Saturday, 09/26/09, Public Square

1154833112559_Autumn_sInvitationII2476FlAd001What makes a perfect autumn Saturday for you?  It should be a crisp morning with daytime highs in the upper 70s in Kansas — PERFECT!

We were a quiet bunch yesterday!  Wonder what today will bring?



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  1. Pedant

    Good morning!

    I am listening to Bob Edwards Weekend on WHRO right now. Edwards’ guests is Ken Burns, who has another documentary series airing on PBS beginning tomorrow night called The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

    I’ve watched everything this guy has ever produced, from The Civil War to Baseball to Jazz to The War (about WWII).

    Burns always has an interesting take on American history, imo. The National Parks is a 6-part, 12-hour series in which Burns argues that the US would be a very different nation if we had no national park system.

    According to Burns, our national park system affords us the opportunity to really believe that the US is a great nation. His film posits that the US would be a very different nation, one that may not have invented soaring architecture (Chicago’s Loop, eg) or even soaring national rhetoric without our national parks. The US may not have entered WWII if the national parks had not been there to provide visual evidence of the greatness of the USA, for example. Humans, especially male humans, depend so fundamentally on visual stimuli, after all. It’s always powerful evidence, one way or the other.

    I loved his previous work. This one should pop like Orville Redenbacher’s on your HDTV. Who knows, this may be the straw that broke the TiVo’s back for me (the Colts are at the Cardinals).

  2. David B

    Bargain hunters: One deal a day.

  3. wicked

    I’m ready for a nap. Lyndsay called this morning as she and Adam were coming through El Dorado on their way from KC to see the kids Haven’t heard from them since then, but I’m wondering if they didn’t go to the chili cookoff, since her inlaws were planning to take the kids there before learning L&A were coming home for a day visit.

    Payton is doing really well. Her only problem right now is wanting to take her bottle. Her throat is swollen and obviously hurts from the vent being in so much. She’ll get better.

    I was working on a photo album in Flash last night to put on my website. Maybe later today I’ll finish it and post the URL. Even the nurses and doctors are saying she’s a miracle. 🙂

  4. tosmarttobegop

    Been kind of a long day, got up though I did not want to and helped with Angel food program.
    Its a food program through which people can buy food at a good price. Its good food too, today’s boxes were almost as if I had set the menu.

    Hamburger, pork chops, rib-eye, chicken, green beans LOL sounds like my idea of Breakfast, lunch and diner! But man my back hurt from carrying boxes!

    Have the grandsons since this morning and they are fun and tiring since hurting.
    I have moved my guitar from behind the couch to a new stand beside the TV.

    Of course everyone of the boys wanted to play around with it now. So PaPa hunted up their guitar which is one of those Roy Rodger’s toy guitars and that suited them well.
    Though I have thought of putting it up since it might actually be worth something.
    But then it is worth something to them for them to play with, I really should be more monetarily based I guess.

    Wicked I am glad to hear how good Payton is doing, she is in my thoughts a lot.
    I am thinking its time for bed, since the boys are here I get the bed to myself and that mean the sweet spot!

  5. Pedant

    Well. As I suspected, Ken Burns’s new documentary series, he National Parks: America’s Best Idea, goes straight to the heart of what it means to be a conservative in 2009.

    There’s a long narrative about John Muir’s efforts to head off commercial exploitation of Yosemite and how that led to its addition to the National Park system.

    And there’s a great quote from the first episode (paraphrasing): “In the end, many of those who fight to establish a great wilderness as a public good end up fighting equally hard to exploit it.”

    The film gives as example inkeeper James Hutchings, who sued for the right of private ownership of land within Yosemite, even taking it to the Supreme Court (he lost).

    Fascinating stuff, and great food for thought. Looks like Ken Burns has given PBS another good one.

    • Pedant

      “…goes straight to the heart of what it means to be a conservative in 2009.”

      Actually, none of the first two episodes shown tonight ever got out of the 19th century. Like all of Burns’ work, this is strictly a history lesson.

      However, the careful viewer will see clearly how the lines were lain down so long ago, separating those who see no harm and great good in exploiting national resources (conservatives) from those who see great harm and little good in doing so. While these lines are not made explicit, they’re definitely there.

  6. I’m recording the shows. As it worked out I excused myself long enough to hit the record button but not long enough to let the drop-in company see me. 🙂