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Office of the Press Secretary

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Our family provides one of the strongest influences on our lives. American families from every walk of life have taught us time and again that children raised in loving, caring homes have the ability to reject negative behaviors and reach their highest potential. Whether children are raised by two parents, a single parent, grandparents, a same-sex couple, or a guardian, families encourage us to do our best and enable us to accomplish great things. Today, our children are confronting issues of drug and alcohol use with astonishing regularity. On Family Day, we honor the dedication of parents, commend the achievements of their children, and celebrate the contributions our Nation’s families have made to combat substance abuse among young people.

The 21st century presents families with unprecedented challenges. Millions of women and men are struggling to balance the demands of their jobs with the needs of their families. At the same time, our youngest generation faces countless distractions in their social environment. They are coming of age in a world where electronic devices have replaced the playground, televisions have preempted conversation, and pressure to use drug and alcohol is far too prevalent. Parents bear significant stress and burdens to protect their children from harmful influences.

It is our responsibility to talk with adolescents about the risks of abusing alcohol, tobacco, or prescription and illicit drugs, and other harmful behaviors. These substances can destroy the mind, body, and spirit of a child, jeopardizing their health and limiting their potential. Active parents, voicing their disapproval of drug use, have proven themselves to be the most effective preventative method for keeping our children drug-free. A strong and engaged family can make all the difference in helping young people make healthy decisions.

By coming together as a family and discussing the events of the day, parents can foster open communication, share joys and concerns, and help guide their children toward healthy decisionmaking. A strong nation is made up of strong families, and on this Family Day, we rededicate ourselves to ensuring that every American family has the chance to build a better, healthier future for themselves and their children.

NOW, THEREFORE, I, BARACK OBAMA, President of the United States of America, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Constitution and the laws of the United States, do hereby proclaim September 28, 2009, as Family Day. I call upon the people of the United States to join together in observing this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities to honor and strengthen our Nation’s families.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand this twenty-eighth day of September, in the year of our Lord two thousand nine, and of the Independence of the United States of America the two hundred and thirty-fourth.




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24 responses to “Tuesday, 09/29/09, Public Square

  1. David B

    “Whether children are raised by two parents, a single parent, grandparents, a same-sex couple”…

    Prepare for fake outrage…

  2. PrairiePond

    Any kid would be lucky to have my sweetie as their Mom. She would be the best mother in the world. A little long in the tooth now, but still…

    And my ex has a foster son right now. The second one she’s had in her home. That’s more than I can say for some straight folks.

    Me? I missed the parent gene. I dont do kids. I can barely manage Summer and myself!

  3. Sorry to be a day late with this! I didn’t know about it until one of my Facebook friends shared it yesterday.

    It’s important enough to think about even if we do it late!

  4. anniethemoose

    The moose is feeling better could probably venture out to western Kansas on the 8th. Anybody interested in getting together with me [bad biker] hint hint I have tools that could be transported at a moments notice out west. A mini meet up maybe in order [excuse to drink cereal malted beverages] to plan logistics of said event. I have about 30 oil paintings to sell proceeds available to a most deserving party. Anyone interested contact me through iggy or fnord. That is all.

  5. Sounds like we’re starting a plan! Great news!

    So now we plan to meet to plan a meet? No wonder we drive right-wingers crazy!

    ATM — state the time we should look at the paintings so the proceeds can be spent before we head out west.

    Oh, one thing. I’m gonna need all of you to work on a rendition of happy birthday! If I’m spending my birthday in your presence I expect to be serenaded. 🙂

    • anniethemoose

      fnord a birthday? Do you like glass beads?
      My house is open during the week for those who are chained to work on the weekends. Hint hint! Anytime is good for me.

  6. The Votemaster on Justice Ginsburg —

    (Has anyone heard whether she is still hospitalized? Any update?)

    Justice Ginsburg Hospitalized

    Associate Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg has been hospitalized because she felt light headed. In July she was given a physical examination. Her official statement then said: “She was in completely normal health with the exception of a low red blood cell count caused by deficiency of iron. Intravenous iron therapy was administered in a standard fashion.” The only detail it somehow forgot to mention is that she had pancreatic cancer–which is fatal within a few years nearly all the time.

    A larger question raised by Ginsburg is that some players never seem to know when to exit stage left. (see: Paterson, David). Ginsburg is 76. She has been on the court for 16 years. She had a brilliant and effective career. There is now a President who would most likely appoint a successor in her mold and a Senate that has enough Democratic votes to confirm her successor. She has a usually-fatal disease. Maybe she could hang on for another year or two, at which time the Democrats might or might not have enough votes in the Senate to invoke cloture if the Republicans decide to filibuster her successor. What’s she waiting for? The situation is different for John Paul Stevens. While he is 89, he has no known serious disease and is able to do his job fully, although he has not hired the full complement of clerks that he normally does, leading to rumors that he is going to hang up his robe at the end of this year’s session of the court. Apparently, once someone achieves a position of great power, that person finds it very hard to give it up, even if calling it quits would better serve that person’s higher goals.

