Thursday, 10/01/09, Public Square

39older-peoples-day-2009International Day of Older Persons is observed on October 1 each year.

The holiday is celebrated by raising awareness about issues affecting the elderly, such as senescence and elder abuse. It is also a day to appreciate the contributions that older people make to society.

Merriam-Webster:  senescence (noun) — the state of being old : the process of becoming old

I expect a little respect today!  How about YOU?  🙂



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  1. I have no respect for anyone whose standards are so low as to respect someone like me.

  2. When I go looking for a daily something, I am often amazed at the numbers of “International Day of _____ (fill in the blank.” Sometimes I find something that makes me wonder why I didn’t know that before, seems like everyone should know and think about ____. Other times I wonder who got up that morning and set out to make a day for this? Obviously I’m missing some kind of point here! Do we bake cakes and eat them with ice cream? Do we call all old people in our phone books and tell them we honor them today? Who will we offend when we decide they’re old and they’ve decided they’re not? How do we celebrate this?

    This was a resolution of the United Nations General Assembly!

    You just can’t make this stuff up!

  3. “fnord” —

    I think the Australians are doing the International Day of Older Persons right:,27574,26150534-29277,00.html

    • I agree, Monkeyhawk!


      My hubby tells a story about a place he refers to as “the wall,” in Germany. You can go window shopping there to choose your prostitute. He says the longest lines were for the older ‘ladies.’ The gentlemen in line made an afternoon or an evening of the experience — they waited in line and enjoyed the conversation with men they had come to know over the years while waiting in line. The younger ladies didn’t have such lines for their services. 🙂

  4. tosmarttobegop

    OK here is the good one, when the Cons start carping about the claim that Republicans just want sick people to die quickly. Come back with OK show me proof it is a lie?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    And you can always say, “ I asked all my Conservative friends if that was true?
    And they all said it was not, that they did not want anyone they love to die quickly!”

  6. wicked

    Yes, there’s a day for everything. Now if we could have a National Day for Doing Nothing… On second thought, it would probably require some sort of celebrating, which would blow the whole “doing nothing” thing.

    And just what is “doing nothing?”

  7. This year happens to be the year of the Bearman. Next year is also the year of the Bearman.

    Please shower me with offerings and good wishes.

    • Is that a Bearman General Assembly Resolution? 🙂

      • jammer5

        Is Bearman on the endangered species list? When there are no more woods for Bearman to shit in, will he be forced to use quick trip? Will he hibernate in the winter? Can he receive dancing with the stars in his Bearman cave? Will he appear on dancing with the stars next season (Dude, I’d watch that one 🙂 )?

  8. David B

    Get away from our computers:

    Tomorrow is “First Friday”

    Get out, hear some music, put in some face time. The Anchor has free Wi-Fi, if you can’t bear to stay offline.

  9. Is “The Anchor” on Broadway and Murdock?

  10. Isn’t The Anchor on Douglas (south side), just about Washington?

  11. David B

    Anchor IS just east of Washington on Douglas.. It’s the only pub I go to… eclectic menu, too..

  12. David B

    Broadway & Murdoch is the Artichoke…

    • jammer5

      Ate there once. Still looking for a decent Pastrami sandwich in Wichita. A decent real Mexican food place as well.

      • I like El Patio which is on Central east of the Lord’s Diner a couple of blocks – on the north side of the street. It is inexpensive and pretty authentic. None of the cooks speak
        English, they all listen to the all Spanish radio stations, and will at times sing along to the radio – which is entertaining.

        My kids who have taken years of public school Spanish like going to El Patio so they can see if they can pick up any of the Spanish that flies around there.

        Connie’s is a good bet from what I hear. I’ve never been there. My son’s best friend works at Connie’s. He had to retake first grade because he did not know English and it wasn’t spoken at home.

        The El Patio folk are from the Monterrey area. They claim to have introduced the dish called a “Monterrey” to Wichita.

        The best Mexican restaurant I’ve ever eaten at is “The Anchor Inn” in Hutchinson on South Main Street.

      • jammer5

        Sounds like one to try. Gracias, amigo 🙂

      • jammer5

        Ate at the Anchor inn way back when. You’re right: excellent food.

