Monday, 09/28/09, Public Square


Was your weekend great?  Are you revived and ready to start a new week?  What would you like to discuss?  This is your thread, make it interesting — OR FUN.  🙂



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  1. PrairiePond

    ug. another week in the salt mine.

    Wicked, I hope all goes well with Payton and her family and that their trip home is uneventful and she thrives when she’s finally settled in.

    I dont send many messages, but I think of you often and send best wishes. Especially during this next transition.

    Your family is lucky to have you.

    St. Wicked!

    • wicked

      LOL I don’t have even close to enough patience to be a saint.

      They’re on their way and should be calling soon to let us know they’re home. They had to jump through hoops to get out of the place, then it was near evening, and they still had to collect their belongings where they had been staying. Not that Payton wasn’t ready to leave, but a bunch of b.s. over feeding schedule (every2 hours!) and a car seat check. The nurses strapped her in so tight, she was hurting, but they insisted. Then a new car seat, because upright didn’t get it. Finally, a rule I’ve never heard after 4 kids and another 4 grandkids: Babies (any babies) should not ride in a car seat for more than an hour. With a 3 hour trip ahead, go figure.

      I’m exhausted just thinking about it!

  2. PrairiePond,

    How about next week for some company? The only two I know for sure about are Biker and myself, but I feel confident our numbers will grow. Anyway I hope so because Biker will need to work really hard to make up for me. 🙂 I think he’s up to it tho.

    I know you said you cannot get off work Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. If we arrived Thursday and only bothered you one night (two at the most!) would it be OK?

    You tell us what part of next week would be best for you and then we’ll get it going on!

  3. 6176746f6c6c65


    Depending upon the results of tomorrow, I may be able to join you. I’ll let you know.

  4. Great!

    I’m thinking about you and that appointment tomorrow. On one hand I’m glad you’re finding out what problems there may be, on the other hand I just don’t want you to have any more problems!

  5. 6176746f6c6c65

    Thanks. I totally concur with your ultimate sentence.

  6. Has it been decided the first trip is going to be an “assessment” trip and a “work” trip done later? That was what I thought I read in the other thread.

  7. Biker is ready to leave this instant and begin work as soon as he arrives.

    You know us eviilll libaruhls! We’ve all got our own ideas! 🙂

    We need to get off dead center tho, and break out of our procrastinating ways. Biker says next week and work. Could be both assessment and work? 🙂

    Anyone in?

  8. “Secret Service Probing Obama Assassination Poll on Facebook

    The U.S. Secret Service is investigating a “poll” posted on Facebook that asked users the most unsocial, unspeakable question: Should President Obama be assassinated?”,2933,556722,00.html

  9. Woman who inspired Beatles’ Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds dies aged just 46 after battling disease

    The woman whose childhood friendship with John Lennon’s son Julian inspired the song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds has died.

    Lucy Vodden, who was recently revealed as the girl behind the 40-year-old Beatles song, had been battling lupus, an incurable disease of the immune system.

    Julian Lennon has said that the track was inspired by a picture he drew of classmate Lucy O’Donnell with star-like shapes when they were at nursery school in the mid-1960s.

    The young Julian showed his father the picture and told him it was ‘Lucy in the sky with diamonds’.

    Read more:

    • Sorry. I have never believed that story. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds = LSD.

    • wicked

      I always liked that song. And before anyone asks, no, I did not take LSD at any time…or any other drugs. LOL

      My cousin was one of the sound guys on Julian’s first album and got to meet him. Imagine how I, a HUGE John Lennon fan, was eaten alive with jealousy. 🙂

  10. Thunderchild

    Let me know more as plans unfold.

    Here are the ten types of Republicans. I feel I know them all so well!

  11. Thunderchild,

    Check in ’cause a road trip is gonna happen! Biker and I decided to get on the stick and make it happen!

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Fnord check your e-mail this is rich!
    I would discuss it here but I have to keep it on the low-down for now.
    I do not suspect anyone here for what has been happening in the last three weeks.

    But I am beginning to have a very “Blue” feeling and seem to have gone under some ones skin enough that they are doing a childest practical joke on me.

  13. I guess I am still not clear on what the plan is. I can take off on a weekend, which is what it sounds PrairiePond would prefer. I need some notice to do that.

    I think we need to, on this end, agree as to what the general plan is and then fill in the details. Surely, that is not too difficult.

    If needed I can provide various alternatives, but I sure hate bossing people around. I don’t have an MBA, so I am not sure how I can totally fuck things up… Give me a couple of years on that and I can get back to you…

  14. anniethemoose

    The moose has been sick and will not attempt a road trip and real work but would be happy to donate a few coins of the realm to this most worthy cause.

  15. Sorry Moose, that you’ve been sick. I don’t know anyone who is less deserving to be ill than you.

    That said, I am wanting to get things nailed down here. While I appreciate Biker is ready to work. We need an overall plan. God, I hate MBA’s, and I hate worse sounding like one. As an aside: GWB was the first MBA president. I rest my case…

  16. wicked

    Iggy, don’t feel bad. I’m the type who likes the plans made and laid out before I jump in. I don’t like surprises. I don’t know when this happened in my long, long life, since I’m not a very structured person and used to be a spur-of-the-moment girl. There’s nothing wrong with making sure everything has been taken care of and all know what’s going on. Maybe raising four kids did that to me. Try getting 3 kids playing softball, each on a different team in two different towns and games on the same nights, to their games and home, not to mention attending a fairly even number of games per child. Yeah, that must be it. 🙂

    Wish I could go along, but this being the first weekend Payton is home, I’m sure the family will be getting together for our regularly scheduled Saturday family night, which we haven’t done since early August. Add a funeral to attend tomorrow, and a writers’ retreat the weekend after next, then top it all of with 2 writing deadlines, and I’m booked solid. Wow, that sounds pretty neat! Wish it was. LOL

    But I know you’ll all get it worked out and have a maaaahhhhvelous time. I’ll send hugs for PP later, before you take off for the wilds up north. 😉

  17. PrairiePond

    Hi Guys–Thursday, October 8 I have to be in Salina all afternoon for some medical appts but I’m free on Friday and the weekend. Or the next week, I could be free on Thursday and/or Friday and the weekend.

    If next week is the only time that works for you all, we can work around my absence on the 8th. It’s two hours to Salina, appt at three thirty, probably done by five and back again by seven.

    Just let me know what works. As the Bud guy says “I love you man”!

  18. PrairiePond

    PS–If the weather cooperates, Iggy, we could do some bass fishing just two miles from the house. Great fishing, great scenery, secluded spot. Hell, Biker may even want to camp there. Or we could just visit the spot and drink beer.

    As you can tell, work isnt my best attribute!

    There are some small jobs that can be done. I can get windows and a door to be put on the garage. Plastic needs to be put over the chicken house windows and some doors replaced on them, etc. Nothing too big. The big stuff can be assessed and tackled later.

    But all in all, I really just want to visit with my pals. No work is required. Only if you all really, really, REALLY want to do so. Othewise, we can play and tour the countryside.

  19. PrairiePond

    Oh, and Annie? I’m sorry you arent feeling well. Being under the weather is no fun. Get well soon. I’d love to meet you.

    Wicked, I hope Payton’s trip home was as good as can be expected and that she’s getting settled into her bed and home. I’m on a two hour feeding schedule myself 🙂

    And I hope 617 is getting good news and feeling better as time goes on.

    You guys are all so special to me.