Friday, 10/02/09, Public Square

fallWhere do you suppose this picture was taken?  I want to go there!

Did you hold on if you went outside yesterday so you didn’t blow away?

What’s on tap for today?



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18 responses to “Friday, 10/02/09, Public Square

  1. tosmarttobegop

    A commercial was on this morning that reminded me of one of those dad/daughter moments.
    Maybe one that not all dads have had could be, but one that is a cherished moment for me.

    Late one Saturday afternoon and when I had shoulder length hair in the late eighties.
    I let my daughter play hair dresser, brush and style with pretty little bows and hair clips.
    My wife asked me if I could run to Dillon’s and pick something up.

    I went about undoing the bows and hair clips when finished I left for the store.
    As I walked around Dillon’s I started noticing the people I passed staring at me?
    I happen to reach up and scratch my head….. You can guess what my hand hit!
    Yes there was this pretty blue plastic bow I had missed. I still had a Pebble’s Flintstone hair style!

    Oh my wife and daughter had such a laugh! LOL I did too of course.
    I do Love my hair dresser.

  2. PrairiePond

    HA! Fnord. I’m specially weighted on the bottom so I dont have to worry about blowing over. I’m like a western Kansas weeble. I may wobble but I dont fall down!

  3. 6176746f6c6c65

    Dr. Reich is spot on in both his original commentary as well as the Addendum. It will make no difference, however, to those who cling to the “lower taxes and cut spending” mantra.

  4. Below is my contribution to Dana Milbank’s Q & A column today:

    Wichita, KS: Once upon a time, Karl Rove was told that if the president would make some small changes in a position he could get wide support in Congress. Rove replied, “We are not interested in wide support.” Note the contrast with the Obama administration.

    I heard Thomas Frank speak recently and he noted that being anything but bipartisan does not seem to be in Obama’s nature. I think he is correct. This also means that Obama will accomplish very little, if anything, with his administration.

    Dana Milbank:
    Cynical and Rovian, but true. In an ideal world, the opposition would negotiate in good faith and there would be “wide support” for any number of things. We are not operating in an ideal world.

  5. My favorite Milbank story was during the election season last fall, Dana was standing outside of a Palin event where a long line of people were waiting to get in. He had a sign that said “I work for the Mainstream Media, and I need a hug.”

    This one old guy say “Get that sign away from me or you’ll be spitting out some teeth!” However, several of the grandmotherly appearing women gave Dana a hug. I am thinking the state was in the midwest, but can’t recall which one.

    I think he is a genuinely funny guy.

  6. wicked

    For those interested, Capitalism: A Love Story is playing at the 13th Street Warren.

  7. Thanks, Wicked. My daughter and I are going to see it next week.

    Does anybody know why the flag is being flown at half mast today? I used google, but did not find anything of value.

  8. wicked

    Iggy, I think it’s for the funeral of the sheriff deputy.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    Went Yard saling and found ferinheight 9-11, I have never watched any of Moore movies.
    Generally I think he addresses serious issues but does it in a way that the real message and topic gets lost.
    Kind of like going to the Doctor to receive the news of cancer while the Doctor is wearing a clown suit.

    But to show I have a open mind I bought it and will watch it. More then likely it will just make me mad.
    I have to admit I have gotten pretty tired of things to do with Bush.

  10. Thunderchild

    “Where do you suppose this picture was taken?”

    It LOOKS like Oz. I’m having trouble believing some of those colors are for real.