  13. I went to The Anchor on election night last November, wicked and Mary were there too! It was a night to celebrate!

    I like some of the sandwiches at The Artichoke and sometimes they have good entertainment there too.

    Mexican food — have you tried Connie’s on N. Broadway? Someone said El Mexico on S. Seneca has reopened under new mgmt. or ownership and they had cleaned the place up (it was filthy!). It’s funny about Mexican food because it seems what part of the country you grew up effects what you think is ‘real’ Mexican. My brother-in-law grew up in So. Cal like jammer and he swears if there aren’t at least fish tacos on the menu it’s not gonna be a good place! My son in Boston craves Mexican and tries to OD when he’s home. Boston, according to him, has no idea how either Mexican or barbecue should taste.

  14. I’ll also recommend El Mexico. Felipe’s Northeast, north of 21st on Woodlawn (client plug!) is my personal favorite for ‘real’ Mexican food.

    fnord, the younger, hereinafter referred to as 6c7074, or 6c70 for short, also bemoaned the lack of barbecue in New England, although Waterville, ME has some killer Thai restaurants (in her opinion). She misses the seafood here, of course…

    • 6176746f6c6c65

      BTW, when I reference ‘real’ Mexican food, I’m referring to the stuff I grew up liking in Wellington, the non-spicy, etc., food. In light of iggy’s post infra , I should point out that Wellington was a big ATSF town. One of my high school classmates took over Cornejo’s there, but ended up moving it to Winfield several years ago.

  15. jammer5

    I used to eat at Connies way back in the 70’s and it was great. I ate there after moving back, and thought it had dropped quite a bit in quality. Believe it or not, when I lived in Joplin, I enjoyed three different Mexican restaurants, all of them excellent. I’ve tried some of the chain Mexican places, but they hardly qualify as Mexican in my book.

    It’s difficult for people to understand, but Mexican food itself is not spicy, for the most part. Most spices, salsa, etc,. are added at tableside. There are some foods, such as moles, that are made picante, but most are not. I used to go to Tijuana with a group of writers from San Diego to try out different restaurants there. Some unbelievable places there.

    There’s a place called Paella that serves authentic Paella, a traditional dish of Spain. Saffron rice loaded with clams, muscles, pork, beef and chicken. Cost there was around five a plate. Cost in the states for the same thing? Around twenty five a plate, minimum.

    Tried a place opened by a five star chef who was born and raised in Tijuana and wanted to give back to the community. He trained all over the world, and brought dishes from mostly Spain. One I tried was a small pork roast, wrapped in rosemary leaves, sealed in salt, and roasted. His presentation was a thing of beauty, and the taste was awesome. It came with an aluminum foil wrapped mushroom concoction folded in the shape of a bird of paradise. One of the best meals I have ever tasted. Sadly, it closed due to the gang problems.

    There’s a Mexican market north of 21st on Broadway that makes tamales. $15 a dozen, and worth every penny. They freeze well.

  16. wicked

    Want real Mexican food? Go to Mexico. Just stay away from the water…drinking water, that is.

    From my daughter’s half-Mexican SO, real Mex food isn’t seasoned hot like we eat it here. His grandmother makes the real stuff. 😉

    Speaking of Mexicans…a Hummer-full drove by our house on Sunday. Just one more gas-guzzling pile of crap on the road. (The Hummer, not the Mexicans.)

    • jammer5

      Ate at a place in La Paz, Baja Ca., many moons ago. A small taco place. If you’ve never been there before, the waiter will bring you a fresh made tortilla . . . heaven. We ordered the combo plate. Seven different tacos: shrimp, pork, beef, scallop, chicken, fish and, believe it or not, tripe. Came with a tray of different salsas, going from mild to wild, left to right. There was a coconut salsa that was unbelievable. Combo plate was around five bucks. Best tacos I’ve ever had.

      Also, in the same town, was a place called the happy shrimp. Shrimp wrapped in bacon, covered in Mexican cheese. A definite clogger, but damn, I can still taste em. Outside to open window, on the street, was a cat meowing. Thought I’d toss him a small piece of shrimp. The cat took it and gave it to a dog whose back legs didn’t work. Believe me: I was stunned.

