Wanted: Pot critic!

medicalmarijuana_E_20091001110046The Denver Westward has a job opening for a pot reviewer. The job would entail freelancing and be “an objective resource on the state’s burgeoning medical marijuana scene.” The weekly on-line column would be called, “Mile Highs and Lows.”

As with a dining or architecture critic, a background in the subject helps but Calhoun said the paper is looking for someone who displays a talent for writing and analytical thinking rather than getting baked. In other words, she said, ”You don’t have to smoke pot for 30 years.” Calhoun is asking candidates to submit an essay on the subject of what marijuana means to them, and hopes to pick a reviewer by next week. “We’ll see what we get,” she said. “I know that within five minutes of the posting, we already had an application — which is very fast turnaround for a stoner.”

No word on pay, although munchies are included (I made that up 🙂 )

Anyone here plan on moving to the Rockies and putting in a resume?



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20 responses to “Wanted: Pot critic!

  1. PrairiePond

    Oh dear god, PLEASE let this be real and not from The Onion….

  2. PrairiePond

    Heheheh. I wonder if “knowing people” who grow would be a plus to the resume reviewers? hee heee!

    Maybe a sample Help Wanted ad?

    Wanted: Producer and consumer of illegal substance. Submission of sample product a must. Some memory cells helpful. Please send resume to: All applications will be confidential.

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Geez, you’d have to be able to pass a drug test unless you’d be writing under a nom de plume de smoke!

    Ok. Gotta quit here. Waaaaay too much fun with this!

  3. PrairiePond

    Maybe some nostaligic reviews of Moby Grape albums as well? Knowing the drum solo from Inna Godda Da Vida by heart? Heheheh. HAHAHAHAH.

  4. G-stir

    “Hey man, is Dave there?”

    “No man, Dave’s not here.”


  5. A sample review:

    “Wowwww…. Mannnnn…..”

    I’ll take my salary in cash, please.

  6. Cannabis may be a miracle drug:


    It has been shown to be effective in treating a number of symptoms of Diabetes Millitus.


    Where do I sign up? I assume NOT in Kansas.

  7. Westword is wanting reviews of the Cannabis dispensing facilities and not on the pot itself. With Colorado’s new law there are about 70 dispensing facilities in the state.

    See Jammer’s most recent link above.

  8. At a recent reunion of people I went to college with someone showed up with the underground newspaper that pretty much made KU “Berkley on the Kaw.”

    A regular page 2 feature was a review of the drugs in town. Golly, what a selection. Mescaline, psylosibin, hash, mushrooms, acid, uppers, downers, screamers. It was like a restaurant review; detached, analytical.

    “Is it a good value for the dollar?” That kinda stuff.

    Some weed makes you Happy, some weed gets you Dopey. (I suspect the column eventually covered all the dwarfs.)

  9. PrairiePond

    (Raises hand for Sneezy weed…)

    Although I have to say I’ve never had any Grumpy weed.

    Unless it was ditch weed marketed as good stuff. That can make one VERY grumpy!

    • Unique Alhasan

      hello,im unique from Grand Rapids,MI.there is such a thing as grumpy weed.I should say its only gonna make you grumpy when perhaps you are disturbed from thoughts,concerns,task and basicly what you’re focused on doing.If you are interrupted for B.S. theirs gonna be grumpiness.

  10. PrairiePond

    Is there a Sleepy dwarf? I believe I’ve also heard tell of sleepy weed.

    Note to self: Dump the Ambien and call former college roomie in quest for sleepy weed….

  11. I “heard” about “rushy” weed, and “giggle” weed; but I never believed those stories, until I ponied up my money…

  12. Prairie Pond,

    Do you know someone named Rodney?

  13. I’ve had my share of “Bashful.”

    And, since this is about “medical” marijuana, there must be a “Doc.”

    Mostly, I prefer “Happy.”

  14. PrairiePond

    Hee hee heee. Rodney weed? Um, no.

    But maybe a human. Email me with a last name or more details.

  15. Unique Alhasan

    Im interested in becoming a productive member as a pot critic.have 20+years of studies in pot and what kind you can use for aches,pains ,depressionand the list goes on. Thank You.