Saturday, 10/10/09, Public Square

mentalMaskWorld Mental Health Day is October 10, 2009.

Mental illnesses do not discriminate according to culture or age, and an individual’s mental health is an integral aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

The 2009 World Mental Health Day is a global awareness campaign which addresses the continuing need to make mental health issues a global priority.

Come on girl, brush yourself down
Cast aside this darkness
‘Action speaks louder than words’
Now is the time to advance
Not ponder, or doubt, or look back

Problems can be dealt with
And that you intend to do

Now girl, pull yourself from the depths
Start to live again
And laugh once more
Remember what they say…..
‘You’ are your harshest critic
So critical
Of every thought and word and deed

Be kind to yourself
And then, and only then
Be kind to those who deserve it more



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18 responses to “Saturday, 10/10/09, Public Square

  1. Rox

    Excellent advice in the poem.

  2. wicked

    Sheesh, I’m at one of the Marriott’s for a writers’ retreat on my netbook , without my login info, so I’m moderated. LOLO

    • wicked

      My fingers are not yet accustomed to this smaller keyboard, and I just deleted my post. 😦 It’s probably just as well. I seem to have lost the ability to form a coherent sentence. LOL

  3. Ooops!

    Hey, shall we all do something a little bit crazier than usual in honor of this mental health stuff?

    • wicked

      Should we? Today is my youngest’s birthday, so mental health day is fitting. We’re both a little off kilter, mentally. 😉

      And if the battery on this netbook doesn’t charge, I’ll be more than a little off kilter. grrrrrrr

  4. David B

    Barak Obama Wichita Listening Tour

    Tuesday, October 20 from 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
    Location: Wichita Public Library
    223 South Main
    Wichita, KS 67202

    From my e-mail:
    I’m John Jevitts, and I’m excited to be the new Kansas State Director for Organizing for America. I want to invite you to join us as we host a Listening Tour across Kansas starting next week.

    On the Listening Tour, OFA staff will update you on our plans and get your input on how we’ll organize Kansas going forward. Whether you’re already working to make change a reality, or if you’ve been waiting for the right moment to get involved, this is a great opportunity to share your thoughts and find out how to get active with OFA in your community.

    Will you make your voice heard and join us on the Listening Tour?

    Right now, we’re working to fix our deeply broken health care system that has denied many Americans the care they need for far too long. We’re closer than we’ve been in generations to achieving real reform — but to be successful enacting all of the bold changes we fought for in last year’s election, we need to hear from you. Your effort and commitment are the backbone of this movement and this organization.

    As we work to pass real health insurance reform, reinvest in our schools, and jump-start a new green economy, we need to make sure your voices stay at the center of the debate. We’ve never had a better opportunity to shape our future — and just like during the election, we’ll do it from the bottom up.

  5. David B

    Hard Freeze tonight.. disconnect your hoses, y’all

  6. PrairiePond

    You guys can be really glad you are not here this weekend. We’re having black ice and reports of many cars going off the road today.

    Summer wont even go out to pee unless I force her out the door. The door jams have claw marks on them where she was hanging on for dear life 🙂

    • Wish we could have been there, but it does not sound good out there.

      You know though, I lived two years in Western Kansas and I’m not ever recalling when the weather was what I would call “good”. I must surely be having a problem with selective memory.

      I recall in the winter of 1980 I think it was, in Hays, I remember going though a snow thuderstorm. There was lightening, thunder and it snowed as hard as I have ever seen it snow. Extremely crazy weather. I recall more than once driving from Hays to Ellis during a snow storm and wondering how in the world the Indians ever survived that climate in teepees.

      • PrairiePond

        No kidding, Iggy. I’ve wondered that myself about the natives. They must have had fires inside their teepees. I was trapped out here in 2006 for three days with no heat. I put on double layers of sweats, extra quilts on the bed, and just spent three days in bed. We had no electricity which also meant no water. I kept thinking they’d have the power on in a couple of days, and I’d just tough it out.

        Those were three of the most miserable days of my life before I finally used my cell phone to get my friends with four wheel drive to come and get me. It took the power company almost two weeks to get the lights back on.

        That’s what makes me think the fires must have been inside the teepees. I couldnt even survive in an insulated house that way. Of course, wood is scarce out here and was even more scarce then, and it would need to be kept dry. And you’d have to chop ice to get water.

        Now days I understand why people move south when they get older. It’s just too hard to live here in the dead of winter. And it’s only October…

  7. tosmarttobegop

    Well here is a new twist, in the past three times someone has broken into my mother’s house in Wichita.
    Each time they did not break any glass, they just pried open a window and climbed in.
    They have not taken anything and there is no sign of someone crashing there.

    The last time it was discovered was last weekend, since I had nailed shut the window they had used the two times before. They used a window in the rear of the house, I nailed it shut and left a note on the window.
    “Stay out of my mom’s house!”.

    Since then every couple of days my daughter goes by to see if any windows are open.
    Today there were no windows open but there is a dead cat in the drive way! Laying in the middle of the drive. I wonder if it was just a stray and they thought it was our cat?

    They do not take anything and do not seem to breaking in to sleep. So I wonder if they are hiding something there.

  8. I hope you reported the break ins to the police. Could be just kids, but if it is they have a lesson to learn.

    A dead cat? Like as in killed? Sick.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord I have thought about it, but having been there it is point-less. Without knowing who it might be and the why. Reporting that someone is breaking in and not doing anything the Police will simple file it and never give it a thought.

    The WPD is not known to give a lot of effort to anything they can not just walk up and arrest someone for.

    • I hadn’t thought about this for maybe fifty years.

      When I was in grade school there was an old Victorian house with a full carriage house garage in back. Some kid discovered the door to the upstairs of the carriage house was unlocked and we went up there to find a couple of pieces of old furniture and nothing more. We made it our “club house.”

      We’d hide cigarettes up there. A couple of cherry bombs we were saving for… something. Some kid stole some of his Dad’s old Playboy magazines from the trash and brought ’em in. We were too young to even know about jacking off and stole nothing and caused no damage (although the potential for fire was probably always present when I refueled the Zippo lighter someone brought to the carriage house).

      Your description of serial break-ins reminded me of those days. But the dead cat bodes ill.

      I’d file a report just to have a report on file.

      Maybe the burglars have moved on to another old lady’s basement, or the attic of a carriage house. Or serial murder.

  10. David B

    Or procrastination!

  11. David B

    Can you host a “Time to Deliver” Call Party on Tuesday, October 20th?
    Hosting a call party is surprisingly easy. No special experience required, and we’ll provide simple step-by-step instructions. If you can print out some call sheets and info about the President’s plan — and make sure volunteers have a comfortable place to sit — you can host a successful Call Party.

    You can invite your friends, we’ll invite other OFA supporters in your area, and together you’ll have a great time while making a huge difference.

    If we can get 100,000 calls to Congress placed or committed to on a single day it will set a new OFA record — and really shake up the debate in Washington. But it won’t be easy. Everything hinges on finding volunteer leaders like you who are willing to open your doors and give supporters in your area a place to gather. Can we count on you?

  12. “Mental illnesses do not discriminate according to culture…”

    The above may not be completely true. In this country, we have a larger proportion of paranoid schizophrenics and a relatively fewer number of catatonic schizophrenics. Paranoids are angry and in your face (because they are very afraid, usually); catatonics are very passive. The proportion of schizoprenia cases in India is just the opposite to our country – higher percentage of catatonics compared to paranoids.

    The tempting culprit to implicate is culture. The U.S. is a more aggressive culture, India tends to be more passive. Thus, some consider it possible that culture moderates the expression of schizophrenia.