Glenn Beck and left-right confusion

glenn-beck-goes-crazy-in-radio-show-pin-head-funny-comedyA fascinating article by Glenn Greenwald, at, not only attempts to categorize (not an easy endeavor) Glenn Beck. Along the way, Greenwald has much to say about the political climate in the states today. To say the bulk of the protesters (teabaggers, etc.) don’t have a clue about what exactly they’re protesting is oversimplification.

Last night during his CBS interview with Katie Couric, Glenn Beck said he may have voted for Hillary Clinton and that “John McCain would have been worse for the country than Barack Obama.”  This comment predictably spawned confusion among some liberals and anger among some conservatives.  But even prior to that, there had been a palpable increase in the right-wing attacks on Beck — some motivated by professional competition for the incredibly lucrative industry of right-wing opinion-making, some due to understandable discomfort with his crazed and irresponsible rhetoric, but much of it the result of Beck’s growing deviation from GOP (and neoconservative) dogma.  Increasingly, there is great difficulty in understanding not only Beck’s political orientation but, even more so, the movement that has sprung up around him.  Within that confusion lies several important observations about our political culture, particularly the inability to process anything that does not fall comfortably into the conventional “left-right” dichotomy through which everything is understood.

Some of this confusion is attributable to the fact that Beck himself doesn’t really appear to have any actual, identifiable political beliefs; he just mutates into whatever is likely to draw the most attention for himself and whatever satisfies his emotional cravings of the moment.  Although he now parades around under a rhetorical banner of small-government liberty, anti-imperialism, and opposition to the merger of corporations and government (as exemplified by the Bush-sponsored Wall Street bailout), it wasn’t all that long ago that he was advocating exactly the opposite:  paying homage to the Patriot Act, defending the Wall Street bailout and arguing it should have been larger, and spouting standard neoconservative cartoon propaganda about The Global Islamo-Nazi Jihadists and all that it justifies.  Even the quasi-demented desire for a return to 9/12 — as though the country should be stuck permanently in a state of terrorism-induced trauma and righteous, nationalistic fury over an allegedly existential Enemy — is the precise antithesis of the war-opposing, neocon-hating views held by many libertarian and paleoconservative factions with which Beck has now associated himself.  Still other aspects of his ranting are obviously grounded in highly familiar, right-wing paranoia

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18 responses to “Glenn Beck and left-right confusion

  1. What a perfectly adorable picture! Now I’ll read the post. Well, I may have to look at the picture again first — it’s such a wonderful sight! (giggle!)

  2. G-stir

    If you put a couple of horns on the above picture of Beck, you could make a killing selling Halloween masks of him! Beck- Satan’s spawn???

  3. G-stir

    “OOPS- That was my last Depends!!”

  4. jammer5

    Beautiful, ain’t he?

    Has anybody here read any of Glenn Greenwald’s books? Seems like he has a pretty good handle on the subjects he writes about.

  5. The deal is no one acknowledges how many different stances the right-wing nutjob radio personalities take on, and since they’ve become the spokespersons for the right, it’s understandable that the teabaggers don’t know what they’re protesting.

    They’re just mad, mad as hell, and mostly it’s because they’re out of power and their spokespersons are screaming mad so there must be dire things happening!

    Actually we forget how small their numbers truly are! They are loud and they carry all those signs spelled in such interesting ways, they attract the media attention. But keep in mind their biggest rally in DC on Sept. 14th drew someplace between 40,000 and 2 bazillion people. And those numbers represented many diverse groups, protesting many diverse causes.

  6. jammer5

    Fnord, you hit it on the head. My guess is, you could ask the teabaggers as a group what it is they’re protesting, and get a basic, solid answer. Ask them individually, and you’d get as many answers as there are individuals.

    What’s sad is nothings really changed from Bush to Obama: there is no health plan; no regulation of the financial industry; Obama continued the same bailout Bush started; we’re still fighting two wars; politicians are still collecting their two pieces of silver from business.

    So what, exactly, are the teabaggers protesting? As Fnord stated, They’re just mad as hell.

  7. David B

    I think this man is really dangerous to the American body politic. This is terrible to say, but I pray something very bad befalls him . . .

  8. Bad Biker

    The point is that the Con/Republican far right wing has always been mad. WE is a perfect example. It started the day Bill Clinton was elected president and it won’t end soon, if ever. It’s what they do best.

    Behind the screaming and yelling and the over-the-top rhetoric, there are few legitimate points. Facts are meaningless in their world and they would just as soon not have you bring them up.

    Bush had more czars than Obama, but Obama is a Nazi fascist that should be impeached for violating the Constitution.

    In the Con world, that makes perfect sense.

  9. anniethemoose

    What’s sad is nothings really changed from Bush to Obama: there is no health plan; no regulation of the financial industry; Obama continued the same bailout Bush started; we’re still fighting two wars; politicians are still collecting their two pieces of silver from business.

    So what, exactly, are the teabaggers protesting? As Fnord stated, They’re just mad as hell.
    They are pissed about what you said in the first paragraph. The wingnut commentators just blamed you for it and corporate Amerika paid them 40 million a year to do it.

  10. David B

    Rachel Maddow asked the question “How do you respond to people who are not only telling falsehoods, but they KNOW they are telling falsehoods?”

    • anniethemoose

      Point by point. It seems politics has become more like a season of survivor. The wingnuts understand the dynamics of the game. The dems try to take the moral high ground. Big mistake.

      Wait and see how this gun issue [next thread] becomes the next big rallying point for the cons.

    • Such folk are trolls. You ignore them and hope they die from lack of attention.

  11. tosmarttobegop

    David I made the point about the Bush administration that is it a lie if the teller actually believes it the truth?
    Are these people delusional? Of course they are, those shouting Socialism rarely could define Socialist and can not truly point to any of the policies of the Obama Administration that are truly Socialist.
    But lacking any real example does not stop them from defining it as Socialist for lack of a better name.

    Beck like O’Reilly claims to be Independent, he does feed a faction of disillusioned and angry at the wind.
    Though he is claimed by the Right, he is more toward the leanings that is more libertarian.

    What gets me is those who also claim they were angry at Bush too. But my question is where were they during the Bush administration? It does seem to be something that a Democratic President brings out for some reason. Some are pointing to the President being black is the reason, but believe me when I say that the underlying hatred was there with President Clinton too.

  12. tstb, I have trouble wrapping my mind around the thought any person could hate another because of their political persuasion. I hear it from all the Cons, and they are mean, vile, ugly. I see our very own Thunderchild express those feelings and I don’t understand it in him either.

    • wicked

      There are a lot of people out there who have only one emotion: hate. People like Beck and the rest know this and use it to get what they want: money.