Friday, 09/25/09, Public Square

politics_webSee the yellow button near the top that reads, “Republicans Are People Too”?  Do you think that’s still a true statement.  🙂

Friday has rolled around again!  How does that happen so quickly?

When are we all getting together to go to PrairiePond’s place?  Ya know, it doesn’t have to be a weekend!



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  1. David B

    Final Friday Art Crawl Night tonight…
    Tomorrow :
    Smart and funny, HOW TO SUCEED satirizes Big Business, libidinous executives and corporate culture as depicted in the popular Mad Men television series. HOW TO SUCCEED… provides a hilarious antidote to the corporate shenanigans that have made the past year’s news so depressing. This Frank Loesser musical won 7 Tony Awards when it opened on Broadway in 1961 and also was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for drama. A more recent revival featured Mathew Broderick in the leading role. Music Theatre of Wichita’s Artistic Director Wayne Bryan guest directs. Presented by Wichita State University School of Performing Arts Musical Theatre program.

    Performance Dates and Times: Sept. 24, 25, 26 (Thursday – Saturday) at 7:30 pm; Sept. 27 (Sunday) at 2:00 pm

    Tickets Prices: $16.00 General Public; $14.00 WSU Senior Citizens, Military, WSU Faculty and Staff; $6.00 for students

    Call WSU College of Fine Arts Box Office for Tickets: 316-978-3233

    Be there or be square.

  2. Bad Biker

    I am game to visit Pond anytime.

    Who’s in?

    Remember, we were going to do some painting……

  3. 6176746f6c6c65

    I’m game, too; although in my current condition, I’d be a liability as far as getting meaningful work done. 😦

  4. Thunderchild

    All I need is a ride and a little notice. I have a Wagner power painter that I only used once to paint my house about 16 years ago. I’m reasonably sure it still works.

  5. Bad Biker

    That’s okay, 61, you can supervise.

    God knows this motley crew needs all the supervision it can get!

  6. Bad Biker

    I think it was David that said we can get paint cheap at the recycling center. Fnord, since you have seen the house, how many gallons will we need.

    Gallons of paint that is – I already know we’ll need a few gallons of beer.

    Any other work to be done? Toolboxes needed?

  7. anniethemoose

    I’m in. Where is she at on a map? Can we camp there or are any 5 star motels near by.

  8. About 20 miles away are your choice of (clearing throat) 5 star motels. She lives in the country and camping sites are unlimited! I think it’s best not to map her location on the blog, but we can get there and back. 🙂

    OK, someone shoot out a date. Then we can have something concrete to cuss and discuss.

  9. Do we need to be invited? Or could this just be an invasion?

  10. Thunderchild

    If I understand the condition of the house correctly (some bare wood) we need a time with at least several good dry days before it. The wood will also need to be covered with primer. We want to do a job that lasts.

  11. Thunderchild

    Well, we can’t very well just show up. That would be rude.

    Heh, I save my rude for other occasions.

  12. anniethemoose

    I think we should let her know of our plans. We are ready to put in at least one good day of work, project of her choosing

  13. PrairiePond, near as I can discern, the men would like very much to take care of a friend of theirs and perhaps emotionally isn’t as easy a task — so they would love it if you would give them something to do. Painting the outside of your house seems to be the preferred challenge. They have tools! And would love to use em. 🙂

    I will never pretend to understand the male psyche. Hell, I have enough problems understanding the female. I can tell you we have an amazing bunch of people here at Prairie P&Ps who are each a true joy!

    So may we pretty please come visit and have an assignment that would be a true help to you, for no better reason than we want to, please? btw, Vaughn wants to sit and talk, cuss and discuss. Me too, but I don’t have any excuse so may pretend to be helpful until I’m discovered inept.

  14. I’d prefer to do it after next Friday, payday. I am as broke as a convict – as a client likes to say.

  15. I am not really that broke. It is more like that I am not at my monetary goals currently. I had to replace, unexpectedly, a washer this week.

  16. I can drive. I can take myself and three other people pretty comfortably. I have a 2002 Honda Accord. We could put three people in the back if need be.

  17. This song and act were real popular when I lived in Hays, KS; not far east of where our beloved Prairie Pond lives. This song was one that made me think we geeks had some power. I still enjoy the song.

  18. PrairiePond

    You all are just too kind.

    The house is not in good shape. It hasnt been painted in 23 years. I keep telling myself I’m going to have insulation and siding put on, but I just never seem to be able to scrape the money together, so the painting doesnt happen and the condition of the wood siding continues to deteriorate.

    It’s not going to be an easy job. It needs to be scraped or powerwashed first to get the peeling paint off, then caulked around where the foundation and house meet. Actually, it’s a pier and beam house, with stucco around the bottom to close off the undersides. The stucco needs some patching and waterproofing as it is cracking and leaking a little when it rains. I think there is a Conklin paint product that would work to seal the stucco, but it needs MAJOR caulking between the house and the stucco.

    The last year I lived in Texas, I started the siding process by having the windows wrapped with siding material. Then the plan was to put siding on over the wood the next year. But then I moved back here and, well, I just cant earn enough money here to finish the job. So…. any painting has to deal with the wrapped windows as well. It’s kind of funny looking with the gaps the wood siding creates under the window wrapping.

    I’m not very good at explaining all this, so I hope you are getting the picture.

