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Have we all given up on any meaningful health-care reform?  Hard to be optimistic, isn’t it?

What’s on your mind?  Anything interesting to share?



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  1. jammer5

    I just came across something quite interesting: The Conservative bible project.  In it, Conservatives are attempting to change, and/or eliminate any and all Liberal words and passages. That got me thinking. Consider the miracle of the loaves and fishes: That’s gotta go. I can’t for the life of me recall reading anywhere in the sermon on the mount where Jesus checked the income level of the attendees. That means He fed everybody. Now all Conservatives know some there did not need to be fed, as they had incomes that allowed them to buy their own food. That flies in the face of stated Conservative values. So the Miracle of the loaves and fishes is strictly Liberal, and has to be expunged from the bible.

    Then we come to the money changers in the temple. That has to go as well, or be radically changed. Making money off other peoples money is the Conservative way. My guess is instead of throwing the money changers out, it should read Jesus bought stocks in the money changers business.  Can’t have a Liberal Jesus condemning a valuable Conservative business.

    And He cured the sick! And he didn’t even ask if they had insurance! Didn’t ask about pre-existing conditions, how many children, co-pay or deductible. Didn’t He know that goes against everything Conservative? He didn’t even ask them to pay for His services. Another Liberal quality that has to go.

    And last, but certainly not least, He ask God to forgive the ones who crucified Him. He didn’t ask God to hang, electrocute, or shoot them. Another Liberal quality, so that passage has to go. Darn, by the time they’re through with rewriting the bible to reflect nothing but Conservative values, it’ll be down to pamphlet size. Conservatives will be able to carry it around in their pocket protectors.

    So maybe instead of calling it The Conservative Bible, they should call it “Bible for Dummies.”

  2. PrairiePond

    I sent this in an email to Biker too, but I just wanted to remind everyone that the weather here can be unpredictable and the forecast for this week is not good and getting worse.

    I’m starting to worry about the weather. We had freezing rain and high winds last night, and the same is predicted for Thursday and Saturday, with high wind warnings on Wednesday and Friday. I’m kind of worried about anyone up on ladders, and how long the primer and paint will take to dry.

    My roads also turn to slop when it rains, making it difficult to get in and out of here. I hate to say this, but you all may want to think about postponing this trip and waiting for warmer weather. OF course this would be the year winter and wet come early.

    Just let me know. I realize everyone will be disappointed, but I’d hate for you all to go to this much trouble and then not be able to do what you need to do. And also of course, if you come, the weather will be crappy and if you stay home, the sun will shine and the weather will be beautiful. What a state.

    Ahhhhh–Ahhhh KANSAS!

    • Bad Biker

      Neither rain, nor sleet or the dark of night shall kept us from showing up on your doorstep.

      If nothing else, I’ll smoke some ribs and we can knock back a few!

  3. jammer5

    Ya, ain’t looking good for the weekend up there. Anybody got any brownies? 🙂

  4. jammer5

    Assuming we go anyway, who wants to ride with me? I’ll be leaving early Friday morning (eightish).
    Caution: must like the radio loud and be able to stomach my kind of music. Suggestions can be made, but if rap is suggested, the rider will be left on the side of the road 🙂

    Also, I haven’t made up my mind whether I’ll take 135/7o, or go hutch, nickerson, great bend, ness city. I like different routes. PrairiePond can tell me if that’s a dumb way or not 🙂

    • I’ll go with ya Jammers. But if you are picking me up you might just want to chuck a sharp left at Hawaii and go the tropical route to Queensland. Alternatively you can play your music friggin loud and have a great time without me 🙂 . I am not particularly fond of Britney anyways!

  5. jammer, I thought you were writing (very good) satire. Oh my, this is a true project, which seeks “to take the text back to its supposed right-wing roots.

    The group cites a few reasons why the Bible is too progressive: “Lack of precision in the original language … lack of precision in modern language” and “translation bias in converting the original language to the modern one.”

    So how can the Bible be conservatized? The group has proposed a Wikipedia-like group editing project. Some of the ideas would only bring the translation closer to the original. But others would fundamentally change the text.”

    Read more about the words to be eliminated and the guidelines for rewriting the Bible (among the words to be eliminated: “government”):


  6. Weather predictions in Kansas are right just often enough you can’t totally dismiss them and wrong just often enough you can’t count on them.

    My son says east coast weather is exactly what is predicted. If the weatherman says take an umbrella tomorrow and you don’t, you’ll get wet if you go outside. Having been raised in Kansas then living in Texas for a few years, he was shocked!

