Any Success by Obama is a Problem…

633391222885977365_eugene%20robinson[2]Regardless of what Obama might do, it will always be wrong.  We all know this and such a position is undoubtably true, regardless of any evidence to the contrary.

The above affirmations of FACT make me wonder why Eugene Robinson would utter such foolishness: 

“The problem for the addlebrained Obama-rejectionists is that the president, as far as they are concerned, couldn’t possibly do anything right, and thus is unworthy of any conceivable recognition. If Obama ended world hunger, they’d accuse him of promoting obesity. If he solved global warming, they’d complain it was getting chilly. If he got Mahmoud Abbas and Binyamin Netanyahu to join him around the campfire in a chorus of ‘Kumbaya,’ the rejectionists would claim that his singing was out of tune.”  Read the full editorial here.

Obama wasn’t born in this country, he has no right to be president.  He wasn’t born of a Virgin birth, therefore he is not the legitmate leader of this country.  How silly can the rightwing nuts get?

Any predictions on the next silly attack on Obama?   I suspect the exteme right will harp on him about investments in a failed Arkansas resort.  Anyone else have ideas about the next accusations?



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  1. wicked

    These attacks on Obama by the Right are typical of those who feel themselves inferior. It’s all run by fear. And this time, the fear is stronger than ever.

    They tried hard with Dubya. Once the Republicans got him in office (by hook and by crook), they thought they had things sewn up. But disappointment quickly set in as they discovered he wasn’t the puppet they had planned he would be. They hung in there and even managed to get him elected again by hook or by crook. Again there was disappointment. Even Dubya himself knew he was abysmal and kept quiet during the 2008 campaigns and elections.

    But the Republicans couldn’t come up with a candidate that was favored by most of their majority. McCain had gone rogue (my apologies to Sarah *wink, wink), but to bring him back around to the Party, they offered him the nomination, certain he was the best to beat Hillary. And the Democrats threw in a ringer. Bill Clinton had been the ringer in ’92 and screwed up the plans. They did everything possible to decimate him, but failed. They’ll do the same with Obama. And because Barack is half black, they have racism on their side.

    iggy asks, “Anyone else have ideas about the next accusations?”

    The answer is anything and everything. They’ll undermine any step he takes, any word he says. They’ll voice thoughts in his head that were never thought. Sadly, it may be working.

  2. The next battle is immigration reform so the attacks will be centered around that issue.

    I read an article recently (darn if I can find it now) that says there will be emphasis on attacking Pelosi and Reid (most of their work there is unnecessary, it seems his reelection hopes are in grave danger).

    The question I would like answered is if Americans are tired of negative politics like we’ve been told, then why are the Republican attacks so effective?

    I’ve tried to understand and can’t get there. The attacks on President Obama began before he ever took office and have become sillier and more effective (BOTH!) with time. They complain that what he is doing will ruin the world and complain he isn’t doing anything in the same breath! Are people really that gullible?

    • tosmarttobegop

      LOL before I became more aware, I too would have thought that people were tired of the negative.
      But to be honest it the likes of the drug addict, they hate the drug and what it does to their World.
      But in the end they will go out of their way to have it.

      Watching MSNBC about any time of the day or night it is there from the Progressive side.
      Ed, Lawrence O’Donnell and for the most part all on air personalities are doing it.
      Delay on Dancing with the star did not rate enough attention, but it give the chance to mention he had been indicted and forced to lead his leadership! Meaningless and only there to strike out in a partisan mud fest.

      Point and counter-point is a game of losers, but both sides are more fixated with it then actually accomplishing real change or solutions.

  3. Remember last year at this time when we all acknowledged the next president was likely to be a one-term president? We speculated Americans wouldn’t be patient enough and it would take time to do much with any one of the many challenges.

    Throw in the vitriol the Republican Party has perfected and the only part they’re missing is a candidate who their base will nominate while also appealing to Independents.

  4. anniethemoose

    why are the Republican attacks so effective?

    Because they are profitable lets break it down

    Here is a conservative political action committee notice all the code words

    The National Republican Trust Political Action Committee (NRT PAC) was formed as an independent organization to help promote American values and support federal candidates for Congress, Senate and the Presidency who share those values.

