns them. Their website says — The McClatchy Company is the third-largest newspaper company in the United States…

    Here’s a map showing their daily newspapers, and they have other interests.


    I agree with you, lilac! I’ve made the decision to not renew, at least not my daily subscription. I might renew for Sunday only, but even that paper is mostly ads and the ‘news’ is something I’ve already read.

  11. anniethemoose

    Here’s a picture of me in my Halloween costume

    its a little racy so if your easily offended……..