Do the American People Shape the “American Culture”?

Harold Meyerson has a must read editoral here.  Meyerson cites a CBS/New York Times poll which found that when asked about the adoption of a Medicare-like option for everyone, 65 percent of respondents indicated they favored such a plan, while 26% opposed it.  You could not tell it from the endless news coverage that such a resounding majority favor a public option.

Meyerson continutes, “…Ezra Klein asked North Dakota Democratic Senator Kent Conrad yesterday why he didn’t support the public option, Conrad replied, ‘I don’t think a government-run plan best fits this culture.’”  Then Meyerson delivers this killer line: “In Conrad’s mind, such as it is, American culture doesn’t seem to be shaped by the American people.”

The media’s coverage of  idiots, who show up at a rally with guns straped on, may give some people the false sense that these folks represent our culture.  They most surely do not.



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  1. I think this is why I get so negative about what needs to be done, what should be done more easily with such majorities. Sometimes I am down on Democrats when actually it might just be skewed news.

    Remember a while back when we had a couple of people from another blog visit here and one of them told us (backed up with statistics!) that the media is actually slanted to the right, even tho that’s not what we hear? I think the right has honed their skills of getting attention to perfection.

    It’s so difficult to stay positive when all you hear lends you to believe that even with super majorities the Democrats can’t get it done. I am always thankful for ALL OF YOU who keep me more positive and feeling less alone.

  2. It’s also good to keep in mind we are in Kansas, one of the few red states in our country.

  3. wicked

    A friend, who happens to be blindly Republican, posted on her Facebook this morning about some song honoring Obama that everyone is in an uproar about. Her included, of course. “He’s indoctrinating our children!”

    So I checked out the offense, but only found two listings for it when Googled. One was Fox, naturally, which is where she’d heard about it. The other was CBS. A grade school class sang two songs, both in honor of our President to the tunes of two well-known songs. One was a religious song many children learn early, the other was a patriotic song, but I forget both titles. I didn’t bother to watch the video except to verify these were young children.

    If I read the CBS article right, this tape must have found it’s way to the internet. On that, it wasn’t clear to me. And if I interpreted what the principal said about it, this was done in February for Black History month. Doesn’t make a lick of sense to me.

    I have one question. Where’s the investigative reporting on this? Isn’t anyone trying to find out who wrote the “offending” lyrics? Did the President send this to these children to learn? Was this an official White House thing? (As if I think any of that is even remotely true.)

    But people are livid–livid, I say–about these children honoring our first AA President, and it’s all HIS fault.

    I mean, really. We’re down to gossip from our news people. Pure, unadulterated gossip that no one even attempted to find out the truth about. No facts, except a quote from an irate voter and an explanation from the principal that said virtually nothing.

    I’m ready to move to Canada.

  4. wicked

    Sorry for the bold. It’s late, and I’m going to bed. Catch you when the sun is up.

  5. Zippy

    Feh. Look at Conrad’s biggest contributors. I once said the same of Christopher Dodd in jest, but honesty: Conrad has proven that the insurance industry owns him.

    How disgusting, if wearily common.

    You can’t win re-election if the people who own you quit funding your campaign.

    P.S. I have to offer an obligatory–if partially rrelevant–hat tip to his fellow North Dakota senator, Byron Dorgan, who was one of the few sane voices to oppose the repeal of Glass-Steagall, and for exactly the right reasons.

    One Republican, Richard Shelby, did the same. I haven’t researched his reasoning, but in spite of being a predictable overall prick on many issues, this former Democrat may be worth examining, just as a way of enhancing one’s understanding of Washington political dynamics.

    And now I’ve gotten seriously far afield. But I haven’t forgotten that people have died before their time, and will continue, if we don’t kill the disease industry first.

  6. PrairiePond

    Wasnt Shelby a Democrat at the time he opposed the repeal of Glass-Stegall? He is a party switcher.

    I’m just too lazy to look up when he switched. But I think it was after 2000.

  7. PrairiePond

    Nope, I was wrong. He switched after the 1994 repuke takeover of congress. My bad.

  8. tosmarttobegop

    About the songs, it was a bit much though I suspect it was done by the teacher who is a Obama supporter.
    The school was not aware of it till it hit the news and said it was not a authorized release and could be unlawful.

    It really painted President Obama as having supernatural powers and better song at the end of the eight years and when his accomplishment can be better judged. The songs actually sounded like what children sing about the leader of North Korea.

    • wicked

      Then maybe the CONS should be battering the teacher about it, not making it sound as if this was something authorized and authored by the President or his admin.

      Sill Faux News. Not substance, just hysteria without basis.

  9. tosmarttobegop

    LOL as to American culture, I often wonder just who does control it?
    I wish I could find it again, but there is a video out about how people have been controlled and turned into consumers at their core. The video is maddening to me, the thought that we are controlled not free will.
    Made to feel we are not happy unless we have some bright and shiny object that our lives are not complete unless we have it.

  10. tosmarttobegop

    I watched a documentary on Wal-Mart this evening, reminded me that Wal-Mart shapes the American culture. Or so they will tell you, they live in their own realm of reality and one they make up for them.
    They even believe they control the weather, like if they are to have a sidewalk sale and it said to be a sever thunderstorm that day. They will have the associates stand in pouring rain and ruin thousand of dollars in inventory. But will say it will not rain that day because they are going to have a sidewalk sale!

    Wal-Mart is not amoral as they are the ones who decide what is moral.

  11. I think the opposition to this healthcare change is proof of the idea that you don’t have to motivate a majority to get things done. Sometimes you need to trigger a smaller, more obessessive group.

    That group, in this case, is more attractive to television because of their volume level and sign waving. The pro-change side tends to appeal to its audience with fact and logic. Fact and logic make lousy TV

  12. tosmarttobegop

    Individually people say it is not so, but they really do want someone else to think for them.
    To tell them what is true or not true and set the level of common sense something is.
    It is easy to see that is true with some many parroting that which they hear on TV and radio.

    They will listen to any voice they find that seems to be agreeable with their world view.
    The only difference is that not everyone is of one world view so the voices are given room to be heard.

  13. Don’t most of us welcome differing opinions? That is how we examine our own ideas and expose their weaknesses!

    The part of the ‘American culture’ that worries me is the lack of civility, the acceptance of rudeness and meanness. Why have we allowed violence to be acceptable?