  7. I don’t have unlimited resources and would rather spend the time, money and effort on a trip to Western KS that was going to produce something. I enjoy visiting and all that, but I was starting to worry about the trip when I heard the forecast last night. Usually on big systems like the one coming, they get those right most of the time.

  8. Robert Reich has some “politically doable” suggestions to help with job growth:


    Thanks to V.T. for this enjoyable and useful blog.

    Reich and Hillary used to date in college.

  9. I’m in agreement that making the trip isn’t wise when the weather takes away BOTH the possibilities of working and enjoying the outside. Even if it doesn’t rain and make the roads difficult, the wind will blow.

    I’ve seen those roads! I don’t want to get my car off on those roads if they are slop!

    Our hearts are in the right place but we have reality to face. Let’s at least protect our ability to face that!

  10. anniethemoose

    I vote no go on the trip at this time. I’m in agreement with iggy. P. Pond this is something that we want to do but right now the timing sucks. Let’s work something out, contact iggy or fnord and we will put a real workable plan in place.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    LOL if God does not suit the Conservative agenda…. Rewrite God then!

    On my visit to Immanuel Baptist church to hear Terry Fox in person. It stuck me the difference between the preachers of old and the summon of Fox. The theme was more humanistic then scriptural, in fact seldom did he even refer to scripture. It was for the most part how to tell if you are in financial trouble and oddly how to build a short block engine? The only real tie to God and the Christian faith was that God wants you to be prosperous.

    The KJV was a re-write of the Bible to leave out what King James did not like along with a translation from
    the Greek.

    There is a twelve books difference between the Catholic Bible and the KJV Bible. Conservatives are fawn of re-writing history and now the Bible.

  12. wicked

    There have been several rewrites of the Bible. Why not add another to suit their purposes? After all, the original was only “the Word of God.”

  13. I suspect this could be an independent thread entitled “On Pride and Falls”, but I didn’t think it should be.

    Yes, I fell this morning. I was on my way to the Courthouse for my first visit since the CVH, to file some pleadings in a case I’m handling. The spots in front of the Courthouse reserved for ‘handicapped’ parking were all full, so I fortunately found a place at the corner of Market and Central, knowing the short walk was doable and the exercise would do me good.

    I embarked on my journey, walking on the South side of Central, enjoying my walk, when I ‘stubbed my toe’ on an uneven spot in the walk, about 1/3 the way there. Losing my balance, down I went. About ten people saw me do this, and a crowd gathered. 911 was called, although by then I had recovered enough to know that: 1) my breath had been knocked out of me; 2) I had not hit my head; 3) bruised ribs were a certainty; 4) no bones were broken; and 5) the worst injury I suffered was a scrape on the back of my right hand. The worst injury was a blow to my self-esteem.

    The fire department soon arrived, and after some basic checking, determined that I was upset, but all vitals were good, no visible signs of serious injury. I was ordered to sit down (in the interim, I had managd to stand up) and wait for the paramedics. I told anyone who would listen that I would refuse transport to the hospital for further treatment, and affirmed this with EMS. After a rudimentary review of the situation, I was allowed to get up and resume my journey, completed without further incident.

    What does pride have to do with this? I had decided to leave my cane in the car, reasoning that I had done much walking without it and had suffered no untoward incidents, and I didn’t want to deal with it at the Courthouse metal detectors. This is, of course, in total defiance of instructions of my therapists, who had told me that I needed to have it with me when walking outside on any uneven surfaces. I think this won’t happen again any time soon.

    BTW, I’m fine; a bit sore, a few scrapes, but otherwise fine. Just embarrassed and upset with myself.

  14. What made this a bit more amusing than what it otherwise would seem to be was that the WFD crew on the engine were the same folks who had come to the office April 20, and the conversation we had among ourselves. Great folks, all of them.

    • jammer5

      My hats off to the people that stopped and helped. Glad you’re okay.

    • Me too on the glad you’re OK! I’m always tickled to hear a story that has people interested in helping another.

      6176, most of us fall down, and most of us need help sometimes. Take the cane as advised!

    • wicked

      I hate it when the grandkids delete my messages and I don’t realize it until after I see it something didn’t post.

      Good on the WFD and EMS crew, not to mention the bystanders for making sure you were okay, 6176.

      The husband of my friend in TX has Parkinson’s and decided to take a walk outside without his cane or walker. He fell a couple of months ago and broke his hip, sending him to the hospital and then on to rehab. Not a wise idea sometimes to think we’re perfectly capable of a simple task like walking. Now and then the pros are right.

      And take it easy until the boo boos heal and you’re feeling better. After that, use that cane!

