Sunday, 09/27/09, Public Square

talk radio liesHope today is free of lies, exaggerations, and all things troublesome.  Enjoy a peaceful Sunday!



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7 responses to “Sunday, 09/27/09, Public Square

  1. tosmarttobegop

    Ahh too late Fnord I have already watch one of the Sunday morning political talk shows.
    My day has already had it share of lies, exaggerations and troublesome things. Plus one of the grand sons is sick.

  2. It is a beautiful morning and promises to be a great day!

    We’ve been taking care of some friends dog while they are away on a business trip. My two cats have balked BIG TIME and behaved like drama queens. My dog is jealous. The visiting dog has decided human mommies (fud gvrs) disappear all too easily so I can’t get away — if I make a lap she is on it, if I’m moving she is moving with me (often tripping me up!). I don’t remember having small children as being more demanding as these pets!

    OK, off to the park with two dogs on leashes — that takes some special know how!

  3. David B

    and my cat has fleas.

  4. wicked

    Work only for me today. I finished the photo album, so if you want to see Payton’s journey in pictures, there’s the link.

    Then on to finish my goal of 40 pages this week. I’m 2 pages from reaching it, so it’s gone better than I’d hoped, even after 2 days of NO writing.

    Good news from my daughter in KC. They may be bring Payton home tomorrow. It depends on how comfortable they are with the feeding tube she still has. Lyndsay thinks they’re feeding her too often (every 3 hours), and she just isn’t hungry enough. What she doesn’t eat/drink of the 2 oz is put in her feeding tube. We’ll see how it goes. Another day there won’t hurt, although the other kids are really wanting mom and dad at home. I just go with whatever is best for all. 🙂

    • Thanks for that great good news!

      It will be challenging and I hope they realize that they will still need help.

      It will be absolutely wonderful to be home as a family, and maybe scary not to have a nursing staff right there.

      All my best energy and thoughts go out to this young family and all of theirs!

      I’m off to see Payton’s journey in pictures!

  5. This YouTube video is all about being able to make the quirky parts of people, the sometimes annoying parts of relationships something you see not just as imperfections but important parts of a person. People aren’t made of just good and impressive parts, we’re also imperfect.

  6. Camping- tick…..mountain climbing- tick…..every friggin muscle in my body aches-tick…..cue thunder storm- tick. Discover it’s time to get a new tent 🙂