    The NRT is committed to continuing the legacy of Ronald Reagan. As such, the NRT PAC promotes a political vision that includes several core ideas:

    * Government is best when it is limited.
    * The free enterprise system and entrepreneurship are the cornerstones of America’s economic strength.
    * Taxes are a necessary evil and should be reduced.
    * Our national security protects our economic and political freedoms.
    * A strong national defense is the best way to avoid war and deter aggression.
    * The American civilization finds its foundation in strong moral and family values.
    * Supporters of NRT come from all walks of life. They share one common belief, that America has been a great nation because of her people and their enduring values.
    This shop is run by two men. They made their bones during the Clinton days. I found their names from the salon article.
    This is what they do,

  5. anniethemoose

    Here is a typical business transaction between NRT and for an e-mail campaign

  6. Apparently for GOP operatives lying is okay if it accomplishes the goals. This from Salon:

  7. tosmarttobegop

    It is mystifying to me at times, how well the lies and mindless tactics works.
    I guess I associated it with the time before I started paying attention.
    Only catching bits and pieces of information, having a per conclusion as to who will lie and who will tell me the truth.

    All I was really concerned about was all you evil Liberals wanting to take my guns!
    So no matter what it was about and what it effected it all was done with the goal of disarming the American people.

    But that reality is made up for the most part and is used by dishonest power brokers to get the unthinking sheep to fall in line. Single issue voters to support things that are against their best interests.
    Sadly it is not just the right who engages in such tactics, the politicos on both sides treat the average persons as if they are mindless.

    But yes, some of the stuff is so out there and so flimsy that a minute glance would uncover the deception.
    They simple depend on the majority will never give it a minute glance.

    • You are absolutely right that both sides use wedge issues. I use to be ardent anti-gun, but it always conflicted with my belief that the framers wanted us to be able to bear arms against our government if it got out of control. So, no matter how much crime rises, I will never be anti-gun again. And I am actually thinking about joining the ranks of the gun-toters. Reading some of the conservative blogs of people that have found their way to comment on my blog has scared me into thinking it might be in my family’s best interest to know how to use weapons to protect ourselves.

      I think that both parties are corrupt and that we have to figure out a way to take back the government from the corporate masters. We somehow need to manage to find common ground with those on the right that don’t trust government either. And THAT is a big hurdle to start with.

  8. For those in the GOP who are able to recognize the truth (which may be a small number) if they told the truth, they’d have to know they would lose every time.

    GOP truths:

    *The interests of the weatlhy outweigh the interests of the larger number of not wealthy people. (I have heard a conservative group in Texas attempted to make the votes of its citizens weighted by income – the more wealth you had the more votes you got – if this is true, it would be a matter of making a GOP implicit truth, explicit.)

    *The interests of corporations outweigh the interests of people.

    *Taxation is always bad.

    *The government is inefficient and bad at everything it does.

    *Racism no longer exists. Everything is decided upon its merits.

    *Unregulated free markets always work the most efficiently.

    I’m surely forgetting some…

  9. jammer5

    Hey people, I just found Alan Grayon’s facebook page, and am now a follower. This is the guy who stood in front of congress and took on the right wingnuts. How about we all follow this guy and give him the support he deserves.

  10. jammer5

    Goldman-Sachs is giving bonuses this year totaling over 23 billion. Their world-wide tax rate is estimated at 1%. They paid 14 million in 2008 and 6 billion in 2007 in taxes.

    And congress is still feeding at the trough and laughing all the way to re-election . . . and we keep re-electing them.

  11. lilacluvr

    Anything Obama does or says will be attacked by the Republicans simply because Obama had the audacity to beat them at their own game.

    Obama is a smart politician and on top of that – his personal life seems to be without any skeletons (unlike most of the Republicans’ personal lives).

    So when the Social Conservatives preach about the importance of family values, a ‘traditional’ marriage and etc. – then they are really talking about the Obamas – aren’t they?

    How many Republicans in the current GOP leadership could measure up to the Obamas in this comparison – not many, I dare say.

    And, this has to got to be killing the Republicans as we speak.

  12. From Healthcare to the War in Iraq….Obama has just as many critics on the left as he does the right.

    • Critics who are disappointed more hasn’t been accomplished as quickly as we wanted, but I haven’t heard anyone but the right treat him as their arch nemesis.

      We criticize right here and many of us identify ourselves as ‘the left.’ No one here would find fault with a ‘critic’ from any political persuasion. I don’t think we see him as someone who must be defeated, and we see many on ‘the right’ who make that their goal. Then there are the unstable and dangerous who threaten violence.

  13. Still, is there no penalty to them for crying wolf everytime the man does something? He could save a bus load of grandmothers from disaster and they’d howl about how he did it, if he did it, and whether he should be in the country.

    I mean, even if Obama was a complete fool, by sheer luck once in a while he would get something right…right?

    As much as I still believe that Bush II was the worst mistake I was witness to since my first wedding, I’ll admit both Bush and my first wife did some good things.

    I don’t remember any of those things, but I’m sure they did.