    Now the garage is another matter. It needs some windows replaced, a shorter than normal walk-in door put on, the big sliding wood door needs to be worked on so it slides easy enough for me to open, etc. There is a storage deck that needs to be re-decked, and the whole building needs to be painted. Not much scraping because there is almost no paint left on the building.

    Oh yeah, and it needs sweeping and cleaning and the “furniture” moved around. I always wanted to make it into a “man cave” but just dont have the muscle to get it done.

    Maybe it would be best to start work on the garage and take a look at the house while you are here. Or you could just come for a visit, do some scoping out on the projects, and then plan another trip for the actual work. A return trip would be welcome in the spring 🙂 I have to scrape together money for materials, etc.

    I am so flattered and humbled by your generosity. And I love you for who you are, not what you can do for me. So.. just a visit for fun would be equally flattering to me.

    FYI about hotel and motel rooms. We actually have lots of them in WaKeeney, but beginning the first of November, there wont be a room to be found for at least a hundred miles around here. They are all booked up at least a year ahead of time.

    It’s called pheasant season….

  19. Well, now you’ve just gone and done it, and made me tear up!

    OK, we’re invited! Let’s start with a date and see what happens and how many times we change it until we find one that works!

    I really, really, want this to work and want us to go. I’m prettu sure a bunch of other people want it as much as I do, so let’s do it! Let’s break out of our libaruhl ways and make a damn decision.

  20. Thunderchild

    Pond have you looked into federal or state assistance programs for siding? I KNOW they are available for other things like replacement windows and insulation if your income level qualifies.

    And the rest of you bloggers? Anybody here ever side a house? My neighbor did his and said it is really easy.

    I agree we need something to come and do so we can get eyes on the whole project. We should go prepared to do MORE than we plan though.

  21. Thunderchild

    “It needs some windows replaced”

    I reglazed every single window on my house. I also have a kid and so am real good with broken glass.

  22. PrairiePond

    No TC, I’ve never looked into any assistance programs. I dont have much income, but I generally have too many assets to qualify for public programs. The problem is that if I sell any assets, then I have even less income.

    I guess I should swallow my pride and look into it.

    I thought about redoing the windows, and I have replacement glass for the four pane ones, but the frames and cross members are pretty rotted so I’m not sure it would do any good. But I’m willing to try anything just to get the windows sealed again.

    My former roomie says putting on siding and insulation isnt that hard either. Just tack on the sheets of styro insulation (tyvek?) and then siding comes in sheets and can be put over it.

    That would so be the best option, but I’m also thinking the materials would be a lot more expensive than paint. And when it comes to home improvement, nothing is ever as easy as it sounds.

    That’s why I keep saying a visit just for fun would be every bit as welcome. 🙂

  23. Bad Biker

    Of the projects mentioned, I have done all except siding, so I am good to go. Have we decided on a date.

    As for housing, I would prefer to “tent it” if that’s okay. I have access to several large tents.

    Anyone else?

  24. Thunderchild

    “I guess I should swallow my pride and look into it.”

    That’s not the way to think about it. The assistance is to help some people to do things that save energy. It’s probably a con thing that they are generally income restricted. I need to do siding myself so I will look into any tax breaks or assistance too.

    I’ve never rebuilt windows. But everything I ever have done used to be something I hadn’t.

    I think we need to shoot for sooner rather than later on a visit. We can get as much or more done than we plan and get an estimation of what else there will be to do. Weekends are BEST for me. But Nathan is getting to the age I might trust him to get out to school and stuff on his own. Whoever can go on the shortest notice can help brief those who can make the trip later.

  25. Thunderchild

    On the matter of assistance, tax breaks, grants and such, I have a side story.

    The folks who live next door to my mom are nice people. The woman is a little younger than me. She managed to get herself on disability MANY years ago. She has raised two kids on every form of assistance there is to find. She also cleans houses under the table (without paying income taxes). Hardly a month goes by that there isn’t a crew over there giving her a free heater, central air unit, insulation, replacement windows, roofing, electrical wiring, plumbing, etc etc.. All for free because her and her husband meet the income requirements and she knows the system real well.

    Did I mention her husband is a Republican? He seems to have no problem with all the free stuff.

    They are both good people and help my mom a lot. But through them, I have come to look on these helps from the Government as resources, nothing more or less. They are there to be used. Some people take a good thing too far it is true.

    But it is still a good thing getting done.

  26. PrairiePond

    Thanks TC.

    Biker, you, and anyone else, are welcome to tent it or stay in the house, whichever you prefer.

    Did I mention I’ll cook? hehehhehe.

  27. PrairiePond

    Oh, and as for dates and times…

    Since I started working at the paper, I cant get off the job on Mondays, Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I could be free Wed. mornings, but Wed. afternoons we have to get the paper in the mail. Thursdays and Fridays are more flexible, but these days, weekends work best for me.

    However, I’m always glad for company no matter what the day of the week!

  28. Bad Biker

    Fnord, check yer e-mail…………………………

  29. Thunderchild

    Well here is a link.

    There is a 19% tax credit for siding insulation. It’s a start. Valuable home energy improvement info also at link.

    Painting the house is an investment likely under $50 in materials. Perhaps paint it this fall and research plans to side it in the spring when more is known? Even IF sided, would should be protected from weathering by paint so it is not like anything is wasted.