  15. wicked

    Ah, 6176, so glad you’re “fine” and so sorry about the trip. Those sidewalks can be the devil. I’ve been tripped up several times.

    I understand the pride thing. When at KSC (now Pitt State), I fell on the stairs in my dorm. After chiding myself for my clumsiness, I walked across campus to my English class, which was held on the lower level of a fairly new building. I’d taken the long flight of stairs there dozens of times, but that day, I missed my step near the top and bumped my way down to the bottom…on my bottom. That was back in the days of mini-skirts, and all the way down, all I could think of was KEEP YOUR LEGS TOGETHER. I finally came to a halt at the bottom of the stairs, my books and papers scattered on the floor in front of me. They made it to the bottom before I did. Leaning against the wall facing the stairs were several guys, probably about a dozen, who stared at me. They didn’t laugh, they didn’t bother to offer to gather my scattered belongings or see if I was hurt. Just stared. You wanna talk about hurt pride? I was mortally embarrassed. It took every once of strength I had to keep from crying as I walked on to class. The back of my forearm swelled twice its size and was bruised badly for days, but it was my pride that took the real beating.

    Yeah, I hear ya. And I threw away the shoes I was wearing that day.

    I once tripped backwards over a trashcan in HS Algebra class as I moved out of the way of a fellow student headed down the aisle to the pencil sharpener as I moved up it. I fell on my butt in the gym at my sophomore Christmas dance. Thankfully, it was a break in the festivities, and my date was in the cafeteria getting refreshments as were most of the rest of the dance attendees, so I didn’t have a large audience. 🙂

    I’m damn glad my parents didn’t name me Grace.

  16. wicked

    Then there was the time when I was in HS band, and we were marching onto the field from the end zone at the far end of the field for the half time show. I tripped on the end zone flag and fell face first. Me and my flute. I was ever so glad there were no bright lights in the end zone.

  17. Bad Biker

    Glad to know you’re okay, 61.

    Klutzy moves aren’t limited to CVH victims and Grace-less teenaged girls.

    Last night my son asked me to help a friend of his get into her locked house. Being the gallant one that I am, I walked over, accessed the situation and decided that breaking a basement window, unlatching it and therefore gaining entrance to the house was the easiest thing to do.

    Breaking the window was the easy part. I just smacked the pane with my heel. Things got a little more exciting after that.

    I didn’t push off the sill far enough and fell/slid into the basement.

    The inventory of damages – large welt on my belly, bruised rib (the sill caught the underside of my ribcage), large bruise under my arm, tweaked back, fat lip and (worst of all) a 1/2″ x 3/8″ piece of the back of my right thumb missing.

    Nice move, Will, ya idiot.

  18. anniethemoose

    u out there, i need a romance novel here’s your inspiration

    • wicked


      Beautiful song! The video is interesting. Someone needs to teach the pitcher (hot tempered Italian?) how to treat a woman. The batter had a great smile!

      You might be surprised to learn how often music is an inspiration for a book, character, or scene. In fact, Colin Raye’s On the Verge was the inspiration for a scene in my book coming out in January . Also for the characters and theme of the book, in a round about way.

      Since Toto’s I’ll Be Over You was listed as another to watch, I did. I have it in my playlist, which has are hours of music, so I don’t always get to hear it. I’ve added How Can I Fall to the list of more to get. There really were some good songs in the 80’s. I remember that one well.


      • anniethemoose

        every time I watch a video like this I think of you.

      • wicked

        Awwww, thanks, annie. I hope those are good thoughts! 🙂

        Considering how poorly my comment was written, I need all the good thoughts I can get!

        I always wonder where songwriters get their words to tell a story set to music that sometimes touches the soul and often the heart.

  19. 6176746f6c6c65

    I appreciate all the good wishes.

    2 thoughts have occurred to me:

    1. The 40+ lbs. I’ve lost could have cushioned the fall;

    2. Don’t go to the Courthouse!

  20. anniethemoose

    or how about this rox,

  21. anniethemoose

    student vid check out the view count

  22. anniethemoose

    who says u tube is worthless check this guy out

  23. The song that suggests to me that Eddie Van Halen had some classical training:

  24. Sorry about getting into all this esoteric guitar stuff, but Leo Kottke has a very telling right hand style that suggests classical training. I sure like Kottle. If I could find a teacher who could approximate his greatness, I would spend lots of my money…

  25. I saw Kottke at the Coyote Club more than 17 years ago. It was one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen.

  26. One more, and I am off to bed. I once dated a woman who was an MFA student at WSU, only because she could play Kottke songs. We never hit it off, unfortunately. Check this one out, it is great: