Obama to Speak to Human Rights Campaign Tonight

obama-official-photo[1]While the LGBT community has been understandably disappointed in Obama’s implementation of his professed support for gay rights, some, including Representative Barny Frank, contend that real progress is being made.  The progress Frank is referring to is the Hate Crime legislation that will include attacks motivated by the victims’ sexual orientation.

Also the LGBT community is reportedly pleased by the Obama’s appointment to his staff of approximately 100 openly gay persons.  Obama has taken heat from right wing groups who have attacked two gay members of his team: Kevin Jennings (Education Department) and Chai Feldblum (nominee to the Equal Opportunity Commission).

The reason the Team Obama gives for being so slow in implementing much for the LGBT community is that with wars, the economy, and joblessness, he already has “a lot on his plate.”  Okay, but human rights seem like an issue worthy of the POTUS’s attention, as well.

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13 responses to “Obama to Speak to Human Rights Campaign Tonight

  1. Bad Biker

    I too am disappointed that Obama has not moved more quickly regarding LGBT rights. I know that he has his hands full with the economy, healthcare and two left-over wars but I believe that he could have/should have stepped forward at some point to address the issues.

    I am not certain what it would take to reverse DADT – congressional action or merely executive order – but the time has long since passed to change this ridiculous bone that Bill Clinton threw to the conservatives.

    There has been some progress – Federal employee’s domestic partners coverage – but not nearly enough.

    Decent people, straight and gay, need to pressure our representatives to get the agenda underway.

    (Wichitans, don’t both trying to pressure Tiahrt – God personally told him that gays were evil.)

  2. “You don’t need to be straight to fight and die for your country. You just need to shoot straight.” — Barry Goldwater

  3. PrairiePond

    For a long time, ever since the 2008 election, I’ve been thinking HRC is just another corporatist arm. I’m not sure they really represent the average, middle to lower class queer. They are the darlings of the vichy queers, not us real people struggling to get along. I guess everything really is for sale at the right price.

    • Bad Biker

      I am not sure my vocabulary is up to expressing how I feel about you and your plight, Grrl Friend. Empathy is the best I can come up with.

      Getting smacked down because of whom you love or how you love is beyond my abilities to comprehend.

      I will continue to fight for your cause, but I only have an inkling of what you and yours go through on a daily basis.

      I think I have said before, but I’ll repeat it here: Bigotry and prejudice are completely foreign to my thought processes.

  4. PrairiePond

    Jon Stewart had a great smackdown of the prez the other night. Regarding DADT, he quoted the obama camp again saying he had “a lot on his plate” right now. He showed a number of clips of the president saying that very phrase.

    Stewart’s reply? Something to the effect that when your plate is full, it can only mean one thing.

    It’s time to start chowing down instead of just looking at the plate and commenting on its fullness.

    • Bad Biker

      At the risk of inviting (!) comments, leave it to Stewart to call a spade a spade.

      • Obama really hasn’t done much, when you stop and think about it. If he’s not re-elected, it wont be because the Republicans run a better candidate; it will be because he’s not an effective president. Walking the talk is something I would like to see him do, but I have my doubts as to his even being able to.

  5. My Mom lived in Missouri when the vote on gay marriages came up there. She voted to make marriage between a man and a woman. I asked her why. She said because that’s what it says in the Bible. I asked her where.

    She was very ashamed. We talked about it, and she admitted she followed what she was told in church by both the minister and friends at church. It’s a vote she would like a ‘do-over’ on.

    Honestly, there are many people who simply don’t know! Remember recently wicked posted something on what people ‘know’ about stem-cell research? Same story on a different subject — brainwashed people who have only heard what their church wants them to hear.

  6. PrairiePond

    Biker and Fnord and everyone else who supports equality, I do thank you. I know you care about us.

    And Fnord, about folks being brainwashed, I think with fux news and most churches, people just follow what they say. They dont even think for themselves. If you ask them what they think about any given issue, they just parrot whatever one or both of those sources have laid down as the “truth”.

    I work for two people like that!

  7. Here’s Part 1 of 3 of President Obama’s speech last night. He does string words together nicely. (You all know how to get parts 2 and 3 if you want to hear the whole thing.)

  8. tosmarttobegop

    PP the way you cook you would be a fine catch for any woman! LOL

  9. PrairiePond

    HA! Too Smart!

    I’d love to find a woman who would appreciate my cooking. Heck, I’d like to find a woman who would appreciate anything about me.