  7. 6176746f6c6c65


    OK, I wasn’t planning on flying anywhere on the dates in question anyway, but this stinks. Remind me again of the benefits of airline deregulation…

  8. 6176746f6c6c65


    After spending $14 million in federal grants on the approach, some school districts in Texas have decided that “abstinence only” sex ed doesn’t work. So, it’s on to “abstinence plus”.

    Gee, I could have saved everyone a whole lot of money years ago had I been asked, not to mention (hopefully) reducing the rate of teen pregnancy and STD infection.

  9. abstinence only doesn’t work. Imagine that… You mean to tell me teenagers still have those bothersome hormones in great quantities? Imagine that…

  10. Michael Moore is hosting a Q & A discussion about his new movie at the Washington Post – starting at 12:15 our time. I hope the movie comes to our theatres this week. Warren usually brings him in, so hopefully that tradition will continue.

  11. From WashPo:

    Annapolis, Md.: How do you think the president is doing so far on Health Care?

    Michael Moore: I wish there were millions of people out there supporting him vocally, visably right now. But it’s hard to excite the base when what you’re proposing is the compromise position instead of starting with what he really wanted and what we really want, and starting with the final offer. The public option that the private insurance companies still get to call the shots isn’t something to get exited about. Universal health care is what Americans want and they want it now. Standing in the way of that risks the wrath of the voters a year from this November.

  12. One more interesting item from the Michael Moore Q & A:

    Bethesda, Md.: Recently, I read that this might be your last film documentary. Is this true, and if so, why?

    Michael Moore: At the end of the film, I issue a challenge to the audience. If they get up out of their theater seats and go home and become part of a movement that needs happen in this country and back the President on the initiatives that he needs to pursue, I will keep making these movies. But I’m not going to be the only one out there alone, so it’s up to the people. If they want me to make more movies, I’m going to have to see the public getting off the bench and becoming participants in the democratic process.

    I’m sorry we didn’t have more time, technical difficulties. Here we were are in a place that advertised wireless, someday these claims will be true. In the meantime heading over to NPR where I’ll be live on talk of the Nation. And I hope to return to washingtonpost.com, and thank you for having me here. I’m honored to be here.

  13. wicked

    Family Day?

    I saw many of my extended family members. Cousins–1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and probably some 5th–my aunt and uncle, and people I hadn’t seen in a few years. Just goes to show how often I go “home.”

    I was walking up late to the graveside service and happened to look down at where I’d stopped at the outer edge of the group. There was my mom and dad’s headstone. Weird experience, since I haven’t been out to the cemetary since my mom’s funeral almost a year and a half ago. It was nice that my mom and one of her first cousins had been put to rest near each other.

    All in all, I’m glad I went.

  14. Bad Biker

    Okay, here’s my plan for a road trip next week: First we drive to KC, where we catch a couple of flights to Jamaica. Once in Kingston, we rent a few Vespa scooters and head out to Boston Beach where we will pig out on Jamaican Jerk pork tenderloin and chicken wings while getting shit-faced on flaming rum drinks.


    Whoops! Wrong plan…………… that’s the plan for NEXT year, not next week.

    How about we plan a working trip for next week? Fnord and I can drive a few light years up to Wakeeny (where they truck in electricity each week) and I can do the prelim work to get the house ready to paint. Annie, JR, 61, Iggy and anyone else can roll in on Thursday or Friday with paint equipment and we can all get the house and garage done in about two days. I’m going to kick in for five gallons of paint. Anyone else?

    Sound like a plan?

    Hell, if P’Pond has a smoker, I’ll even whip up one of my world famous tenderloins.

    Let’s do it!

  15. David B

    This is where free, recycled paint can be picked up.
    One 5 gallon container per ‘car’ – so a few cars could pick up a few.

    801 Stillwell
    Wichita, KS 67213
    (316) 660-7464
    South of Kellogg off of Seneca (at the corner of Osage and Stillwell)

    South of West High School, Southwest of the football field

    What are the HHW Facility’s hours?

    9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Tuesday to Friday
    9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Saturdays

  16. David B

    of note:
    Success Against al-Qaeda Cited
    Infiltration of Network Is a Factor as Administration Debates Afghanistan Policy

    By Karen DeYoung and Walter Pincus
    Washington Post Staff Writers

    Wednesday, September 30, 2009
    U.S. and international intelligence officials say that improved recruitment of spies inside the al-Qaeda network, along with increased use of targeted airstrikes and enhanced assistance from cooperative governments, has significantly reduced the terrorist organization’s effectiveness.