      • jammer5

        When I lived at home with the parents, we lived on the backside of a Catholic church and grade school. They were all the time having bake sales. The Mexican ladies would come over to our house to cook enchiladas. The women were all the time arguing over who made the best sauce for the enchiladas.

        My brother in law and I were all the time volunteering our taste buds to either confirm, or not, their sauces. Unfortunately, we still had to pay a buck and a quarter for a plate. I still, to this day, gauge all enchiladas against those: I can honestly say, none have ever measured up.

  17. There is also a very good Mexican restaurant in the middle of Arkansas City, KS (not the one North of town). Unfortunately, it is possible that my assessment was confounded by the effects of an herb called Panama Red – this was back in the college daze.

    Any Kansas town where there is big railroad presence will tend to have good Mexican restaurants. The correlation is driven by the fact that many Hispanics worked for the railroad.

  18. Here’s my rule for good Mexican food:

    Find a place that serves menudo. (For godsake, don’t order it! It’s tripe stew and smells like dirty gym socks. But it’s the traditional Mexican hangover cure and if the place has it on the menu, everything else will be wonderful.)

    There used to be a hole-in-the-wall place on 21st Street, La Mexicana, that made chilis relleno that were God’s favorite dish. She grew up in Durango and her recipes and sauces featured a unique blend of peppers and spices that were definitely Mexican, but nothing like Tex-Mex or West Coast Mex or New Mex Mex….

    And if you’re ever in Dallas and want to go upscale, check out Xavier’s near Highland Park. Not just Mexican food; “Mexico City Cuisine” Again, different spices and some elegant dishes. And be sure to top it off with one of their flaming coffee drinks for dessert. Prepared at the table with a flair and two of ’em will put you on your ass, but truly a don’t miss dining experience.

  19. jammer5

    Best Mexican cookbook? Diana Kennedy: The cuisines of Mexico. She’s spent her whole career traveling through Mexico gathering recipes from different regions, many from typical households, and family recipes. I use it all the time.

  20. A long time ago I posted a thread about Joan Baez at the Newport Jazz festival. Here the last week or so that thread is getting a lot of views and these seem to come from Google searches. The foregoing is making me think that Joan is in the News somehow at this time. Does anyone know if that is true?

    According to the blog stats yesterday 41 views came from the search of “Joan Baez”. That was way ahead of all other search terms.

  21. Bad Biker

    If I had to recommend one Mexican restaurant to a visitor to Wichita, I would say “Taco Bell.”

    Whoops! That would be the LAST Mexican restaurant I would suggest. My bad.

    I would recommend Connie’s. I have eaten there a number of times and have never been disappointed.

    I have also eaten in Mexico, at a high class place in Tijuana and a at some less than high class joints in Juarez.

    I don’t know how representative the place in Tijuana was – the waiters wore tuxedos. The places in Juarez were pretty much Tex-Mex food.

    That’s my $0.02.

    • jammer5

      I’ve eaten at a number of places in TJ. One being Durangos. The best Siete Mare soup (seven seas) I’ve ever had. Then there’s La Especial on revolution; specializes in carne asada. Rivoli Brasserie & Patio is another great place.

  22. The Rude Pundit writes about Representative Alan Grayson, he of the “Die Quickly” Republican health care plan.

    It’s, as usual, full of vulgarities and it’s a good column worth the read. I had trouble finding a whole sentence to post here on our “X” rated blog. 🙂 Finally found this snip —

    “Republicans have never known how to deal with it when someone fights back with the same brutality they use.”

    • Bad Biker

      That was some good stuff, Fnord. I wish I could quote some of it also, but I’m afraid I would be banned for life.

      • jammer5

        If Obama would take the same stances, he could accomplish something. Playing nice with the Republicans will get you a huge case of aids and nothing less. I friggin like this guy.

    • Thomas Frank spoke at length on this subject at his most recent talk at Watermark. He was of the opinion that the tough guy, do it my way approach, is just not who Barack Obama is. He seemed to kind of forgive him for that, too.

      My thoughts are that he is going to need to have Kennedy replaced and then storm the Bastille, because he will never have a chance to get his agenda done after the mid-term elections.

  23. tosmarttobegop

    Felipe’s…. Yes the old one.

    The one on the East side is not better then Taco-Bell.