“Helping Restore Poor Leaders to Right Thinking”

120logo[1]The Liberty Counsel of Liberty University has adopted a “Prayer in Action Program”, whereby they are encouraging their members to choose a liberal in need of prayer and to pray that the said liberal(s) is/are restored to “right thinking.”

The group offers these “liberals” as being in need of prayer:  Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Barney Frank [not a big surprise there], John Holdren, Barry Lynn, Janet Napolintano, Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Arnold Schwartenegger, Olympia Snowe, and any other liberal of your choice.

Just as an example, here is why Hillary Clinton needs prayerful guidance:  “Hillery Clinton, former Democratic senator for New York, favors abortion, embryonic stem cell research and opposed criminalizing harm to an unborn child that occurs during an attack on the mother.  The radical pro-abortion group NARAL concluded that her policies were 100% pro-abortion.  She approves of hate crimes legislation and laws that give same-sex civil unions equal benefits, rights and privileges to marriage.  She advocated that homosexuals should be able to serve in the military without concealing their unnatural sexual preferences and she co-sponsored a bill that was intended to provide benefits to domestic partners of Federal employees.  Since becoming Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has testified that the new policy of the United States is to repeal abortion restrictions around the world.”

Here is the site, for those of you ready to start your prayerful crusades.  Here is the WaPo take on the story.



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10 responses to ““Helping Restore Poor Leaders to Right Thinking”

  1. A confession: My favorite nephew obtained an on-line degree from Liberty University. He met Jerry Falwell. He is an associate pastor in a huge Methodist Church here in Wichita. He does, however, have a legitimate masters degree in theology that he got the more traditional way.

  2. Bad Biker

    Jeez, can I get them to pray for me. Hell, I am a life-long non-Christian liberal.

    Let’s see, I would like a new Harley (Road King, please, in white.), a few bucks in my bank account, an estate in Taos, New Mexico and a date with Halle Berry.

    And a pony.

  3. Pretty funny, biker.

    But how is the Harley, $, an estate in Taos, NM [That is the most beautiful country in the world, IMHO], a date with Halle Berry, and a pony going to restore you to “right thinking”?

    Never mind, I think I can imagine the outcome…

    • Bad Biker

      I would be thinking “everything is RIGHT in my world, so I must be THINKING right.”

      • Bad Biker

        Everything would be RIGHT especially if I scored a second (and third and fourth) date with Halle Berry!

      • tosmarttobegop

        especially if Halley still had the Cat woman suit, imagine her on the back wearing that!
        OK earth to Biker… return to reality…. On second thought stay as long as you like in the dream.
        Reality is not that much to brag about anyway.

  4. Wait, she is in favor of hate crime legislation? Doesn’t she know it is appropriate to hate, unless it is directed at the right?

  5. tosmarttobegop

    One of my dad’s greatest joys was when the phone would ring and it would be Jim and Tammy Bakers group. Somehow he had gotten on their call list, so ever so often they would call for a donation.
    He would leave the caller speak less when he would suggest that the golden fountain in the center of their Heritage center be melted down and that would fund all those programs they said they were wanting to do to help the poor.

    • I used to see Tammy Bakker in the mall here in Charlotte now and again. I was in counseling for it for years.

      • tosmarttobegop

        Can’t be any more a tragic sight then the Rose-Ann Bar in a Teddy on the cover of a magazine.
        I had temporary blindness from shock for a few minutes!

        BTW I am not kidding either.