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Obama to Speak to Human Rights Campaign Tonight

obama-official-photo[1]While the LGBT community has been understandably disappointed in Obama’s implementation of his professed support for gay rights, some, including Representative Barny Frank, contend that real progress is being made.  The progress Frank is referring to is the Hate Crime legislation that will include attacks motivated by the victims’ sexual orientation.

Also the LGBT community is reportedly pleased by the Obama’s appointment to his staff of approximately 100 openly gay persons.  Obama has taken heat from right wing groups who have attacked two gay members of his team: Kevin Jennings (Education Department) and Chai Feldblum (nominee to the Equal Opportunity Commission).

The reason the Team Obama gives for being so slow in implementing much for the LGBT community is that with wars, the economy, and joblessness, he already has “a lot on his plate.”  Okay, but human rights seem like an issue worthy of the POTUS’s attention, as well.

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Saturday, 10/10/09, Public Square

mentalMaskWorld Mental Health Day is October 10, 2009.

Mental illnesses do not discriminate according to culture or age, and an individual’s mental health is an integral aspect of overall health and wellbeing.

The 2009 World Mental Health Day is a global awareness campaign which addresses the continuing need to make mental health issues a global priority.

Come on girl, brush yourself down
Cast aside this darkness
‘Action speaks louder than words’
Now is the time to advance
Not ponder, or doubt, or look back

Problems can be dealt with
And that you intend to do

Now girl, pull yourself from the depths
Start to live again
And laugh once more
Remember what they say…..
‘You’ are your harshest critic
So critical
Of every thought and word and deed

Be kind to yourself
And then, and only then
Be kind to those who deserve it more



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